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Facebook Adds New Fundraiser Tool

FacebookFacebook launched a new tool this week that will make raising money for specific campaigns or fundraiser’s much easier for nonprofits through the social platform. Nonprofits will be able to launch specific campaigns on their Pages, similar to the event functionality, showing users how many people have contributed, how much money they want to raise, and suggesting possible donations. The social network is also improving its Donate button, making it available in individual posts as well as Pages. Users will be able to contribute money directly from the News Feed, with a single-page form used to process payments via PayPal, credit, or debit card.

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Weekly Reads – Perspective Amid Impending Holiday Chaos

Marketers often have a love-hate relationship with the holidays. Nostalgia and cheer also pave the way for intense competition and last-ditch efforts to “one up” ideas from the year prior. Yet in the midst of the Thanksgiving and December holiday madness to come, everyone was dealt a tragic dose of reality and perspective as we gathered around TVs, Twitter streams and Facebook feeds to watch the attacks in Paris play out last Friday evening.

Collectively the world experienced the positive power of social media and that people, our loved ones, remain the WHY of the digital movement. Facebook’s Safety Check tool enabled worried friends and families to check on people in Paris. Twitter Moments aggregated top news stories and the hashtag #PorteOuverte helped those on the ground find safety in real-time.

While our latest edition of weekly reads has plenty of uplifting and creative recommendations for holiday and 2016 planning, we’d be remiss not to take a moment to reflect on the power of social media when there is tragedy. We encourage you to keep this perspective as a guiding compass for all of your social and digital planning as we near year’s end.
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Crisis Management and Responding to the Media

GroundFloor Media Crisis ResponseA communications crisis can take many forms — they can be internal, external, online or in the media.

Having an established crisis plan always helps, even if it is generic and has basic strategies and messages. For crisis events that involve the media, here are some tips to follow that may keep the media from further inflating the issue.

During a crisis, be prepared to provide the media:

  • Information in a timely manner. Prevent information vacuums where speculation and rumor can grow and have a serious impact on the situation. Proactively let them know when to expect updates.
  • Facts, sources and relevant materials. Have easy-to-read, continuously updated materials, printed or online, with information.
  • Readily available points of contact. Identify people who can speak with the media directly and/or provide 24-hour contact information. Remember, the media generally does not work regular 8 to 5 hours.

Find out more about Crisis Management and how GroundFloor Media’s Rapid Response team can help your company prepared and respond.

Best Beer Labels in Denver

One of my home-brew labels from 2013

One of my home-brew labels from 2013

One of the most important things about being a professional designer is staying inspired. Many people outside creative fields often confuse the lines between design as a career and a hobby. Just because I love what I do doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy. Creativity is hard work. When I find myself in a design rut, I look to creative friends and colleagues to bolster my mind and get my creative brain back on track. I love checking out what other artists and designers are posting on Instagram and Twitter, but I also find inspiration in everyday objects. As a designer AND home-brewer, beer labels are one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – Breaking Through the Internet Clutter

According to one source, 211 million pieces of content are generated online every minute in 2015. It’s clearly more difficult than ever for brands and marketers to break through the clutter. Our reads this week showcase how some brands are utilizing newer video platforms to stand out, and highlight a couple of just-released features (and one in beta form) that look to make our jobs as social media marketers a little easier.
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Media Tours: 4 Questions To Ask Before Heading Out

Photo credit: David McNamara

Photo credit: David McNamara

Smaller staffs. Tighter deadlines. More beats. Desks littered with competitive product samples. Conducting top-tier national consumer media relations has never, by any stretch of the imagination, been easy. However, throughout my industry tenure, breaking through the clutter also seems like it has never been more difficult.

The tried-and-true New York City media tour is being aggressively tested. Sure, certain brands will always have their “media darling” moment in the spotlight with editors flocking to an event or preview. But the majority of companies, especially small to mid-size brands, have to push with all their might to knock down the media’s doors on a daily basis.

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Public Relations: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

My GroundFloor Media colleague anRegis (1)d I recently presented to a college class of juniors and seniors from Regis University who were taking a PR 101 course. In putting the presentation together for the class, I thought of how different public relations is today from when I took my first PR 101 class. As we were sharing with the students what it’s like to work in public relations, whether it’s corporate, government, nonprofit, agency or as a freelancer, there are fundamental skills that apply to all sectors, and these skills are the same as when I took my first PR course.

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Best Denver Restaurants: A Love Story

Some favorite meals at Denver's Civic Center Eats this summer!

Some of our favorite meals at Denver’s Civic Center Eats this summer! Photo by @jimlicko on Instagram.

On any given day at GFM, you’ll find team members swapping recipes, sharing
homegrown veggies, or enjoying a homemade treat prepared specifically for everyone to share at our center table. But our love of food goes beyond that which we prepare for ourselves – GFMers love to eat out. Whether it’s with friends or family, you’re likely to find one or more team members at a local restaurant any given night of the week.

Last month we shared a list of some of our favorite books. As we enter the season for celebrations and entertaining visiting friends and family, we thought it was the perfect time to share our take on the best Denver restaurants! Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – Create Digital Content Like a Publisher

The end of Grantland this past week was upsetting for the many, many fans of the great, quality journalism that had appeared on the site for the past four years. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, asked why couldn’t Nike or another similar brand purchase the site and manage it as an impartial content arm? While your brand may not have the budget to consider “buying” a publisher, to truly be successful your marketing department needs to start thinking like one.
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Social Capital: TRUST

Running_Chicken_clip_art_mediumThere are a lot of tips and best practices for increasing workplace productivity. It is something no business, of any size, can ignore. Throughout my 20+-year career in communications, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. As an agency partner, I have also played in house communications counsel roles and gained an insider’s view of different management styles and their impacts on workplace productivity. For me, the biggest takeaway from being in house is when leadership begins to focus on individual success rather than collaboration to hit their organizational goals the team suffers and productivity ceases.

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