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Influencing Your Most Engaged Influencers

InfluencerMarketingBloggers, influencers, social media celebrities. Call them what you will, but influencer marketing is a passion of mine and working with influencers on behalf of a variety of clients is often my favorite part of any given day.

Each week there are countless articles on influencer marketing, including an endless stream of “how to” lists. This week however, a piece from MediaPost on how to meet influencers halfway caught my eye because it offered a few tangible examples of how enviable marketing machines like Macy’s are approaching these still somewhat unchartered waters.

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New Research on Millennial Habits and Corporate Social Responsibility

Millennials – they seem to be all the marketing world is buzzing about these days.

And for good reason. According to Dan Schawbel’s January 2015 Forbes article, “10 New Findings About The Millennial Consumer,” there are 80 million Millennials with $200 billion in annual purchasing power in the U.S. alone. No wonder companies are clamoring to find ways to engage them.

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Weekly Reads – Your Employees Are Your Biggest Social Media Advocates

No one knows your brand, products and culture better than your employees, but many companies fail to engage with that audience in any meaningful way. In fact, a lot of organizations actually discourage the behavior by limiting social media access at work and creating vague and complicated social media policies. Create engagement plans that simply and clearly outline how you’d like your team members to advocate for your company and you’ll have an army of brand loyalists that will help share your message.
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Use a UTM Code to Create Tracking URLs in Social Media Campaigns

You’ve created amazing, fresh, original content on your blog – and people are actually reading it! So you go to Google Analytics to find out how they got there… and then realize that although you posted the link to that blog post on Twitter 3 different times, it’s only showing up as one referral source all lumped together. So, how do you know which of your 3 tweets garnered the most traction?

Use a UTM Code to Create a Tracking URL

UTM codes are tags you add to the end of a URL that, when clicked, will be tracked in Google Analytics. Adding these UTM parameters allows you to track the effectiveness of various aspects of a campaign, such as the source or medium, and make decisions about how to best drive traffic to your website in the future.

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It’s The Most Wonderful (and Crowded!) Time of the PR Year

The craze of media relations during the holiday season

One of the reasons I’ve stayed within the boutique agency track in my PR career is that every day is truly different. Since my very first internship I’ve been asked to wear multiple hats, often all before lunch. In today’s changing PR landscape this means being adept at constantly switching between social media, media relations, international communications, SEO and digital. It can be both overwhelming and exhilarating.

Lately, however, much of my days have been spent getting back to the basics. Pitching. Lots of pitching. And I’ve been humbly reminded that we are headed into one of the most cluttered and competitive times of the year for media relations, especially if you represent a brand in the consumer space—food, spirits, technology and lifestyle to name a few.



Everyone has “the perfect back-to-school tip” and “unique holiday twist” on grandma’s recipe. And gift guides? Well, they’ve always been some of the most coveted pages to score in a PR person’s career, and now with Pinterest and Instagram, editors have more tools at their fingertips than ever to do their own research months in advance.

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Nearly 9 Years Later, Washington Post’s Bob Woodward Joins Twitter

Twitter was created in March 2006, and launched July of that year. During that time, it has grown to over 100 million users who post an average of 340 million tweets per day.

It has been embraced as a go-to source for information, and has even been used to overthrow governments. Journalists use it to share news and gauge public opinion and PR practitioners use it to share client stories and pitch media.

But during that time, one of the most famous and accomplished journalists has refused to get on board the Twitter train. Until now.

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Weekly Reads – Streamline Your Digital Communications

This past week, the digital news scene has been all a buzz with lots of new features launching among some of our favorite platforms. With tips to better manage your digital life on the new iOS, opportunities to better connect with your own employees through social media, and a new avenue to reach journalists, these new features aim to streamline digital communications.
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Successful Presentations: The TED Factor

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of the TEDxDU planning team and got hooked on TED Talks. As Depeche Mode once sang, “I just can’t get enough.”

But not all TED Talks are the same. Some posts have hundreds of viewers and others, millions. Is the content in some talks more compelling and pertinent to a wider audience? Maybe views are linked to speaker name recognition? Maybe it is the attractiveness of a speaker or his/her authoritative/expertise that attracts views/listeners? Ian Griffin breaks it down in an article in Professionally Speaking, via research by Science of People, as to why some talks are more popular than others.

The tips below are applicable to communication professionals, whether speaking to a large audience, holding a staff meeting, or conducting a media training session. Here are the “best of” TED habits we can all learn from according to Ian:

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State of News Media Shows Changing Habits of Americans

Fellow iPad UserI recently caught a segment on CBS Sunday Morning about a Spanish language TV show called “Sábado Gigante,” a three-hour program that airs every Saturday night and is viewed by millions of people in the U.S. and in 40 countries around the world. The interview included Don Francisco, the gregarious host who has missed just one week in the 53 years since the show began. Amid declining viewership over the past few years, particularly among younger viewers, the show is ending its historic run.

That’s just one example of how TV viewing habits have changed dramatically over the past decade, particularly among the Gen X and Y viewers. Many in these age groups are forgoing cable TV in favor of the massive on-demand content of Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. According to a Retrevo “Pulse Report,” 23 percent of people under 25 watch most of their television content online compared with just 8 percent of people over 25.

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Weekly Reads – The social media nip and tuck

Periscope, Facebook and Instagram have gotten a little nip and tuck. The social platforms have each undergone improvements to help users utilize better content and video in the coming weeks. And if that isn’t refreshing, there is always free beer if you are lucky to live in one of the four cities connecting with the Heineken digital campaign.
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