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Weekly Reads – Get Creative With Your Social Platforms and Let ‘Er Rip

It’s hard to not get stuck in a rut when creating consistent content for your brand(s) every month. The only way to stay fresh is to encourage your marketing/social team members to consistently research and learn from other campaigns, and give them the authority to experiment when they have a unique idea. Read on for some great thought starters.
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Instagram Unveils the New Explore Tab

Instagram just made the world feel a lot smaller.

The new Explore tab is Instagram’s response to the emergence of real-time media sharing apps like Meerkat and Periscope. Users will now be able to see curated content from trending places and topics that range from vacation spots to natural disasters. The goal is to allow people to experience what’s going on in the world around them through the eyes (or smartphones) of others. Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – Robots Are Out, Long Live the Humans

Rapidly improving programs, software and algorithms are making so many daily tasks quicker and simpler that it can be easy to forget that computers still have limitations. After trying to automate and “formulate” many pieces of their social media communities, some platform creators have realized that authentic curation has to be done by actual people. Read on and decide for yourself who should be choosing your content.
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The Trust Economy: Reputation as a Powerful Currency

Meet Rachel Botsman – a recognized thought leader who I recently had the pleasure of learning about through NPR’s TED Radio Hour. If you have 9 minutes I highly recommend the NPR interview in which Botsman discusses how trusting in strangers can actually fuel an economy.

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Weekly Reads – Maintaining Quality Control

From Twitter to Instagram feeds to websites to podcasts, there is no lack of information available online. Are you constantly trying to create new content? Have you determined a genuine voice for your brand? Content can’t be king without substance, so take some time to listen first.
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Journalists Are Dubious of PR Practitioners According to Recent Study

As public relations professionals, we often find ourselves walking a fine line with journalists, bloggers and other influencers when it comes to how much information we can and should divulge about our clients. With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a shock that journalists sense this reluctance to share. What is surprising is that according to a recent study, a full 90 percent of journalists say they have been misled by PR practitioners, and 25 percent say that it happens often.

The study provides other insights into how reporters get their leads for stories, how they use social media, and how they use digital media supplied by PR professionals.

Recently, GroundFloor Media hosted a media panel that included top Denver reporters who shared their insights about how they interact with public relations professionals, mistakes they think we make, and how they like to find their stories.

What are you doing as a PR practitioner to build and sustain your relationships with reporters so that you’re positioned as a trusted resource?

Workplace Creativity: Who is in the cubicle next to you?

lightbulbI’ve worked for nonprofits, corporations and agencies throughout my career in communications. But the best part of having spent my last 13+ years working on the agency side of the industry is having an insider’s view of my clients’ workplace cultures. It’s not always the biggest brand or the smallest start up or the most dynamic leader who fosters great creativity and team synergies. It often simply comes down to team members who work well together. Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – Some Rainy Day Reading

Thanks to the weather, here in Denver we’re spending a lot more time indoors than normal for this time of year. While the downside is that we’re not having as much fun in the sun as we’d like, we’ve certainly got more time to spend catching up on our reading. This week’s reads have some great tips for developing and repurposing content, a few new tools for engaging with customers, and tips for making those engagements more meaningful. The forecast calls for rain through the weekend – so we hope you enjoy catching up with these reads until the sun comes back out!
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Master the Television Interview With These Tips

IMG_5386All media interviews are not created equal.
Case in point: speaking to a television reporter is different than a newspaper reporter. The former wants quick sound bites and the latter may want more background and an extended interview. During a recent television media training session for one of our clients, the GroundFloor Media team offered the following tips for mastering the television interview:

Look the part: A suit and tie at the dog park is not realistic
Prepare sound bites: Don’t over answer, and remember they will only likely use 20 seconds of what you say
Show some emotion: You are passionate about what you do, show it
Share questions with interviewer: Gently helping them know what to ask can steer the interview in the right direction
Body language matters: Don’t fidget
Speak slowly: Remember to pause, and that you speak faster when you are nervous
Nothing is off the record: If you are miked up, you are on the record
Don’t answer every question: Keep to your messages and sound bites
Be comfortable with silence: Wait for the next question instead of filling the empty space
Practice: This is key. Most of us are not comfortable under the lights

In most cases, television reporters want you to do well on camera, and the more you are prepared the better you will come off on camera. And for most people, speaking in front of a camera is uncomfortable, so practice, practice, practice.

Weekly Reads – Beware Impulse Shoppers With Social Media Addictions

If your iPhone is attached to your hand, Pinterest is where you organize your home décor projects and Instagram is where you track the hottest clothing trends—beware. An uptick in ads on Instagram and a “Buy It” function on Pinterest is sure to become a hit for marketers, while resulting in a dent in many wallets. This week we had a lot of fun, and some personal trepidation, talking about the impact of commerce combining with social media.
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