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GroundFloor Media Team Shares Best Super Bowl Snacks

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.47.44 PMThe Super Bowl… all the hype, celebrities, creative TV spots, half-time entertainment and yes, the football game. But what really makes or breaks the experience are the snacks that we’re all eating.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.55.36 PMI polled my colleagues who hail from (and live in) different parts of the U.S. to find out what their favorite Super Bowl snacks are. Following is what they had to say. What will you be serving?

Alexis – California “Nachos! I like a LOT of veggies…tomatoes, peppers, avocado…, along with beans and good, regular cheddar cheese.”

Amanda – Texas “I’d have to go with chips and queso. Even better, you can go with Bob Armstrong Dip – which is basically queso with ground beef, sour cream and avocado mixed in – divine!”

Amy – Texas “We always do Super Bowl Nachos – fully loaded (meat, beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, guacamole).”

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Going (Sort of) Viral on Social Media

Football season is generally a happy time in Denver. Orange and blue-clad fans fill the streets, and memories of yet another abysmal summer at Coors Field have nearly faded away. The Nuggets and Avalanche are gearing up for their campaigns as well, but everyone knows that Denver belongs to the Broncos.

When the preseason kicked off a couple weeks ago, we thought it would be fun to post a Broncos-themed image on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Having grown up in Denver and being a lifelong Broncos fan, I enthusiastically jumped on the project. I immediately opened Photoshop and started crafting my tribute to the team I love. Peyton Manning’s head – check. Bucking bronco with orange accents – check. Explosion – check. Within about an hour my monster was ready to face the world. Read more after the jump…

Saying Goodbye to Two Broncos Legends

A lot of attention has been given this week to Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen’s decision to resign control of the team. And that attention is well-deserved – he is a legendary owner in the sports world.

The single best stat to illustrate that point is that his teams were more likely to make it to the Super Bowl than have a losing season (six Super Bowls compared to five losing seasons). For comparison purposes, the Colorado Rookies Rockies have had one World Series appearance and 14 losing seasons over the past two decades.

But Pat Bowlen isn’t the only legendary Bronco to retire since the end of last season. Jim Saccomano stepped down this spring as vice president of corporate communications after 36 years with the organization. During his era, Jim established his own signature culture within the franchise’s communications organization.

The results of Jim’s legacy are impressive. It wasn’t a coincidence that Jim and his team were recognized with the inaugural Pete Rozelle award for the NFL’s outstanding public relations staff from the Professional Football Writers of America in 1990, and that the team won it again in 2014 after Jim announced he would be retiring.

So what lessons can your communications organization learn from Jim and his staff?

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