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Weekly Reads – Super Bowl Detox Edition

In case you missed it, the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl last Sunday, 1 million Denverites came together to celebrate (GFMers included!), the weather has been in the 60s this week, and we’ve had an unbelievable stretch of vibrant orange sunsets over our snow-capped mountains. To say Denver residents are currently on cloud nine would be an understatement!

You might expect a Super Bowl-themed rundown for this week’s weekly reads, but even amidst all the orange-themed excitement we know that work must go on… The good news is, there are some interesting and exciting updates in the world of social media this week, so let’s get to it!
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GroundFloor Media Team Shares Best Super Bowl Snacks

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.47.44 PMThe Super Bowl… all the hype, celebrities, creative TV spots, half-time entertainment and yes, the football game. But what really makes or breaks the experience are the snacks that we’re all eating.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.55.36 PMI polled my colleagues who hail from (and live in) different parts of the U.S. to find out what their favorite Super Bowl snacks are. Following is what they had to say. What will you be serving?

Alexis – California “Nachos! I like a LOT of veggies…tomatoes, peppers, avocado…, along with beans and good, regular cheddar cheese.”

Amanda – Texas “I’d have to go with chips and queso. Even better, you can go with Bob Armstrong Dip – which is basically queso with ground beef, sour cream and avocado mixed in – divine!”

Amy – Texas “We always do Super Bowl Nachos – fully loaded (meat, beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole).”

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Weekly Reads – Big Ideas on Realistic Budgets

Welcome to Super Bowl week! GFM’s Broncos pride aside, we’re all looking forward to the play-by-play commentary on which brands, and platforms, strike social media gold in the coming days. Experts are already eyeing Snapchat as a platform poised to deliver buzz-worthy results.

But let’s look past the millions of dollars that are about to be dropped on advertising and engagement campaigns for the big game. This week we’ve curated reads that are more in line with the average social media and digital budget. From how to make an “average Joe” a champion influencer for your brand to really understanding what people are searching for on Facebook in order to better target your content, we’ve got you covered.
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The Colorado Blogger Scene

Credit: Jasen Miller

Credit: Jasen Miller

I moved into the Colorado PR realm in early 2010, having been at agencies in Los Angeles and San Diego previously. At the time it felt like a struggle to find more than a tiny handful of active bloggers for local campaigns, event attendance and so on. It was a huge shift based on my previous experience, and I wondered when Colorado, and the Front Range in particular, would catch up.

Fast forward to 2016. We’ve come a long way.

Our variety of active, relevant and compelling bloggers is growing rapidly. Moms still dominate, followed by food and fitness bloggers given that healthy living is often a quintessential part of the Colorado lifestyle. However, we are also finally seeing more style and décor bloggers, which I can only hope means more coastal retail outlets (I’m talking to you, Zara and Club Monaco) are not far behind.

Blog conferences like BLEND and FitBloggin have chosen Colorado in recent years for their summits, and I sincerely hope Colorado is on the radar of blog network juggernauts like BlogHer, Mom 2.0 and ShiftCon. I know Denver would knock everyone’s socks off.

Within the Colorado blogger community there are some standouts that keep the rest of us pushing, growing and thinking bigger. There is a closed Facebook group where people are asking great questions and working hard to get more engagement on their posts for sponsors and partners. Updated blogrolls, like this one from Aimee Giese, can help marketers expand their horizons for Colorado blog and ambassador campaigns. We’re maturing!

And when it comes to forming relationships with bloggers in our own backyard, Colorado marketers should not assume that just because we’re all local every blogger will jump at your pitch or invitation. If anything, even more due diligence and thoughtfulness is required to make a pitch stick. A few tips I’d like to stress include:

  • Understand whether the blog is geared for national readers, local readers or a hybrid of the two. Proceed accordingly.
  • Set client expectations based on your identified targets when it comes to budgeting for sponsored posts, reviews or giveaways. As these sites mature and grow, so do the agreements and expectations around content from PR and marketers.
  • Get a feel for the inner circle and get ready to be transparent with your targets if you’re not offering the same thing to everyone.
  • Meet them! Go to coffee, make it to a meet up or at the very least, engage human-to-human on Twitter until you can meet IRL.

I’m personally inspired and hopeful that the Colorado blogger landscape will continue to grow and evolve by leaps and bounds.

How do you currently engage with our hometown talent today?

Past is Present: Graphic Design in 2016

Design evolves year after year, naturally growing from changing styles and trends. Elements of design are appropriated from the past and refined. We take trends that seem over the top and scale them back, stripping away the audacity to craft subtlety. What was a trend 20 years ago becomes a visual element that informs contemporary design. The bold neons that pervaded design in the 90s are now used more conservatively. In retrospect, we can see that design with too much neon is outdated and looks overwhelming, whereas contemporary design that pulls in a little bit of neon can look clean, fun and modern. As designers, we learn from our mistakes and use them to elevate our work.

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Weekly Reads – Reach Your Audience at the Perfect Moment

It isn’t enough anymore to simply find the right person with the right message. There’s so much noise and attention spans have gotten so short that marketers also have to reach their audience at the exact right time. Think showing an ad for airfare as an out-of-state consumer searches for tickets to the big game. These “micro-moments” are becoming the next big battleground for brands.
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Tips to Rebuilding Online Reputation

reputation-balloon_02The saying goes, it takes 20 years to build your reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.

And with social media, you can lose it in even less time. Think about how long it takes to write a tweet. The good news is that for whatever reason a reputation is trashed, steps can be taken to repair it.

As part of GroundFloor Media’s service line offerings, we help businesses, organizations and individuals with reputation management issues. Tools we use include earned and paid media campaigns, enhancing social media and online presence and community outreach.

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Professional Communication: ‘Just Not Sorry’

How many times a day do you say or type “sorry” in your communications? I am so guilty of this faux pas. And I’ll add to this how many times I say “thanks,” “If you could,” and “let me know” too. I heard a great story on NPR with host Audie Cornish on how Gmail has tackled these qualifying words in professional communication that made me laugh out loud. In the story, Cornish interviewed software developer Tami Reiss who wants to get people, well, specifically women, to avoid using words like sorry. Read more after the jump…

How Will Chipotle’s Crisis and Recovery Compare?

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 3.47.05 PMAs Chipotle’s woes continue to unfold in the new year, GroundFloor Media wonders about the top crises of the past year and where Chipotle fit in the crisis spectrum. Chipotle had plenty of company in 2015: from Volkswagen lying about its emissions tests to the Ashley Madison data breach that disclosed the identities of 37 million users, to Subway and the child pornography charges against the company’s longtime pitchman. Since Chipotle’s issues involved serious incidents of food poisoning across numerous states, can this homegrown Colorado success story ever recover to its previous glory?

There have been other highly publicized food crises involving restaurants over the past decade, and GroundFloor Media took a look to see how these restaurants have fared since they made headlines.

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Social Media and The President of the United States

The President hasn't shied away from laughing at himself from time to time.

The President hasn’t shied away from laughing at himself from time to time.

I recently came across this rundown of how the Obama Administration has approached social media over the past eight years, and aside from being amazed at how far digital communications have evolved since 2008 (imagine, if you can, a pre-Instagram world), there are also a number of great takeaways from how the President and his staff have embraced social media during his two terms, and what we can learn from their efforts:  Read more after the jump…