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Tips for Working In House with Clients

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik

At GroundFloor Media, we often have team members work in house with clients to support crisis situations, provide interim solutions between new hires or to help cover maternity leaves. Sometimes it is just one day per week and other times it has been three plus days per week. I’ve had the opportunity to work in house for several clients over the years and what I like about being in house is not only learning about the products and services at a deeper level, but celebrating success on both sides. In addition, I believe it makes our agency team more aware and empathetic as to how to navigate the internal challenges our client contacts face everyday.

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Company Culture – What it Really Boils Down To…

digidenCulture is a really, really big deal at GroundFloor Media (GFM). It’s something we talk about regularly, and it’s something both our president and founder present on quite frequently. As the team member who prepares and submits award entries for GFM, I end up writing about our culture a lot. And by virtue of working for a marketing communications agency, I get a glimpse into a whole variety of company cultures as we meet and work with all of our clients. And with all of this talking, writing and observing, I’ve come to believe that a healthy and vibrant company culture – one that results in a business that employees and clients/customers are excited about – really boils down to four main things.

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Best Place to Work Reviews Best Ergonomic Ways to Work

Listed as Outside Magazine’s best place to work in 2015, you might assume that GFM team GFM-Ergonomicsmembers spend a lot of the workday, well, outdoors. While we do love to spend time outside enjoying all our great state of Colorado has to offer, the typical workday inside the GFM office looks just about like any other – sitting at our desks, often with bad posture and a disregard for ergonomics.

Benefits of movement

Recently, we invited Dr. Kati Schwabe from Schwabe Chiropractic to speak to our team about the health hazards of sitting too much and – our larger offense – sitting incorrectly at our desks throughout the day. Here are some of the top takeaways: Read more after the jump…

New employee onboarding: The good, the bad and the ugly

Now over two weeks into a new year, a new job and a new profession, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “new.”

Often times “new” is seen as a good thing. In many cases it comes after a conscious choice to move one’s life in a positive direction. It comes with some measure of excitement. It puts the bow on the axiom “shiny and new.”

But “new” is much more nuanced than that. In some cases it’s born out of necessity. It comes with some amount of anxiety. It’s the inspiration for the holy grail of insider Internet insults — “You’re such a n00b!” (here’s a little context on the cut-down for all you non-gamers out there).

This duality, in part, is what make both sides of the already challenging process of onboarding that much more volatile for new employees and managers, alike. Having gone through that process 10 times in the span of about 15 years, I’m left with a few thoughts: 1) I’ve definitely experienced employee onboarding done right and wrong, 2) I’m very thankful to have joined a company in GroundFloor Media that puts such a high priority on employee retention and 3) if employee retention is a house, good onboarding — the sort GFM practices — is a crucial part of the foundation.

All of that said, here are a few tips about how to achieve onboarding balance for those on both sides of the process from a guy who has been on both sides — a lot.

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New Year’s Intention: Be Present

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I used to make them, and like most people, I never kept them longer than a couple of weeks, so I stopped making them years ago. However, this year, I kept hearing people talk about setting a New Year’s intention instead. I liked the idea and came up with one I wanted to set instantly – and that is to really focus on being present. Being present at work, at home with my family, while working out or even while running errands… wherever I may be, really being there and being in the moment instead of thinking about my to-do list, the next place I need to be, the next thing I need to do, etc. I’ve been thinking of ways to apply this intention at work, and I’ve come up with a list of four specific things I can do to be more present during the workday:

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GFM’s Storytellers Share Their Favorite Stories

At GFM we pride ourselves on being storytellers. Whether we’re drafting messaging, cooking up some social content, or even managing the frontline of a crisis – at the end of the day it’s all about telling a story.

Heart formed by pages in a book.

Photo by Kate Ter Haar via Flickr

Ask one of these GFM storytellers what stories have resonated with them recently, and you’re bound to get a variety of answers. From short stories to historical novels and everything in between, one thing is clear: GFMers love a good story.

And while we don’t all have time for long novels (just ask the new parents who could recite classics like Where The Wild Things Are or new favorites like Go the F**k to Sleep! thanks to reading them to little ones over and over again…), the only thing we love more than reading is sharing our favorite titles with friends.

Here’s a list of some of the recent titles we’ve devoured, compiled by GFM team members for your reading pleasure! Read more after the jump…

What Would Your Client’s Super Power Be?

superhero_pic_forblogA while ago, I blogged about how yoga principles can be applied to PR. And then, a few weeks ago, I was in one of my favorite yoga classes, and the teacher asked us to contemplate what super power we would choose if we could have one such power. It struck me that this question suggested yet another way I could carry yoga off of the mat and into the workplace.

Here’s how I made that connection… Obviously, while we might not ever actually be able to fly, have super strength or turn invisible, the idea really was to think about how we could soar in life. Set wild and crazy goals in life – and then go for them. And, as agency practitioners, I think that’s what we can and should do for our clients.

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Strategically Timing Press Releases

We often get the question from clients, “When is the best day/time to distribute this press release in order to get the most attention?” And while our answer generally depends on a mix of experience coupled with the intent of the specific release in question, PR.co decided to put conventional wisdom to the test with their study, “What can we learn from 50,000 press releases?” They compiled their results in a handy infographic, which was recently highlighted on Ragan’s PR Daily.

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Old School PR: The Comeback Kid


When I started my degree in journalism I used a typewriter. Some of you may remember when the only way to make a correction was to use Wite-Out. I used to also fax media advisories and pick up the phone to talk with reporters. So when I saw an article by Mickie Kennedy via Regan’s Health Care Communication News about getting back to PR basics, I thought it was worth sharing. Following are five retro tactics he recommended giving a whirl: Read more after the jump…

A Week in the Life: Alexis Anderson’s Week in Photos

Alexis Anderson is a senior director of communications and digital startegy at GroundFloor Media. She and her husband took a recent trip to D.C. and took in all of the sites the District has to offer. You can also read about her impression of the Newseum.

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