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How to Build an Impactful Facebook Crossposting Network

Facebook Cross-Posting

It’s not Facebook newest feature, given that it was rolled out in 2016, but Facebook Crossposting has been seeing an uptick in usage among connected brands of late.

So what is cross-posting, and what advantages does it offer? Essentially, Crossposting allows multiple Facebook pages to post the same video on their respective platforms, and the biggest benefit it offers is an increase in potential video views.

The Advent of Crossposting

Before Crossposting, brands had two options to accomplish a similar form of content sharing.

The first option was to simply share the other brand’s video post on your own page. But this offered little help in the way of increasing a video’s potential views, as Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes original posts much higher than shared posts in terms of how often they’re served to user newsfeeds.
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Takeaways for Nonprofit Fundraising Gleaned on Giving Tuesday


Now in its seventh official year, Giving Tuesday is becoming an increasingly crowded space for nonprofits to stand out and fundraise. That said, we watched this Tuesday as several nonprofits didindeed stand out, smashing Giving Tuesday Fundraising Records from 2017. With holiday giving continuing to be a major focus for nonprofits into December, we examine some of the strategies nonprofits successfully employed this week.

Giving Tuesday

The NonProfit Times: #GivingTuesday Sets New Record

Facebook raised $125 million, PayPal raised $98 million, Blackbaud raised $62.6 million, DonorPerfect raised $35.2 million and Classy raised $15.4 million. Combined, the platforms saw an average increase in donations of 62 percent, with Facebook seeing the most amount of growth (178 percent growth) and Blackbaud seeing the least (3 percent growth). Other notable increases included Blackbaud’s boost in mobile donations – they accounted for 29 percent of online donations, up from 12 percent last year – and DonorPerfect’s report that evening donations significantly increased. Read more after the jump…

10 of the Best Company Culture Videos, Part 2

When we were getting set to tell a brand story for our clients at Kirby-Smith Machinery, we started the process by looking for other companies who had done a great job telling stories about their culture. Interestingly enough, we found one industry told these sorts of stories particularly well: tech companies.

We couldn’t necessarily say for sure why this was the case. But it could well be that telling their own story might just come naturally to them, especially since these companies have to consistently explain what it is they do, and because so many of them are mission-driven.

In the process of reviewing these videos, we picked up on some interesting storytelling tactics. And once we were done with our own project, we learned even more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to telling these kinds of stories.

This is the second in a two-part blog series that details some of the best videos we found.


In Part 1 of this series, we explained the utility of utilizing a voice over in lieu of interviews for these brand story videos. The primary advantage being that it removes any chance that you heavily feature an employee who might not be with the company at some point down the line. We also talked about the usage of humor and personality. Zendesk’s brand story does a great job of both, using a voice over to narrate not just the big company principals, but small things like where they go for coffee, how often they’ve seen their CEO wearing a hard hat, the marketing team’s fish and a chair that is lonely without you — their new potential employee.
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10 of the Best Company Culture Videos, Part 1

We recently had the chance to tell a great brand story for our clients at Kirby-Smith Machinery. The end product is a video that will be used primarily as part of the company’s onboarding process. In the brainstorming process for that project, we sought out examples from other companies who have done a great job telling stories about their culture.

In the process, we picked up on some helpful storytelling tactics. And once we were done with the project, we learned even more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to telling these kinds of stories.

This is the first in a two-part blog series that details some of the best company culture videos we found.

Warren Cat

This video was also intended to be used for onboarding, and it was one that our clients at Kirby-Smith identified as a great example of a brand story from their industry. It was immediately apparent why our clients appreciated this work, as the video begins and is inundated with strong original footage of the company’s heavy machinery operations, which are intensely visual. The other tactic that stood out was the voice of the piece. Yes, some of the lines might seem a little cheesy, but they resonated with their target audience.
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Tips to Troubleshoot a Twitter Link Preview That’s Not Working


Earlier this year, my colleague Adrienne Schaefer put together a widely read blog post about how to troubleshoot a broken or lackluster Facebook link preview. So naturally, when we found a way to do the same thing on Twitter, it felt like a worthwhile blog post.

Below are three steps you can follow to customize your link previews on Twitter.

