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PR Snafus from the Week that Was — and Social Media’s Response to Them


There’s a social media axiom heavily utilized – some would say over utilized – by those seeking to juxtapose gaffes alongside even bigger gaffes. That term? “Hold my beer.” To say it was used a lot this week might be an understatement. In this week’s editions of Weekly Reads, we take a look at how social media responded to some of the biggest PR snafus from the week that was. 

USA Today: Airlines take to Twitter to exploit United’s misfortune

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has put his foot in his mouth several times in the wake of a video-taped incident that saw a United passenger dragged off a flight. Munoz may also now regret the time he described his competitors in the Persian Gulf as “not real airlines.” At the very least, it seems Emirates and Royal Jordanian airlines haven’t forgotten about that old comment, as both took to Twitter this week to reexamine it alongside some of United’s recent blunders.

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Amazon’s Drone Proposal Could Be A PR Minefield

It wasn’t a surprise that Amazon on Cyber Monday capitalized on its buzz-worthy plan to deliver packages to its customers’ doorsteps via drones.

Jeff Bezos used his “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday to get the ball rolling by talking about the innovative drone delivery plans. Though many people remain skeptical the idea will actually take hold, four or five or even 20 years from now, everyone tuned in to Amazon’s video, and it dominated conversation around the water cooler.

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