Social Media’s Role in Crisis Communication

It used to be that bad news coverage from major news outlets was one of the worst fears for businesses. In the age of social media, oftentimes the larger concern is what happens when that bad news goes viral and spreads across social networks at lightning speed. Even worse, how do you respond to blatantly inaccurate social media posts that damage your brand’s reputation and repeatedly hinder proactive campaigns?

One minor bad news story by a local news outlet, an innocent Facebook post or even an unfavorable customer review can escalate across the Internet and get picked up internationally. It can be rebroadcast on websites, news sites and most troubling, it will show up on even the most mundane online searches. Is your business prepared to handle the viral nature of issues management on any number of social networks? 

At GFM, we counsel clients on all aspects of social media, from offering comprehensive corporate social media strategies, policies and response plans, to working with our search engine experts to highlight positive news while “pushing down” negative stories. We manage social media platforms for our clients and monitor online chatter, offering counsel on if, when and how to respond to the most sensitive of issues.

We developed a proprietary Online War Room™, an exclusive tool available to our clients that allows them to mimic a wide range of real-time crises and issue situations online, and test potential outcomes of crisis management actions. Using a secure, non-public interface, the Online War Room allows the Rapid Response team to work closely with clients to create customized training sessions across multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.