Live, Baby, Live! Storytelling on Facebook Livestream

Facebook Livestream tips for on location

Facebook Livestream tips for on location

Facebook Livestream has brought communicators a fabulous storytelling tool for clients. Whether you are looking to cover an event, launch a new product, host a seminar or share news, it is a simple way to engage specific target audiences.

In fact, I recently worked with a local television station partner to amplify messaging for a public education campaign via Facebook Livestream on location and wanted to share a few tips:

• Once you determine a date/time, share that information across your social platforms to help gain an audience; repost it during and after with links to the livestream, as appropriate.
• Scout out a location beforehand and determine connections, best lighting, areas with the least noise/interruptions, etc.
• If you are outside, check on the placement of the sun and shading.
• Be prepared.
— Bring an iPhone/Android and computer in case one doesn’t connect.
— Bring a microphone.
— Bring a tripod and use it.
• If you have computer access onsite, you can tailor the livestream, including adding a lower third on the stream, hashtags and an introduction.
• Be sure to prep your speaker to introduce himself/herself at the beginning, sometimes middle and the end of the stream.
• Have an assistant available to:
— Hold the microphone if it isn’t a wireless lavalier microphone
— Help introduce speaker(s) or provide background to viewers
— Help read livestream questions, including calling people’s names, such as, “Jane Doe from Greeley has a question about XXX.”
— Mark timing of questions for posting after the livestream
• Have a “wrap-up” signal to alert the speaker that you will end the stream or call out, “We have one last question.”
• Use props to bring the story to life.

Want more tips? Or do you have tips to share? Please do!

One thought on “Live, Baby, Live! Storytelling on Facebook Livestream

  1. Duke Taber

    In your experience, which microphone gives you the best audio signal outdoors? I am familiar with indoors but we are thinking of taking some live stream shots outside of our church. What would you suggest?


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