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Denver Business Journal Column: Effectively Fighting A Crisis With Social Media

crisis-image-590x230GroundFloor Media’s crisis expert Gil Rudawsky’s latest column in the Denver Business Journal discusses the merit in getting word out via social media, but he says that sometimes immediacy can get in the way of accuracy. 

“During a crisis, such as the wildfires, social media can be helpful as a quick source of news. But it has its pitfalls, as immediacy doesn’t always mean accuracy and it quickly can become a complaint board,” Rudawsky says.

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GroundFloor Media’s Gil Rudawsky Offers
Crisis Response Tips for Denver Business Journal

An integral part of a crisis-response plan is providing clear, honest messages to various audiences that might be affected by the bad news.

Yes, you need to spend time responding to allegations and working with the media. But keeping other key audiences in the loop as well often can take the sting out of a crisis and get an organization back on the road to recovery much sooner.

Read the entire article in the Denver Business Journal.

GroundFloor’s Gil Rudawsky featured in Denver Business Journal on Social Media Crisis Plans

Gil Rudawsky MugCorporate or business Facebook and Twitter accounts aren’t just about “likes” and updates.

They are about honest interactions with the public, good and bad. And beware: Online social forums are one hashtag or Facebook post away from turning nasty.

To help prepare an organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages or online campaigns from turning sour, there’s an ever-growing list of case studies — from mom-and-pop businesses to corporate giants — to help teach about social media failures, or quite simply, what not to do.

Read the entire article in the Denver Business Journal.

Pinterest Launches Business Accounts

On Wednesday Pinterest announced (finally!) the availability of business accounts. As we all know, thousands of businesses and brands are already on the platform – and all now have the option to convert to the new account. Pinterest is reporting that businesses will have several more tools for driving brand awareness via the business-focused Pinterest page, so according to them there is no reason to delay the switch.

All Things D has a helpful summary of the announcement and GroundFloor Media is testing the account switchover option as you read this. In the meantime, how will this affect what your company is doing on Pinterest? Do you think this is an important step forward in the platform’s maturity or the gateway to a sponsored takeover of this visual playground?