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CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Friday Favorites

The sights, the sounds, the smells…the free stuff! Here’s our rundown of favorite intangibles from Friday at SXSW 2017.

Shrimp and Grits, Moonshine-style

Shrimp and Grits, Moonshine-style


Its hard to pass up Lambert’s BBQ from our first night in town for this category, but the shrimp and grits, seared rainbow trout and kale and bacon dip at Moonshine completely blew us away.


Its been somewhat of a “Tour de Old Fashioned” for Jim so far. And Lambert’s offering was as smooth as they come.


Grab Bag:

Hey…I recognize that sticker!







“I’m here because I love the Internet – the same reason why you’re here!” ~ A street performer getting down to Sisqo


The Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurant from the TV show Better Call Saul.

The Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurant from the TV show Better Call Saul.

Celebrity-ish Sighting:

The Los Pollos Hermanos is the best chicken in Albuquerque…and now in Austin. #BetterCallSaul






Through the Lens:

Live music at Stubb's, and Austin stronghold.

Live music at Stubb’s, and Austin stronghold.













Number of Steps Taken:

Jim -12,865. Carissa – 11,562.

Hours of Sleep:

Jim – 5.5. Carissa – 6.5

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed:

Jim – 3. Carissa – 1.

It’s Pretty Negative Out There. Here Are 5 Things That Make Me Thankful.

Facebook? More like Political-Argument-Book, am I right?

I’m told the best way to manage negativity is to focus on the positive, so here are five things that – as a person who works day in and day out on social platforms – I’m thankful for right now:

  • The new iOS Update – Sure, they messed with the ordering of our email threads and I had to restore my touch-to-open home button functionality…but it’s all worth it when you can send GIF messages to your friends. Something I never knew I needed, but now I can’t imagine living without.
  • The forthcoming link/tags on Instagram – They’re not available to everyone just yet, but even the thought of finally being able to link to a website within your Instagram posts literally makes me smile.
  • My Mophie – I’m traveling as I write this, and this may sound trivial, but I’m truly thankful to not be sitting on an airport carpet next to what is shockingly the only power outlet within five gates.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Sometimes it’s the obvious things. Take one minute and think about what we’d all do without Wi-Fi. We’d still have real time news to keep up with, endless work demands via email and hilarious dog videos to watch…but we wouldn’t be able to access any of it without an Ethernet connection or an all-too-often sketchy cellular signal. Thank you for that quick “Dogs are Amazing” video download, Wi-Fi.
  • A Crazy Smart and Amazing Team – If you didn’t hear, GFM/CenterTable made the Top 5 of Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work list for the fourth straight year. Work is infinitely more fulfilling, less stressful and straight up fantastically fun when you’re surrounded by great people and great clients.

Take a minute and practice some gratitude this week (and the next, and the following…), even if it only has to do with the percentage of battery you have left on your phone.

Tips for Working In House with Clients

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

At GroundFloor Media, we often have team members work in house with clients to support crisis situations, provide interim solutions between new hires or to help cover maternity leaves. Sometimes it is just one day per week and other times it has been three plus days per week. I’ve had the opportunity to work in house for several clients over the years and what I like about being in house is not only learning about the products and services at a deeper level, but celebrating success on both sides. In addition, I believe it makes our agency team more aware and empathetic as to how to navigate the internal challenges our client contacts face everyday.

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Sometimes you have to slow down — and other lessons learned on sabbatical

Practicing yoga at Villa Gumonca on the island of Brac.

Practicing yoga at Villa Gumonca on the island of Brac.

I’ve just had the opportunity to take advantage of GFM’s generous sabbatical policy… After 10 years, employees are encouraged to take one month off to “undertake activities that promote individual rejuvenation and personal benefit.”

I did so by participating in a yoga retreat in Croatia with six Brits and a Norwegian I’d never met before, taking a two-week vacation in Croatia and Italy with my boyfriend, and then spending a week re-acclimating and getting organized at home in Denver. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and as I sat at lunch savoring my last few days off, I jotted down some of the lessons I learned that may prove helpful should you ever find yourself in the position of enjoying a month off.

1. Modifying isn’t cheating
As a former gymnast (AKA perfectionist) I feel the need to be able to bend forward and touch the ground with hands flat and legs straight when I’m practicing yoga. Thanks to a hamstring issue, I’m not currently able to, which has been driving me crazy. On this yoga retreat, our instructor encouraged me to bend my knees deeply in forward bend. Doing so not only enabled me to put my hands flat on the ground without pain, it also produced an amazing stretch that felt great. My preconceived notions of what “success” looked like in that pose and the expectations known only to me (no one else was watching to make sure I kept my legs straight) had been holding me back from true success.

