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When A Private Crisis Strategy Session Becomes Front Page News

Crisis Communications Lessons: When A Private Crisis Strategy Session Becomes Front Page News | GroundFloor Media PR Agency | Denver, COAs part of crisis communications training with our clients, we emphasize that unless you are in a closed-door office or in a private location, anything you say in public can be used against you. This lesson, once again, resonated loud and clear in a Sunday New York Times scoop.

Last week, Denver attorney Ty Cobb who now works for the White House to coordinate its response into investigations into Russia’s connection with President Trump, was having a strategy lunch with the president’s lead outside attorney on the Russia investigations, John Dowd.

Little did they know, a Times reporter was also having lunch, at the next table.

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Remembering The Jayson Blair Scandal

jayson_blair_cnn_larry_kingThis month, PBS premiered a documentary called “The Fragile Trust” on the shocking story of former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair.

The Blair story is about an up-and-coming reporter who fabricated and plagiarized many of his articles, including some that ended up on the Times’ front page. The documentary producers talk to Blair about what happened leading up to and after he was discovered in 2003. Blair now blames mental illness and stress for his transgressions.

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Amazon’s Drone Proposal Could Be A PR Minefield

It wasn’t a surprise that Amazon on Cyber Monday capitalized on its buzz-worthy plan to deliver packages to its customers’ doorsteps via drones.

Jeff Bezos used his “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday to get the ball rolling by talking about the innovative drone delivery plans. Though many people remain skeptical the idea will actually take hold, four or five or even 20 years from now, everyone tuned in to Amazon’s video, and it dominated conversation around the water cooler.

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