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Weekly Reads – Capitalize on Social Media Enthusiasts

It’s that time of the year…the end of year round ups focusing on measurement; a look back at successes, which included all things visual; and predictions for 2015 – finding and capitalizing on differences among social media user segments.
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If You Find Yourself With A Minute…

Time Management

If the public relations profession were a treadmill, my personal experience would dictate that the treadmill is almost always on a steady jog with sprint and hill training being a constant throughout the day.

December and the weeks leading up to year-end are usually no different. And if you represent clients in retail or consumer electronics for example—CES happens in early-January—the last month of the year can be exhausting.

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Weekly Reads – Naughty and Nice

‘Tis the season and we’re thinking about who’s been naughty and who’s been nice on social media this year. While no one ever sets out to create an inappropriate tweet or a controversial PR story, we can all learn from some brands’ recent experiences and re-evaluate our own strategies.
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Communications Predictions for 2015

Implications for Search and SEO

After spending many years working in the Search Engine Optimization and SEO world, it is a constant challenge to keep the content and value portions of the communication process from being overshadowed by technical considerations.  Making valuable content that is created by the communications experts more easily discovered is the ultimate objective in SEO and search marketing enterprise. But, over-scheduled days and escalating client pressures can easily reorient one’s focus.Marketing predictions for 2015

Most communications experts create top quality content that engages readers and helps in the marketing effort. Strategies in communication are constantly changing though, so an interesting read from Direct Marketing News about marketing trends for 2015 caught my attention. The article provided quotes from marketing thought-leaders that may give cause to a quick re evaluation of communication strategies for the new year. And for those of us in the search engine part of the communications world, there are implications and challenges for us as well.

Patrica Mejia, CMO, Siteworx
“Marketers will need to remember the old edict that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Relationships are everything! Communications outreach can be a cultural effort that attracts visibility not only because of the benefits of a product or service, but for the reward of supporting a brand that consumers trust and believe in. The challenge: show customers that the organization itself is worthy of consumer trust.

Darren Guarnaccia,  Chief Strategy Officer, SITECORE
“Restore humanity to marketing.”

The glut of analysis tools and outreach platforms caused many in the search and communications industry to focus more on technical delivery strategies rather than content value.  The challenge: engage customers in creative, meaningful ways on platforms and systems they currently use to gather information.

Sandy Rubinstein, CEO, DXAGENCY
“Marketers lose sight of the most important marketing fundamental: giving consumers a reason to care about your brand.”

Distinguishing between a brand and a product is important. A product solves a need, a brand is a reputation and an incredibly important, long term business asset. Focusing content and outreach only on product information at the expense of brand and reputation can leave both the product and the brand shortchanged. The challenge:  balance brand and product/service communication to deliver facts about product value as well as about the trustworthiness of the organization providing it.

For SEO strategists, improving visibility for product pages is usually a primary objective. If this is the total focus though, many SEOs could be missing a larger opportunity to help clients manage brand and reputation issues. Products may come and go, but the brand can be built to last. The challenge:  invest time and effort in strengthening the brand right along with product information.

PR Daily Quotes GFM Team Member Gil Rudawsky On UVA Response

The University of Virginia has come under fire lately due to a recent Rolling Stone article that highlighted a purported gang rape allegedly carried out by a campus fraternity has drawn attention to the way school officials have handled sexual assault allegations.

Gil Rudawsky, VP of Ground Floor Media, says Sullivan’s message is not only “too little, too late,” but also comes across as defensive and doesn’t offer an enduring solution.

“The statement does little to sway those outside the university that there is a definitive plan in place to address the issues at hand,” Rudawsky says. “There are only general statements, not a game plan for fixing the issues.”

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Tweetchats: The Learnings Continue

TweetchatImageTweetchats are not new to GFM or our clients. We blogged about hosting one in 2012 and most recently, we wrote about how to join in on the fun yourself. Today’s perspective takes a more comprehensive look at Tweetchat preparations because truly, you can never be too prepared.

Many of the same rules for prep apply whether you are sponsoring an established weekly chat or hosting one from scratch. Here’s what you need to know:

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Tell Me a Story

storytellingI recently read a blog posted by Christopher S. Penn, vice president, marketing technology at Shift Communications, about testing your story telling skills as if you were tucking your child in – or remembering a time when you tucked a child in – at bedtime. “You were probably asked to have the lights put a certain way. Perhaps you were asked for a drink of water. You were almost certainly not asked to read them a press release.” A child just wants you to tell him/her a story.

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Weekly Reads – Social Media is Just One Piece of a Bigger Puzzle

When the first brands started using social media years ago marketers saw it as a gigantic leap forward that allowed companies to begin communicating with their customers in a way like never before. But now that the costs associated with the channels have risen and customers are tuning out many of the branded messages they are bombarded with each and every day some are claiming that social is an empty channel for brands. The truth is somewhere in the middle:, social media, done correctly and as a part of a full customer experience, creates opportunities for new relationships and loyalty with your audiences.
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5 Topics To Pitch Newsrooms During the Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 5.25.11 PMThe holiday crush affects newsrooms, too.

Our job as PR professionals is to push back against clients who want to ramp up the PR machine during the holidays as they try to boost news hits before the end of the year. But pitches without strong news hooks will probably never see the light of day.

Remind your clients that shorthanded newsrooms are even more stretched during the holidays, as editors scramble to fill programs and news pages around all those holiday ads. Here are a few topics that can legitimately be sold this week:

Black Friday. You can pitch stories for clients who are part of the shopping frenzy, but clients should be ready to offer an honest take on the day’s business. Reporters and their audiences hate businesses that paint an overly optimistic picture that is not borne out by facts.

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Lookin’ Good on Social Media

I’m no expert on social media…

I work with a bunch of talented people who are, but as GFM’s Director of Creative Development, my specialties focus more on making things look good. When I go to a business’ Twitter account, I don’t see bad tweet etiquette (of which I’m certainly a perpetrator) or better ways to incorporate a hashtag. Instead, I see missed opportunities concerning their visuals. Making social media platforms look good is incredibly simple, yet many businesses seem to ignore the importance visuals have on their success. Read more after the jump…