1. Determine What Your Link Preview Will Display

On Facebook, when you paste a link into the body of a post, the platform will automatically generate how your link preview will look before you publish. If nothing else, that at least informs you of whether or not you like the headline, photo and description contained in the link preview.
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Twitter Purges Spammers, Instagram Adds Features for Engaged Users


One platform is deleting users. The other is adding functionality to allow its most engaged users to get even more involved. That dichotomy of headlines seems to well depict the current state of Twitter, a platform actively fighting to break free of its spam-laden legacy, against the consistently spam-averse Instagram, which continues to offer a leg to stand as its parent company Facebook also looks to fight off spam-related issues. Long story short, if you like spam, we hope it’s the sort that comes from a can, because the internet finally seems interested in expelling it from its most popular platforms.


New York Times: In Twitter Purge, Top Accounts Lose Millions of Followers

Twitter has long threatened it, and this week the social platform is taking big steps to globally purge accounts it had previously locked after suspecting them of spamming users. Within minutes on July 12, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian lost millions of followers. In addressing the purge, Twitter wrote, “Follower counts are a visible feature, and we want everyone to have confidence that the numbers are meaningful and accurate.” Read more after the jump…

Using an Ad Spend to Suavely Promote Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Promotion

When Facebook launched its live video platform in early 2015, they austerely dubbed it Facebook Live, and they also made another thing simple and clear: They would not allow pages to pay to promote their Facebook Live videos.

In the early days of Facebook Live video, however, there wasn’t much of a need to do so. Championing live video as the next generation of its platform, Facebook did everything they could to make sure live videos were being viewed. So for a spell, Facebook Live video was the one form of content that was served to a page’s full audience, with literally every person who followed a page being given a notification when a live video launched.

That meant huge reach and engagement numbers for Facebook Live videos – so huge, in fact, that accusations began to arise about whether Facebook was inflating the metrics.

But that time has come and gone, friends.
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How do you elicit emotion in an on-camera interview? Embrace your own


Everyone knows the shot. And everyone wants it. We were on set at a video shoot with a client recently who really wanted it. And he didn’t mince words about what it was that he wanted as we spoke before the interview.

“You’ve got to make this guy cry, dude.”

I hope I was able to bury the cringe I felt building up inside — and that was the last emotion I wanted to bury that day.

“If I take that approach into this interview, there’s no way he’s going to cry, dude,” I replied.

That’s the one sure thing I know about trying to elicit an emotional response in an on-camera interview: If you’re trying to do it; if you’re employing calculated tactics in your effort to make it happen, it’s likely that you’ll personally extinguish all the emotion in the room.

That being said, there is one methodology that I have found particularly fruitful — and even personally therapeutic — in these moments: letting go of all the thoughts about how you want this interview to go, and taking the time to seek out a genuine, human connection with the person you’re interviewing.
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Digital Marketing Lessons from Award-Winning Smart Ashes

Facebook logo

We were humbled to learn earlier this year that our Be A Smart Ash campaign for the Denver City Forester received the annual Kudos Marketing Award from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). And we were perhaps even more excited to be invited on NRPA’s monthly webinar to detail some learnings about the campaign.

So what exactly is Be A Smart Ash? We’ll let the campaign tagline do the talking:

1 in 6 trees in Denver are ash trees. And if we do nothing, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll ALL be devoured by the emerald ash borer, the most destructive forest pest in U.S. history. But who wants to be a Debbie Downer when you can Be A Smart Ash? Spend some time on our site and learn how you can help protect your ash and our urban canopy by identifying, treating and replacing Denver’s ash trees.

The Denver City Forester, a division of Denver Parks and Recreation, enlisted our help with a five-year integrated marketing campaign that has included naming, branding, messaging, content creation, internal and external communications, media relations, website development, SEO, digital advertising, video production and social media management.

The goal? Raising awareness about a tiny pest called the emerald ash borer (EAB), which has decimated ash tree populations in more than 25 states and parts of Canada.
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New Toys for Existing Social Media Platforms


As the development of new social media platforms has slowed, the development of new bells and whistles that existing platforms are using to distinguish themselves from the competition has accelerated. This week was no exception, and below we examine new functionalities all four major social platforms have added within the past five days.


Marketing Land: Facebook Ads Can Now Link to Brands’ Whatsapp Accounts
Yes, we know that this new Facebook functionality requires you to first build a WhatsApp account for your brand. Not only is that time consuming, it may not be advantageous for many U.S. brands, as 84 percent of the messaging app’s active users live outside of the U.S. But for brands trying to reach a younger audience, being able to simultaneously tap into the more established, legacy audiences on Facebook as you’re targeting newer, youngers audiences on WhatsApp within the same campaign could prove to be very worthwhile. Read more after the jump…