Strategic Counsel

The team at GFM understands that there are instances that may result in an organization being portrayed in the news and across social media networks in a negative light. When clients engage GFM for crisis or reputation management support, we remind them of our crisis philosophy – honesty, compassion and transparency are imperative and lead to stronger, more positive results when managing issues and repairing a reputation. At the same time, every recommendation and response is tailored to meet the needs of specific clients – if, how, when and where a clients shares its side of the story is unique to each circumstance.

GFM Rapid Response team members are strong advocates for our clients, and we work with clients as an extension of their team. Together, we gather and research facts, including mining sources of misleading information, interviewing participants, and working with legal counsel to provide responses in a variety of crisis situations. We support our clients every step of the way – whether its a strategic planning call at 11 p.m. to draft messaging for the next morning or a 30-minute drive to be onsite for the day – GFM Rapid Response can be activated quickly for immediate strategic counsel.

Our job is to bolster the public’s perception of our clients by conveying an accurate, balanced story with key stakeholders about difficult and potentially negative situations. Our team members’ decades of experience on both sides of the microphone and inside newsrooms are invaluable in crisis situations. We have a strong history of battling negative attention, whether it is in the news media, in the boardroom or online, by offering an honest, compelling counter to negative or misleading facts.