The New Era of Creative Storytelling (Part 2 of 2)

In the Modern Age bigger isn’t better, but effectiveness is. And we have the means to measure effectiveness down to the penny. We need to stop trying to “go viral” or somehow duplicate the Super Bowl Oreo tweet and spend that time creating content aimed at cultivating specific, high-quality audiences instead.

The New Era of Creative Storytelling (Part 1 of 2)

It’s helpful to look back at history and understand how and why things happened before talking about how we can improve our digital storytelling. This is a social media history tour through the eyes of a guy who has been involved in the industry since the pre-MySpace Days.

Aspect Ratios and Storytelling

A wide shot of the vastness of space. An intimate home video of a child’s first steps. A social media savvy YouTube vlogger with the latest and greatest in makeup techniques. Whatever you may be watching, there should be an essence to the visuals that feels cohesive with the content being portrayed. Certain shots feel […]

Storytelling as a Presentation Tool

At the core, those of us at GFM and CenterTable consider ourselves storytellers. Whether we’re developing social media content, drafting press releases or preparing talking points, we know that telling a great story is key to capturing our audience. So, imagine our delight at finding this infographic that details seven basic storytelling structures: Overcoming a […]

What We’re Reading: Snapchat goes public, but long-form storytelling isn’t going away

It was a big week for Snapchat, as the social platform went public this week. Naturally, that spurred another wave of stories about how we’re using the short-form, visually focused platform. In the midst of that news, we also found some great insight about why long-form social content still has a place in this day […]

The Storytelling Power of Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs became more accessible than ever when Apple created its GIF keyboard for iOS 10. The addition offers users a fun, easy way to interact with friends on mobile that has further broadened our digital forms of expression. GIFs provide us with a visual way to describe how we’re feeling. My wife knows exactly […]

Weekly Reads – Dynamic Storytelling Takes Many Steps. Don’t Miss Them.

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which means the deluge of social media roundups and articles with 2014 predictions is upon us. We, for one, love this time of year because everyone tends to make more for time for evaluating what has worked and which social media and communications strategies need adjustments in the year to […]

Tips to Improve Your PR Storytelling

I was on a road trip with my family recently and we had some time to kill. We decided to take turns telling stories and after we each had a run at it, we shared our favorite. My nine-year-old’s account of the creepy clown under his brother’s bed was my personal favorite, but the majority […]