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Colorado Companies – What We Learned at The Wright

The 2016 Wright finalists on stage with Governor Hickenlooper

The 2016 Wright finalists on stage with Governor Hickenlooper.

Last week marked the fourth straight year that GroundFloor Media/CenterTable has sponsored The Wright – a Shark Tank–esque event focusing on Colorado companies who work in the outdoor/lifestyle industries, and love to give back to their respective communities. Companies are nominated, finalists are required to produce a short video about their business, a panel of judges narrows the list to three finalists at a live event and then questions those companies before selecting the winning contestant.

Some of these companies are big, some are small, some are new and some are more established. The common theme is that they’re all amazing Colorado-based companies who have great entrepreneurial spirit. It’s truly one of my favorite events each year – and one where everyone can learn a thing or two from the contestants. Here are a couple of things we took away from, or were reminded during the 2016 Wright: Read more after the jump…

2015 Facebook Favorites

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.13.39 AMWhile many of us have some well-deserved down time over the holidays it’s a great chance to get caught up on some reading – and possibly discovering some new content sources for the New Year. We polled our GFM team, asking them to share their favorite social media accounts with our readers over the holidays, and we’ll be sharing them platform-by-platform in the coming days.

To be somewhat unbiased, we’re not including our client’s social accounts (because they’re all fantastic, of course), and we’ve left off some of the more obvious choices that many people already follow (Mashable, local news sources, etc.). But we hope these recommendations bring some new and useful content to your holiday season and New Year! Read more after the jump…

Thanks, Colorado B Corps for “B-ing the Change” in our Community!

B Corps GRID projectThis week, more than 100 employees from Certified B Corporations around the Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins areas volunteered in their communities, tangibly showing how they are using business as a force for good by “B-ing the Change” in Colorado.  Similar efforts are taking place around the county, and the world as part of this global effort.

Colorado has an especially strong B Corp community with more than 40 local companies certified including New Belgium Brewing, Rally Software, Moye White, GoLite, Namasté Solar, Door to Door Organics, and the Gary Community Investment Company.  Nearly all of the 40 companies in Colorado participated in this program throughout the week – a remarkable showing of how invested our businesses are in the communities in which we live, work and play.  Read more after the jump…

Business Development And Being the Stoner State

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.48.13 PMColorado is all over the national media these days, but it might not be the kind of press that the state is looking for in terms of economic development. Marijuana has quickly become Colorado’s signature issue in the media, and the coverage hasn’t exactly portrayed the state in a favorable light.

During the recent Colorado Experience, hosted by the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation, Kelly Brough said while the state is getting lots of press, it really hasn’t changed the way Colorado does business.

“Despite what everyone is saying, the marijuana industry is small,” Brough, the executive director of the Metro Denver Chamber, told about 120 business executives on a tour of Pueblo. “Revenues are so small it doesn’t even rank with our other industries.”
Read more after the jump…

Monday Night Football and the Impact on Colorado Tourism

MountainsColorado loves Monday Night Football (MNF). It’s an opportunity for free advertising to a national (and international) audience, as the broadcast always includes glamour shots of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The only thing better than MNF in Denver is MNF when it snows. While Denver can be warm and sunny, 60 miles to the west at the Continental Divide it can be a blizzard. Colorado Ski Country, the association that represents the ski industry for the state, prays for snow on MNF because there’s a direct impact on ski vacation reservations.

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Is the Press Getting More Respect? One Survey Says So

There hasn’tphoto[1] been much to gloat about with the press these days, with everything from declining reader and viewer numbers, to plummeting ad sales and waning ethical standards, but is the public finally ready to stop its criticism and give the media a modicum of respect?

Amid a series of glum reports on the press, at least one recent survey is finding a silver lining in being a journalist today. The Pew Research Center found that a slight majority of the public continues to believe that the press acts as an important watchdog by ensuring politicians don’t stray from doing their jobs. In particular, the survey noted that recent government activities, including NSA surveillance and IRS issues, have slightly enhanced the press’s watchdog role.

Read Gil Rudawsy’s entire article in Ragan’s PR Daily.

TEDxMileHigh – Musings of a Committed Citizen

TEDxMileHighFuturism, leadocracy and nanosecond culture were just a few of the big terms and even bigger ideas discussed during the TEDxMileHigh Values & Instincts event at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House on this past Saturday. The annual event welcomed approximately 2,000 curious minds from across the Denver metro area. From more traditional leaders like Roxane White, who serves as chief of staff to Governor John Hickenlooper, to promising stars such as Easton Lachappelle who is tackling the challenges of prosthetics and wireless robotics at the ripe old age of 17, the day did not disappoint.

I participated in the first half of the event and came away inspired, but also a bit numb. In the moment, it all seems possible that “love” is the only “currency” we need to solve our problems both big and small. And sometimes I do experience the realities of “scarcity” in our community that cannot only be solved with “reciprocity” alone. (Yes, this is oversimplifying of few of host Tim O’Neill’s quick references.) So in reality, what are actionable next steps for a committed citizen?

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Colorado’s New Amendment 64 Moniker: Will it Stick?

Popular snack foodAs soon as it was clear that Amendment 64 would pass in Colorado, Governor Hickenlooper issued a statement that was spot-on and seemed to capture the fun and challenges around 64’s voter approval. “The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will. This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly.”

His statement was covered nationwide and went wild on social media. And of course the jokes and guffaws about Colorado as cannabis central started immediately.

It reminded me of how Colorado was once again thrust into the national spotlight – albeit for very different decision – made by the voters. In 1992, Colorado voters passed Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment that excluded gays and lesbians from all anti-discrimination laws and policies in the state. The national backlash was swift and immediate with Colorado being named the “hate state” and calls for boycotts and cancelations of major events, all intended to hurt the state’s pocket book. Amendment 2, which was eventually deemed unconstitutional by the Colorado Supreme Court and U. S. Supreme Court, had an immediate and lasting impact on Colorado’s brand and reputation.

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Colorado: Anatomy Of A Swing State

It’s here. We’re on the eve of Election Day, 2012. Many of us in Colorado are quite ready to get past November 6th after being inundated with political ads on our TVs, radios, Pandora stations, Facebook pages…the list goes on. While we might be overwhelmed with Obama and Romney messages, there’s a reason why. Colorado is a critical swing state and the candidates have invested an incredible amount of money, time, and resources to get our attention. If you haven’t voted, vote. And check out this infographic that shows the interesting political anatomy of the place we call home.

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