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The Impacts of Emotional Intelligence

team_work_business_template_design_graphics_549234Emotional intelligence, known as EQ, is being touted as a key ingredient to surviving any working environment. Don’t get me wrong, IQ is still important and not to be dismissed. But the EQ is playing a critical role within the PR profession as digital media, client demands and no-such- thing-as-being-offline expectations seem to be the new norm. Read more after the jump…

All I Really Need To Know, I Learned Paddling the Grand Canyon

rapidunspecifiedI recently had the experience of a lifetime rafting with friends through the first half of the Grand Canyon from Lee’s Ferry to Phantom Ranch, for a total of 89 miles.

It was six hot, wet, cold (water is 47 degrees), exhilarating days paddling the Colorado River. One of the benefits of such a trip is that you’re completely cut off from the world. Cellphones don’t work, and of course, no internet. I can’t think of how many times a discussion or question would come among the group and someone would say, “Google it.”

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GFM @ SXSWi 2016: Monday Favorites

Monday was our last day at SXSWi and we were moving fast from start to finish. ‘Til next year, Austin!

NomNom: Since we ate there every morning, we have to give a shout out to Taco Shack. Solid breakfast tacos, ridiculously amazing tortillas, and super fast service. Win, win, win!

TacoShack Read more after the jump…

GFM @ SXSWi 2016: Monday Sessions

The final day of sessions is always bittersweet. We’re sad that things are coming to an end, but happy with all of the great insight, conversation and learning that has taken place this year at SXSWi!

Jon’s Take:

  • A weird theme emerged over the early sessions on Monday as I attended “Making Metrics Sexy: Find ROI in the (Excel) Sheets” and “Selling with Sex: Brand Partnerships and Dating Apps.” The first session included a very fun presentation that riffed on the classic book The Joy of Sex to discuss what can be a boring subject (analytics and measurement) in a fun and lighthearted way. The presenters from Edelman and Haven Beauty stressed the importance of creating separate reports and frequencies for each of the important audIMG_0932iences that need the data, defined by them as the social/digital team, then the marketing and public relations team and, finally, senior leadership. Equally important is that the graphics and numbers that are presented need to be custom created and designed for each individual client and product. Copying and pasting images created by social platforms or measurement tools makes your report look just like everyone else’s and doesn’t address the key metrics specific to that campaign.

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GFM @ SXSWi 2016: Sunday Favorites

Sunday is usually one of the hardest (OK, not hard, but people are starting to drag) days of the festival because of the lost hour due to the time change and the propensity of folks to party on Saturday night. However, Team GFM was up and ready to face the day!

GranolaBarsNomNom: If it weren’t for granola bars, we wouldn’t even really have an update here for Sunday! We (and our stomachs) are hoping to do better on the food front today!

Libations: We co-hosted a casual happy hour with our Denver neighbors Brand Juice and had fun catching up with clients (old and new) and friends over delicious drinks like the Rio Grande, Peaty Pepper and the El Cochito.

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GFM @SXSWi 2016: Sunday’s Sessions

Time changes and high temperatures be damned… from cover models to Cadillacs we heard from some of the best today and compiled the notes for you below. Enjoy!

Carissa’s Take:

Ashley Graham striking a pose before her presentation.

Ashley Graham striking a pose before her presentation.

  • My first session of the day spoke to me on almost every level – as a woman, a mom, a mentor, a professional… “Acceptance Revolution: Fashion’s New Body” featured body activist and model Ashley Graham. Outside of having been featured as the first-ever full-figured model on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I didn’t know much about Ashley. I quickly learned that even though she’s only 28-years-old, she’s embraced who she is – inside and out – and she’s using that positive body image to reach and inspire others. How is she doing that? Obviously through working hard to secure modeling brands that bring awareness to the beauty of ALL women, but she’s also aspiring to share insights into her real life via social media such as Instagram and Twitter. She shared an incredible story resulting from her TED Talk, in which a young viewer sent Ashley an email after viewing the talk saying she had been bulimic but decided to seek help that day because she was inspired by Ashley’s confidence and strength. A theme I’m hearing over and over at SXSWi is the importance of understanding and embracing your brand – and Ashley has done this perfectly.

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