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How to Build an Impactful Facebook Crossposting Network

Facebook Cross-Posting

It’s not Facebook newest feature, given that it was rolled out in 2016, but Facebook Crossposting has been seeing an uptick in usage among connected brands of late.

So what is cross-posting, and what advantages does it offer? Essentially, Crossposting allows multiple Facebook pages to post the same video on their respective platforms, and the biggest benefit it offers is an increase in potential video views.

The Advent of Crossposting

Before Crossposting, brands had two options to accomplish a similar form of content sharing.

The first option was to simply share the other brand’s video post on your own page. But this offered little help in the way of increasing a video’s potential views, as Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes original posts much higher than shared posts in terms of how often they’re served to user newsfeeds.
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3 Videos You Might Have Missed in 2018

Video is consistently dominating data traffic amongst brands and consumers. With technology and equipment becoming more accessible to the general market, it takes some extra creativity for a good video to cut through the noise. Wondering how to stand out? Here are three of my favorite Internet videos from 2018 that stood out in their goal, style and performance. Read more after the jump…

Get Grounded Spotlight: Cooking Matters Colorado

GroundFloor Media loves to give back to the Denver community. That’s why the Get Grounded Foundation was founded in 2015. The Get Grounded Foundation biannually awards grants to Denver-based nonprofits that focus on at-risk youth in the areas of child abuse and neglect, youth behavioral health or childhood hunger relief. GroundFloor Media (GFM) and our sister agency, CenterTable, started the Get Grounded Spotlight series to highlight past grant recipients and showcase their outstanding work in the community.

The latest Spotlight series episode features Cooking Matters, an organization dedicated to educating parents of children ages five and under on food nutrition and how to shop smarter, helps provide awareness and action to childhood hunger issues, and helps connect low-income families to the healthy food they deserve.

Since 1994, Cooking Matters Colorado has provided statewide assistance with their vast network of volunteers. Lending their talents as culinary instructors, nutrition instructors, and tour guides for families at local supermarkets, volunteers are able to do their part in order to end childhood hunger in Denver. Cooking Matters’ commitment to ending childhood hunger in Denver is why the Get Grounded Foundation is proud to partner with this organization.

Check out our previous Get Grounded Spotlight episodes on our Vimeo channel, or learn more about how to get involved with Cooking Matters.

10 of the Best Company Culture Videos, Part 1

We recently had the chance to tell a great brand story for our clients at Kirby-Smith Machinery. The end product is a video that will be used primarily as part of the company’s onboarding process. In the brainstorming process for that project, we sought out examples from other companies who have done a great job telling stories about their culture.

In the process, we picked up on some helpful storytelling tactics. And once we were done with the project, we learned even more about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to telling these kinds of stories.

This is the first in a two-part blog series that details some of the best company culture videos we found.

Warren Cat

This video was also intended to be used for onboarding, and it was one that our clients at Kirby-Smith identified as a great example of a brand story from their industry. It was immediately apparent why our clients appreciated this work, as the video begins and is inundated with strong original footage of the company’s heavy machinery operations, which are intensely visual. The other tactic that stood out was the voice of the piece. Yes, some of the lines might seem a little cheesy, but they resonated with their target audience.
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Get Grounded Spotlight: Denver CASA Serves Kids in Juvenile Court

Since 2015, The Get Grounded Foundation has awarded grants biannually to Denver-based nonprofits that focus on at-risk youth in the areas of child abuse and neglect, youth behavioral health or childhood hunger relief. GroundFloor Media (GFM) and our sister agency, CenterTable, started our Get Grounded Spotlight Series to highlight past recipients and show their outstanding work in the community. The latest episode spotlights Denver CASA, an organization dedicated to advocating for Denver’s abused and neglected children in the juvenile court system.

CASAs, or Court Appointed Special Advocates, represent the child’s best interests in juvenile court and give a voice to children that don’t have the power to speak for themselves. CASAs are volunteers who spend numerous hours bonding with the children they fight for. They also work with the courts to find the best possible solution for their future. Several members of GFM have been so inspired by their work that they have chosen to become CASAs themselves. Watch the video above to learn more about Denver CASA and how you can become involved.

Please check out our previous Get Grounded Spotlight episodes on our Vimeo channel and keep an eye out on our social channels for when you can submit your application for our Fall 2018 grants. If you’re interested in getting involved with Denver CASA, click here for more information.

2018 ELCA Youth Gathering Illustrated the Power of Community

Carpool Karoake Car
Last week, I had the privilege of volunteering at the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston. The Youth Gathering is put on by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America once every three years, where congregations from across the country send 30,000 young people to a chosen city for worship, service and fun. It’s a place where young people can find themselves spiritually through doing service work around the community and hear from inspiring speakers at the nightly Mass Gathering.

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The Making of the Smart Ash Animation

Animation has always fascinated me. I drew endless comic strips and superheroes as a kid, and making those drawings move like what I saw on TV every Saturday morning was a dream. Taking a drawing from paper to screen gave it life, and all I wanted was to make the characters from my imagination real. When I finally started experimenting with animation in high school, I found a medium that was tedious, but every bit as rewarding as I had hoped. I eventually graduated with my BFA in animation, and although it’s not something I do every day at CenterTable, I relish the opportunity to bring drawings to life for clients who understand the value animation can have in telling a unique story. Read more after the jump…

Animation Brings Tricky Topic to Life

Since 2015, GroundFloor Media and CenterTable have been proud to work on the Be A Smart Ash campaign. From naming to website development, campaign launch to ongoing education and awareness, the agency and client teams continue to thrive with this highly integrated campaign. With our next step, we will be bringing animation into the fold.

In fact, Be A Smart Ash recently earned the Ragan’s PR Daily 2017 award for Best Location-Based Campaign, adding to national industry kudos earned from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) late last year.

How to keep up momentum

Three years into the campaign with emerald ash borer (EAB) still not identified in Denver, the team realized that focusing on awareness for the third year in a row could cause consumer fatigue. And with growing awareness about EAB came an increase in questions about just how to combat the pesky pest. So, the team decided 2018 was the perfect time to pivot to an action-oriented message focused on treatment options, just in time for prime treatment season.

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Get Grounded Spotlight: Denver Children’s Advocacy Center

At GroundFloor Media, we love giving back to the community however we can. That’s part of the reason why we started the Get Grounded Foundation in 2015 to help fund new, innovative and entrepreneurial programs or projects within existing, qualified nonprofits that directly support the healthy development of at-risk youth in the Denver Metro area in the areas of child abuse and neglect, youth behavioral health or childhood hunger relief.

We started the Get Grounded Spotlight video series to highlight a few of the past recipients of our Get Grounded grant. The latest episode centers on Denver Children’s Advocacy Center. DCAC serves the city and county of Denver in helping children and families recover from traumatic experiences. Get Grounded provided funding to help support the organization’s yoga therapy program. Watch the video above to learn more.

Once you’re done, check out the first episode, which featured another past grant recipient, PCs For People. If you are interested in receiving a Get Grounded Grant, the submission deadline for Spring 2018 grants is Monday April 30 at 5 p.m. MDT.

Aspect Ratios and Storytelling

A wide shot of the vastness of space. An intimate home video of a child’s first steps. A social media savvy YouTube vlogger with the latest and greatest in makeup techniques. Whatever you may be watching, there should be an essence to the visuals that feels cohesive with the content being portrayed. Certain shots feel right at home in a reality TV drama, while others perfectly capture the epic grandeur of a Hollywood blockbuster. The culprit is often staring at you right through a letterbox (rimshot): aspect ratio. Read more after the jump…