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Digital advertising playbook for nonprofit holiday giving campaigns

Giving Campaigns

It’s that time of year again: That time when nonprofits start to think about capitalizing on the charitable mood that tends to spike around the holiday season.

But here’s the problem: Just about every nonprofit across the country is having this same inclination. Take Colorado, for instance: We have Colorado Gives Day every year in early December, which is a 24-hour period in which Coloradans are encouraged to give to their favorite registered nonprofit. The nonprofits who raise the most then receive an extra funding boost from an incentive fund created for that day.

But with all that competition, there’s plenty of noise, especially in the digital space. So how do you help your campaign stand out?

That’s a question many clients have posed to us — so much so that we’ve developed a bit of a playbook; one that has shown to be particularly helpful for smaller nonprofits looking to fully dive in to the holiday giving season for the first time.
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Are You Revising Your Social Media Strategy?


When was the last time you tested a new strategy or tactic with your social media efforts? Better yet, when was the last time you dug deep into your user’s behavior and social media metrics to inform what you do next? This week brings us several insightful articles about testing and revising our social media strategies – with several common themes.


Ad Week: What National Geographic Did to Earn 3 Million Snapchat Discover Subscribers in Just 3 Months
Not everyone has the budget to command a Snapchat Discover channel, but what we appreciate about National Geographic’s revised approach is the intentional, tailored content it has been offering on the platform. Know your audience, and then understand what works best on each platform. Read more after the jump…

Why Facebook’s Inflated Video Metrics Don’t Matter (That Much)

How long is long enough for Facebook video views?

How long is long enough for Facebook video views?

It was reported last week that Facebook had been artificially inflating the average viewing time of videos on the social media platform for upwards of two years. Obviously the news is somewhat of a shock, as indicated by the outcry of complaints by marketing professionals.

This is absolutely big news in our industry, and I’m definitely in favor of creating some form of third-party verification for social media platforms and their native analytics. But I do challenge the impact of this news a bit, and believe its something that highlights a larger issue within our industry: A greater focus on meaningful metrics.

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Social Media and The President of the United States

The President hasn't shied away from laughing at himself from time to time.

The President hasn’t shied away from laughing at himself from time to time.

I recently came across this rundown of how the Obama Administration has approached social media over the past eight years, and aside from being amazed at how far digital communications have evolved since 2008 (imagine, if you can, a pre-Instagram world), there are also a number of great takeaways from how the President and his staff have embraced social media during his two terms, and what we can learn from their efforts:  Read more after the jump…

SXSW Denver Download Recap

The large and lively crowd at GFM's SXSWi Denver Download 2015

The large and lively crowd at GFM’s SXSWi Denver Download 2015

We had roughly 115 clients; partners and agency friends join us on Tuesday morning for our fourth South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) Denver Download event. A huge thank you to Infinite Monkey Theorem for hosting and providing cold brewed coffee and breakfast cocktails, Boulder’s Upstart Kombucha for powering us through the morning with samples, and 34 Degrees for sending everyone home with the tastiest crackers on earth.

Our esteemed panelists discussed the overarching concepts, themes and new technologies from SXSWi 2015, and in case you missed the event, or if you were there and want to compare notes, below is a high-level recap of the panel discussion – from content to influencers to trends in technology.

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Monday Favorites: GFM @ SXSW

There always seems to be one day at South by each year that combines free things with great sessions and great music. Monday was that day. From Franklin’s BBQ to GFM’s “Coding Culture” session to seeing Gary Clark Jr. headline the GSD&M party…we had a lot to choose from for our Monday favorites:

Fresh Texas BBQ at Franklin's.

Fresh Texas BBQ at Franklin’s.

NomNom: Typically a trip to Franklin’s BBQ includes a 2-4 hour line before you get your food. And yes, it’s worth the wait. But thanks to a Verizon activation for Austinites (and thanks to Jon’s friends for living in Austin) we had the chance to walk right in and indulge with no wait at all. The brisket was beyond words.

Libations:  Its become a tradition that we stop at the Whole Foods Flagship when we get to town to stock up on provisions, Vitamin C, Cliff Bars and the like. This year we found Austin-based Kosmic Kombucha and bought a few bottles – and they were perfect for waking up and keeping healthy for a five-day conference. We recommend the organic ginger and maple flavor.

Culture Tip: From Ramonna and Laura’s “Coding Culture” session, one of the common themes from attendees and presenters alike was customization. Know what makes your employees happy, know what they’re doing both personally and professionally, and check in with them. It all comes back to relationships, to be sure.

Malcolm Gladwell stopping at a Starbucks before his session.

Malcolm Gladwell stopping at a Starbucks before his session.

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Malcolm Gladwell spoke at SXSW on Monday, and we happened to run across him headed to Starbucks before his presentation. Even famous authors have a caffeine Tipping Point at South by.

Overheard: “Work is going to be awful tomorrow, you guys.” – An attendee of the GSD&M party

Grab Bag: Meerkat seems to be the talk of the town down here this year. The Twitter-based streaming video app has been used for everything from sessions to parties, and while many streams were cut short before users could click to watch, we Meerkat’d Ramonna and Laura’s session and had 15 viewers in addition to our 60+ in-session attendees.

