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The Get Grounded Foundation Awards Grants to 6 Programs Serving Denver’s At-Risk Youth

GroundFloor Media & CenterTable's Get Grounded Foundation Spotlight
The Get Grounded Foundation awarded six new community grants during its Spring 2018 grant cycle. Totaling more than $21,000, the grantees were selected for their efforts to get a new or innovative program off the “ground floor” in the areas of child abuse and neglect, youth behavioral health and/or childhood hunger relief. To date, the Foundation has granted more than $100,000 in community grants

Spring 2018 Get Grounded Foundation Grant Recipients

The spring 2018 grant recipients include:

Children’s Farms of America’s Farm-School Garden Specialist

The facilitator of the FreshLo Farms for Kids project in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver, Children’s Farms of America will use this grant to support a farm-school garden specialist to consult on urban agriculture, increasing yield in small spaces, working with children and adults on topics such as growing environments, pest management, nutrition and food preparation.

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CenterTable Adds 2 New Digital Marketing Experts

The CenterTable team recently grew by two when Rachael Roark and Olivia Ward joined the team.

Rachael1_FA_centertable_jpgRachael Roark will focus on audience-based research to inform strategic integrated plans, SEO programs and content creation. She joins the agency from 90octane, where she was SEO manager supporting highly targeted, integrated marketing strategies for a number of B2B and B2C clients such as Oracle, Arrow Electronics and Whole Foods. A native of Colorado, Roark graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in photography and minors in business and marketing.

Olivia Ward combines a tactical approach to big-picture thinking with attention to detail, ensuring clients connect with their audiences through informed social strategies. Prior to joining CenterTable, Ward’s experience included working as a senior social media specialist at Volume Nine and as a digital marketing freelancer. She also served as a media buyeOlivia-1r for Lewis J. Advertising, successfully negotiating and buying traditional and digital media for four competitive markets. Originally from Wakeman, Ohio, Ward earned her bachelor’s degree in mass communication and international studies from North Dakota State University.

“Rachael and Olivia both bring unique, strategic experience to their roles that will ensure CenterTable remains at the forefront of industry trends,” said Ramonna Robinson, president and managing partner of GroundFloor Media and co-founder of CenterTable. “Their valuable insights will enable our team to continue delivering direct and measurable connections with our client audiences through the creative, integrated campaigns and strategic counsel for which we are well-known.”

To meet the other members of the CenterTable team or get to better get to know both agencies, visit Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn, or Twitter.


Icebreaker: What are you currently reading?

Gone GirlEach quarter, we have our state-of-the-agency meeting. Although many of us have been working together for some time, we always start the meeting with an icebreaker. At our December meeting, the icebreaker was, “What are you currently reading?” It was a lively discussion and had the entire staff scrambling to write down the various titles. The list ranged from the popular Gone Girl to the parenting book How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And Other Adventures in Parenting, George Carlin’s autobiography Last Words to CEO of Patagonia’s Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman. To see more of our staff pick’s check out our Goodreads group bookshelf Dec. 2012 list. You’ll find some serious page turners!


Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of November 12, 2012

While it wasn’t an earth-shattering announcement, Pinterest’s launch of “formal” business accounts certainly got us talking at GFM. There are client pages to convert and new business accounts to be opened! We have converted our agency account and look forward to diving in to see what benefits have been added for brand marketers. What we refer fondly to as the “Digital Den” at the back of our office also got excited about the content creation conversation highlighted on Business Insider this week and we can never pass up a good Facebook tips post for maximizing exposure tools despite the ever-changing algorithms. Enjoy!

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Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of October 29, 2012

Content. It may seem like something easy to create, but don’t forget the environment in which you’re unleashing your brand messages, ideas, or social media posts. It’s crowded out there, with noise coming from your competitors, your fans, your family and friends, and not to mention some pretty loud political candidates. This week’s reads are all about content: how to create it, how to promote it, and how to stand out. If you’re an Online Brand Manager, we dedicate these reads to you!


