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Weekly Reads – Let’s Talk Strategy

We have a variety of reads this week that all point back to one central concept: Strategy trumps tactics, bells and whistles. Whether it’s capitalizing on forces out of our control or jumping on a new-ish marketing platform because all signs point to success, we’ve got a varied group of stories this week that we hope get the wheels turning for your own marketing communications efforts.
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Remembering Your “Always On” Influencer Relations Strategy


This week I had the pleasure of attending an informative influencer relations lunch-and-learn put on by TapInfluence. It was great to be among marketers and agency peers who understand the value of influencer programs—which can target anyone from popular, niche bloggers to Instagram and Pinterest stars with thousands of followers—as much as we do at GFM, as well as gain new knowledge related to how to find quality influencers and measure bottom line impact.

One section of the presentation stood out in particular—the importance of an “always on” strategy with influencers once value relationships have been established.

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Press Releases Do Matter – How to Make Sure Yours Gets Attention

Press releases go back to the beginning of time for public relations, more than 100 years. In today’s digital age, I’ve often wondered how effective they are in getting the media’s attention. I found the following infographic, What Can 50,000 Press Releases Teach Us?, that appeared in PRNews online created by pr.co of particular interest.

Some of the findings from their research, which included 50,000 press releases that appeared on their site since April 2013:

  • Most press releases are published on Tuesdays
  • Less than one out of five press releases are published on weekends
  • 61% of readers view press releases between Monday and Thursday

No matter when you send out a news release, if you don’t write a quality news release, you will have missed an important opportunity to get your message out. Here are some tips for effective press release writing:

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Weekly Reads – Crowdsourcing kindness and vitriol for good

The Internet and its social networks have become stereotyped as an acerbic environment where kindness is not welcome, especially in platforms where relative anonymity can be attained. However, there have been recent pushes to create a positive ecosystem online. And failing that, to harness the prevailing anger and focus it in directions that may eventually prove socially productive.
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Weekly Reads – All Signs Point to Twitter

It’s hard to believe that Twitter was created “way back” in March 2006. The service currently handles 1.6 billion search queries per day. As of December 2014, Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 284 million are active users. For marketers, its options for utilizing content and engaging audiences only continue to grow. Below are a few examples of leveraging Twitter via hashtags, sweepkstakes, direct messages and more.
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Keeping Social Networks Buzzing During Busy Times

GFM_SMBlogPostIt happens to the best of us, both individually and as organizations. Meetings and events take over the calendar and even the best social media machines can hit a lull. So, how can you possibly keep up once the doors open at a large tradeshow or back-to-back meetings keep you off mobile devices?

By now you likely know the importance of having a weekly or monthly editorial calendar in place for drafting, scheduling and publishing posts quickly. Beyond a well-stocked social media calendar, we’re sharing a few more tips below:

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The Art of Saying “No”

 Stress free zone sign. Credit Flickr - thornypup: https://flic.kr/p/2emXS4

Stress free zone sign.
Credit Flickr – thornypup: https://flic.kr/p/2emXS4

I am one of those people who makes extensive lists to keep myself organized. Lists for home/household, client/work projects, volunteer projects, community events, kids activities and school, etc. I also live by my Outlook calendar. If I don’t write something down, it won’t get done. It‘s like my brain can’t keep track of all the moving parts anymore. I look around at colleagues and friends and it’s no surprise that we all live busy, multifaceted and often stressful lives.

It’s as if we are programmed to not be able to say “no.” But sometimes just saying “no” can help prioritize tasks and simplify our roles. Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – The Super Bowl Edition

Teamwork, preparation, getting one chance to get it right and laying it all on the line; all themes that could describe the Seahawks and Patriots, but for the past couple of decades have grown to encompass the marketers whose work is displayed on Super Bowl Sunday as well. With the advent of social networks and the democratization of information, people aren’t exactly captive audiences any more. Not only are brands now competing for your dollars, but different social networks are also struggling to be the go-to hub for real-time and event-based marketing.
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Nationwide Turns to Social Media to Mitigate its Super Bowl Disaster

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.59.10 AMI’m pretty sure everyone agrees that Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is the biggest loser of Super Bowl XLIX. With just one shockingly bad play call, Carroll went from G.O.A.T. to goat.

But many people are pointing to insurance provider Nationwide as the second-biggest loser of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Its depressing Super Bowl ad aired in the first quarter of the game, and it was widely – and immediately – ripped to shreds. A decade ago, you had to wait for tomorrow’s newspaper to see how people responded. But Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms give advertisers real-time feedback – and allow viewer opinions to quickly go viral.

Fortunately for Nationwide, its social media and public relations team quickly came to the rescue of its focus group-challenged advertising team. Within an hour of the ad airing, Nationwide released a statement online explaining the ad and took to social media to join the conversation. The company noted in part:

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Covering your bases with a press release distribution – for free!

TypewriterI was recently using our company’s media monitoring service to see what kind of coverage a client’s press release was receiving and noticed a great blog post to share. Susan Payton offered great recommendations on Cision News in her post titled “5 Ways to Amplify Press Releases Without Spending a Dime.”  Susan’s recommendations are common sense but they are often tactics that can get lost in the shuffle.

If you are responsible for media relations for your company, give this post a look. It’s worth the time. And if it helps, these are all recommendations that can be done for free!