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A Week in the Life: Jon Woods’ Week in Photos

Jon Woods, senior director of social media & digital strategy at GFM (aka the new guy).
Wednesday wine night with friends is always a hit.
Woke up Saturday morning to the destruction of one of my favorite old buildings. Where on earth will people get their slime tables now?
My wife and I braved the heat to attend the Westword Music Showcase. Time for fall!
 Experimental dinner – Doritos chicken. My hypothesis proved correct, it was amazing!
All smiles from the GFM team before we plunged over the side of a large rock. 

~ Jon

A Week in the Life: KP’s Week in Photos

Kristina Reilly (aka “KP”), director of business operations at GFM, wife, mother, daughter, friend (in no particular order).

I was pretty excited when I was asked to be the first team member at GFM to kick off our “A Week in the Life Of” blog series since I was in the middle of taking an online iPhoneography class. That said, I should probably rename this post KP’s Week in iPhotos.
What is the odd substance on my sunroof. We haven’t seen much of it,
but I was able to capture the rain through my sunroof. Did a little photo enhancement to capture the blue sky too.
As part of my never-ending quest to shed the “baby weight” and to stay healthy, I completed my second week of foundations work at CrossFit Verve. Take that, baby weight.
Denver offers amazing photo opportunities around the city. I love the pink of the sunset reflection off of the smoke stacks at the Dry Ice Factory.
K, Kristina with a K. Photo of my keyboard while practicing with the
zoom feature on my phone.
The big 6. A whole year in the making, my son FINALLY turned 6. I guess I would be pretty darn excited if I was turning 6 too.

My final photo is not going to win any photo competitions for sure. We have been doing our best to do one family hike per weekend. This week’s hike took us to Ceran St. Vrain trail in Jamestown. This is a picture of my busted up knee. I turned my ankle while carrying my three year old the last 100 yards to the car. My valiant attempt to save her from injury resulted in two bloodied knees.

Well, that’s my week in iPhotos. If you have an iPhone, take some time to play around with the camera. It does some pretty amazing things. And keep tuning in to learn more about our team through our new “A Week in the Life of” blog series.