PR Daily: 30 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts
Just because you blog about it doesn’t mean people will read it. Creating great content is only a small part of having a blog…it’s getting your content in front of people that’s often the hardest (yet most important) part. Read on for 30 great ways to promote your blog posts to ensure that all the time you’ve dedicated to writing a fantastic post doesn’t get lost in the land of unread/unknown blog chatter.

Social Media Content

Paid Content: As Paid Content Booms, Will Ad Opportunities Shrink?
Although most of us doubted the day would come that consumers would willing to pay for online content, a new study shows that time might be near. A new Forrester forecast claims that the number of people buying digital content will grow by eight to 12 percent by 2017 in western Europe. What does that mean for you as a brand? Begin having less reliance on ads and spend more attention on creating valuable content to get your messages across.

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Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of October 22, 2012

Engagement is the word of the week for this week’s social media reads. From Ad Age’s article assessing the staying power of social networks through consumer engagement to PR Daily’s thoughts on focusing on your existing fan base, there are seemingly limitless opportunities to bolster your social media efforts with measurable results. As you and your organization plans your 2013 marketing and communications efforts, what strategies are you considering to take the next step and further engage with your key audiences?

Staying Power of Social Media

Ad Age: History Proves it: You Should be Bullish on Facebook and Twitter
With the dwindling stock price of Facebook, some are wondering if there is a social media “bubble” on the horizon. This author argues that we’re only scratching the surface on the value of social networks, “Few companies know what to do once they get those ‘likes.’ Instead of garnering more and more ‘likes,’ companies need to capitalize on existing followers/fans and make sure that new ‘likes’ turn into real customer and advocate relationships.”


Search Engine Watch: Facebook Brand Engagement Grows 896% [Study]
A recent Adobe Digital Index report shows that Facebook’s Timeline can take credit for a drastic increase in brand engagement over the past year. But what is more impressive to us is the growth of mobile as it relates to Facebook. A quarter of all engagements on Facebook took place on a mobile phone, and one in five paid search clicks came from a mobile phone or tablet. How are you incorporating mobile efforts into your engagement strategy?

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Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of October 15, 2012

Phew! It was a jam-packed week for industry announcements and attention-grabbing social media case studies. This week’s roundup reminds us that a solid social media strategy cannot focus solely on one or two platforms. Even if you make an informed, research-based decision to only play on one or two social networks, savvy teams dedicate resources toward SEO and engagement, however limited, on platforms where people are already conducting searches about your industry/services – think YouTube, Foursquare and LinkedIn (this new infographic paints a portrait of today’s LinkedIn user).

And while it may seem like common sense, buying or dishonestly influencing positive reviews is a major no no. Yelp is cracking down hard, as is TripAdvisor.


PRDaily: SEO for PR
A comprehensive SEO strategy goes much deeper than tags and links. SEO is your friend in good and bad times, so it’s imperative that a strong, proactive SEO strategy is balanced with a defensive SEO plan to ensure your brand reputation is protected during a crisis.


The Verge: Foursquare Opens its Local Recommendation Engine to All
The Foursquare homepage has undergone a major overhaul which opens the search and recommendation tools to everyone, not just users of the popular check-in app. Industry experts say this move was prompted by an effort to take on Google and Yelp since results are pulled from the three billion check-ins and tips left by Foursquare users over the years.

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Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of October 1, 2012

If there’s a theme to this week’s social media reads, it’s speed. New platforms, data, capabilities and best practices surface daily in the social media world and keeping up can be close to impossible. Here at GFM, we have a team of social media and digital addicts that live, breathe, and consume vast amounts of information about the industry so you can focus on your day job. Read below for the latest social media must-know news!


