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Weekly Reads – Bigger, Better, Faster, More!

When it comes to social media, we all want bigger, better, faster and more. And this week, many of our updates describe how Facebook, Twitter and media companies are giving us just that. But when will we hit the breaking point? When will our insatiable appetite for quick, short, visual news finally be satisfied? Whatever the answer, as you continue to craft your social strategies for the year ahead, make sure to keep in mind that if you’re not putting out something that’s bigger, better, faster or more valuable for your audience, it might be worth rethinking altogether.

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Weekly Reads – New Features Abound with Vine and Instagram

It’s hard to keep up with new features across all of the social media channels – so that’s why we do it for you! This week, important updates occurred with both Vine and Instagram, changing the way you can use both platforms. Take note and share with your colleagues, as both improvements are game changers when it comes to creating valuable social content and connecting with other professionals online.

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Four Secrets of Nine Excellent Facebook Pages

If it were up to us, all of our clients would create Facebook pages similar to the ones Mashable recently highlighted as the “9 Excellent Facebook Pages You Should ‘Like.’”

What do these Facebook pages have in common? Take a look below and think about how your brand’s Facebook presence can accomplish all of the same strategies for success:

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Weekly Reads – Social Media: It’s Not Just For Interns

Social media. It’s no longer an optional addition to your marketing strategy that you can delegate to a freshly minted intern. It’s an integral part of your marketing efforts and worth substantial budgets, strategic-thinking, and talented management.

The below articles in this week’s curated social media reads underscore the importance of having an integrated and strategic online approach for your brand. What have you done lately with your social media strategy to catapult your message and product?

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Capturing Fourth of July Celebrations & Debacles

America’s birthday is almost upon us and that means plenty of delicious BBQ, booming fireworks, bare feet on grass and parades on Main Street in our near future. GFM’s proud social media geeks agree that all seem like perfect backdrops for capturing a few awesome social media videos!

Since we’re all about gathering great content, below is our Fourth of July GFM Wish List for a few entertaining Vine and Instagram videos we’re hoping our team will capture as we all spend time with our friends and family celebrating our country’s independence.

Our challenge to the GFM team is to beat this priceless video of a baby’s reaction to seeing fireworks for the first time. Now THIS is what we’re talking about when it comes to viral videos!

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Weekly Reads – Three Facebook Updates You Can’t Ignore

This week, we’ve focused solely on Facebook in our curated social media news round-up since a) there were three important updates announced from the social platform and b) we know many of our clients prioritize this channel to disseminate their brand messages.

Just when you think you have Facebook mastered, the social media channel turns things on its head and you have to adjust your strategy. Those who are humble, constantly inquisitive and persistently searching for the next best Facebook post are (often times) the community managers who have the strongest fan base.

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3 Social Media Lessons You Can Learn From Jay-Z

There are brands that get social media, and then there are brands that GET social media – and Jay-Z is in that unique (and very small) latter group.

The artist just announced a partnership with Samsung in which he will give his new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” to 1 million users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones on July 4, three days before the album’s official release date. And by the way, this will all be on Samsung’s dime. Reports state that Samsung paid $5 for each album – or $5 million for this exclusive offer to just its Galaxy customers. The album will appear on these users’ phones through a special “Magna Carta Holy Grail” app.

As Jay-Z once rapped, “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man” – and this is a perfect example of his savvy. Here are three things we can all learn from Jay-Z when it comes to online brand launches and knowing how to play the social game:

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Weekly Reads – Quick Tips for the Over-Scheduled Social Media Manager

Memorial Day Weekend always appears right around the time we need it most. For the last few months, we’ve been in hyperactive mode at GFM with tons of fantastic client projects, new business activity, agency strategy sessions and team member celebrations (Weddings! Babies! Travel!). And undoubtedly, you’ve been in the same boat.

In times like these, it’s good to have some simple strategies in your back pocket to keep your social media fresh (think of it as spring cleaning for your platforms). We’ve pulled a few lists of quick tips that will help keep your communities thriving while you manage the hundreds of other happenings in your professional and personal life. And most importantly, we hope you can enjoy some much-needed offline time this Memorial Day weekend!

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Weekly Reads – Week of April 15, 2013

It’s been a solemn week at GFM as details of the Boston Marathon bombing begin to unfold. When our team learned of the events on Monday, it became clear that social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now the first news source people go to find out (real-time) what is happening during crisis situations. Reporters and news stations are watching these feeds just like us to get the latest breaking news.

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What’s Your Instagram Filter Personality?

Ok, we admit it – we’re slightly addicted to Instagram. If we’re enjoying a nice meal, hitting the slopes, going out with friends or traveling to a client meeting, odds are we have our iPhones handy to snap a few pics highlighting the journey. From there, we harness our inner creative talents to manipulate our images with our favorite Instagram filters before sending it out to “the internets” to share with our friends.

It’s no surprise that the social web is becoming more and more visual as it matures – and with it, tools like Instagram are exploding (the image-sharing community now boasts 100 million active users and sees 40 million photos uploaded per day).

In fact, research shows that using visuals in your social media content strategy results in higher engagement and “stickiness” of your message. For instance, a recent HubSpot study cites that photos on Facebook Pages receive 53 percent more Likes than the average post.

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