Free Stuff Rules: At the GSD&M party, Jon sampled more of Popeye’s new “Red Sticks” than he’d like to admit…but hey, they were free!

Through the Lens:

The crazy-talented Gary Clark Jr. looks out at the crowd.

Gary Clark Jr. always puts on a show in Austin.

Number of Steps Taken: 21,183 (the biggest day yet)

Hours of Sleep: Jim: 7. Jon: 6.

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Jim: 6. Jon: 6.

~ Jim and Jon

South by Southwest Interactive Denver Download Recap

GFM had the pleasure of hosting our second annual SXSWi “Denver Download” event with a group of our clients, friends and

A lot of knowledge spread once again at SXSWi

A lot of knowledge spread once again at SXSWi

partners earlier this week. During the event, 10-minute presentations were provided by Taryn Fort of the Colorado Health Foundation, Joe Murphy of The Denver Post, Jen Margoles and Jen Swift of 34 Degrees, and our colleague Jon Woods at GFM. Below are some of the key points from each presenter for those of you who were unable to attend. You can also view the slides from each presentation on the GFM Slide Share account.

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5 Social Media Resolutions for 2013

I’ve never really cared for New Year’s resolutions. My take has always been, “If you want to do something, just start today. Why wait for January 1st?” But since budgets and annual marketing/communications plans tend to start anew on January 1st, I’m making five social media resolutions for myself, and my clients.

1)   Measurement & Metrics: Put a Stake in the Ground…Today.

Most of my clients are forward-thinking enough to have some form of measurement process in place – the New Year is a good time to reassess that process. What do you want to accomplish via social marketing in 2013? Are you following the appropriate metrics to track your progress? Are you actively tracking any metrics? Now would be a good time to put a stake in the ground – we’ll all be thankful we did when we have results to celebrate in March. Think of this like your resolution to get into swimsuit shape by spring.

2)   Get to Know My Followers/Audiences Even Better

A lot has changed since January 2012. Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and even Facebook’s privacy settings have come a long way (for better or worse…), and users are constantly changing their habits. Not to mention the fact that individuals are most likely becoming burnt out on information, making it harder to have a meaningful interaction with the people in your online community. Reassess what they want to talk about, what they want to read/watch/interact with – and how those wants might be different from platform to platform. This is similar to your, “Stay in touch with my friends more frequently” resolution.

3)   Define the “Action” I’d Like My Community to Take

Conversations, engagements and page views are all great, but what action do you want your followers to take? Purchasing a product? Visiting a website, or visiting a retail location? Sharing your posts? If you define the action, your social media/content plan will become infinitely clearer. Your “spend more time with my family” resolution is a lot more attainable when you tie it to something tangible like, “eat dinner at the dining room table at least twice a week.”

4)   Invest in Quality Content

I beg of you, it’s time to stop saying, “content is king” and start acting on it. Assign resources and budget to meaningful content creation in 2013. If you know what your community wants, what action you’d like them to take and what metrics you’re tracking, then spending time and budget on dynamic content to connect those dots will be more than worth it. I like to think of this as the “stop talking about it and get it done” resolution.

5)   Be More Social, Have More Fun

Don’t let all this talk about metrics/content/audiences/goals consume you so much that you forget a fact that has not changed in the past year: it’s still “social” media. Resolve to interact with people more often. Post a quick “congrats,” “cool!,” “you rock,” and “where did you find that?!?” more often. Promote colleagues, partners and friends; share interesting and useful content from others; and generally talk more about others than yourself or your company. After all, is there a more noble resolution than, “Putting others before yourself?”

Jim Licko is a senior director of social media and digital strategy at GroundFloor Media. He often has a short attention span and likes to make resolutions at all times of the year rather than waiting for New Year’s Day.

Content vs. Connections – The Push and Pull of Social Media

You don’t have to look through your RSS feed for very long to find a variety of blog posts about the staying power of Facebook, or the adoption (or lack thereof) of Google+. I recently ran across this insightful post that discusses how Facebook is inherently more about connections (people you know) and Google+ is more about content (sharing similar interests). While I don’t disagree with the author’s assessment, I would challenge the fact that one social platform is inherently created for one purpose or the other. As communicators and marketers the conversation shouldn’t be content vs. connections, but rather how the two work together.
To use a personal example, I had never heard of the Adventure Journal until they came up in a Twitter search. As an outdoorsy-type, I enjoyed their content and liked them on Facebook so I could receive their content on that platform as well. It had little to do with a personal connection, and everything to do with content.
On the flipside, I’ve discovered more than a handful of individuals and brands on Google+ because of their content, which have also turned into meaningful connections (in-person meetings, business opportunities, etc.).
Social media offers individuals and businesses amazing opportunities to find and be found, to create and consume. Its less about which platforms serve which function and more about how we make connections (customers, friends, brands) through meaningful content (text, data, photos, video). In order to do so you have to first understand your audience; where they can be found and where they will find you, what they want to create and what they want to consume. Then go find them, create the content that allows them to easily find you and build on that relationship or connection by talking with them, not at them.
Let’s stop looking at content and connections as black and white, separate discussions, and start talking about how they can work together to use social media as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Jim Licko is a Senior Director of Social Media and Digital Strategy at GroundFloor Media. As displayed above, he enjoys ranting about the use and misuse of social media.