Ragan’s PR Daily: Facebook rolls out ‘want’ button for brands
Soon, you’ll not only have the opportunity to “like” a brand or item on Facebook, but actually express your desire to have it through a “want” button. Facebook will be launching this new “Collections” experience with a handful of brands to test its popularity. The idea to collect various cherished items and share them with others may sound familiar to you since it’s based on another popular curation site…yup, you guessed it – Pinterest.


Mashable: Twitter study reveals the secret to getting more followers [VIDEO]
Analysis of 36 million Twitter users has uncovered some interesting data, according to Beevolve, a social analytics firm. It turns out the average Twitter user is an English-speaking 28-year-old woman with around 208 followers. Other findings? Twitter users are more likely to be female and the global audience on the platform skews young – from 15 to 25 years old. How does that align with your company’s target demographic?


Content Marketing Institute: How to use Instagram for content marketing
Instagram is not just a great social channel for business to consumer (B2C) companies to connect with their audience, it’s a great platform for business to business (B2B) companies to leverage as well. Surprised? Just as we counsel our clients in social media content, featuring visually pleasing, digestible and shareable content in your editorial calendar is a MUST. Why? Because more than any other form of content, visuals always win when it comes to engagement. Read on for great tips on how to use Instagram for better content marketing if you’re in the B2B or B2C industry.


Ragan’s PR Daily: 10 intriguing facts and figures about social media
Not only are we huge fans of infographics, we also love creating them for our clients. Here’s an interesting one showing 10 emerging facts and figures about social media. One surprising piece of data: 76 percent of Twitter users now post updates – this is way up from the 47 percent reported two years ago. One not-so surprising fact: Facebook is the most addictive of all social media channels (we could have told you that!).

Social Media Policies

ZDNet: Firms review social policy based on new tech
Did your company draft its social policies and guidelines six months ago or more? If so, they’re probably overdue for a revision. This article is a great reminder that the only thing constant about social media is that it’s constantly changing – and as a result, social media policies and discussions with employees about new trends should be reviewed frequently to keep up with the industry’s pace.

Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of October 1, 2012

More platforms, more promotions, more content, more time. Overwhelmed yet? You are not alone. Companies today are swamped with the number of ways and locations that customers can discover and engage with their brands. This week’s social media recap reminds us that a clearly defined strategy is key, as is prioritization because it isn’t feasible for most brands to be everywhere at once. It is also critical to remember that your customers are people first, not a number in a marketing database. There is no one solution to social media as its footprint continues to expand; there is only an honest dialogue with your audience.

Social Media

Spin Sucks: KitchenAid Handles Offensive Tweet Crisis Extraordinarily Well
There are a lot of important lessons to be learned from KitchenAid’s mishap during the presidential debate, including how to promptly and appropriately respond if something like this does happen. However, the most important the question to ask yourself or your social media manager is, “do I really want to mix my personal and company social media accounts on the same monitoring tool and risk sending something to the wrong audience?”

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Weekly Social Media Reads: Week of September 24, 2012

Almost every headline in this week’s weekly reads contains a number. From 50 percent of fans and 140 characters to 8 key insights and 12 suggested tools – there’s clearly a number theme at play.

For most companies we’re at the end of the third quarter and headed into the start of the fourth – and last – quarter of the year. It’s time to start evaluating the year that’s (mostly) behind us and start planning for 2013, and the articles below will hopefully provide some social media inspiration as you begin that process.


HubSpot Blog: 50% of Facebook Fans Prefer Brand Pages to Company Websites [Infographic]
In a survey of 1,000 social media users, 87 percent revealed that they like company pages on Facebook and 75 percent said they feel more connected to the brand on Facebook. Would you believe 50 percent find a brand’s Facebook page more useful than its website? Click through for more insights!


SocialTimes: 4 Tips for Building a YouTube Audience From YouTube’s Head of Content Strategy
If your YouTube channel isn’t attracting the views you expect, read these four simple tips on how to build your YouTube audience. From being authentic to remembering to cross-promote your content, these tips will get your videos more views in no time!

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