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Charleston TSA nets simple, genius PR win for much maligned industry

See how TSA's "Great Catch" signs throughout the Charleston airport security lines have improved public impression, traveler interactions & employee morale. See how TSA nets a simple, yet genius PR win for the much maligned industry with "Great Catch" signs throughout the Charleston airport | GroundFloor Media PR Agency | Denver, CO

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has posted “Great Catch” signs across the Charleston International Airport celebrating the efforts of their security agents.

What do you discuss with your TSA agent?

Believe it or not, that’s a question I often ask myself as I approach the gatekeepers of airport security. Is it the weather? Do I venture a joke about the tumultuous sea of humanity I just traversed? Should I preemptively acknowledge the fact that my ID looks like it’s been acid washed (it does)?

Thankfully, that question was answered for me on my latest trip.

“Thank you Officer Mady,” I said to the agent. “Thanks for making sure that doubled-edged knife didn’t make it on my flight.”

You see, someone who works for the Transportation Security Administration within the Charleston International Airport has posted “Great Catch” signs throughout airport security lines — an arena where eyes are prone to wander and likely land on graphic images of weapons.

But instead of simply declaring these items aren’t allowed in your carry-on (duh), beneath the images are stories about how Charleston TSA agents have detected these very items during the course of security screenings.

All of a sudden, Officer Smith and I had something to talk about.
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Weekly Reads – Allow Your Employees to be Your Brand Ambassadors

GroundFloor Media made Outside Magazine's Best Place to Work list for the fifth straight time in 2016.

GroundFloor Media made Outside Magazine’s Best Place to Work list for the fifth straight time in 2016.

It may seem like social media is now completely engrained in our personal and work lives but the reality is the communication method is still very new. Many companies, especially those with large, complex organizations, are still trying to figure out when, how and if their employees should be using social during work. However, some have realized the power of turning employees into megaphones for the brands and are reaping the benefits.


5280: Outside Magazine Really Loves Colorado Businesses

We’re honored and proud that our sister agency, GroundFloor Media, ranked second among a whopping 36 Colorado companies to be named to Outside Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work list. Congrats to all of the great companies who made the list!

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New Insights Into Employee Engagement

OB2015Not long ago, I posted a blog about what I believe really matters when it comes to company culture. One aspect I didn’t really delve into in that post was employee engagement. I recently came across Cone Communications’ 2016 Employee Engagement Study and wanted to share some interesting insights that I think absolutely relate back to creating a strong company culture where employees look forward to coming to work and want to stick around long-term.

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No Stupid Questions

CollabBlogPicThis past week, I have found myself pushed out of my typical comfort zone in terms of my work projects – and thrust into areas that are newer to me/require me to stretch a bit. While uncomfortable at times, it’s also a lot of fun – made more so by the fact that I am lucky enough to work in an office that truly lives by the credo, “there are no stupid questions.” In fact, in my 5+ years of working at GroundFloor Media, I have consistently found that my colleagues are always willing and eager to answer questions, share knowledge, teach, etc.

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Epiphany Half-Life

On the heels of the Ragan Communication 2nd Annual Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit, I am officially facing what CIO Magazine recently dubbed the “Epiphany Half-Life” – the time that passes between an inspiring event and the implementation of new ideas.

You feel it as the opening speaker of a conference psyches you up with new campaigns and best practices – yes, Microsoft spent millions on a Cirque de Soleil marketing spectacle to launch Kinect for Xbox 360, but if they sell
five million units this holiday season, the risk will have paid off as the company’s biggest Xbox product launch – wow!

Microsoft-sized dreams do feel possible, particularly when you’re away from the office and listening to some of the leading minds in marketing and communications.

Every speaker talked about transparency, honesty and consistency as core to effective employee communications. These attributes are now more important than ever before as social media and the 24/7 news cycle are driving new ways of connecting with people and sharing information. Today, no one can hide, so why try?

Sara Tatchio, global integrated communications manager for Ford Motor Company, shared that CEO Alan Mulally asks his executives to invite an employee guest to staff meetings – brilliant! And to think he didn’t even need to invest in new technology to put that idea into action. It’s actually not a coincidence that he was recently recognized with the Fortune Magazine
Businessperson of the Year award; Ford used internal communications channels to rally employees together to vote for him.

But, technology can be helpful, and the conference highlighted a handful of new ways to use familiar tools – such as
Dell’s use of Saleforce’s CRM Force.com – into employee communications campaigns.

My former employer deployed Microsoft’s My Site to more than 5,000 employees nearly three years ago – no small undertaking – and it stalled. The lack of employee buy-in was not the fault of the technology, but rather the way we used it. Beyond the initial launch, we never created any incentive for employees to return to the site.

To think we could have done something as simple as hyper linking to employee My Site pages from feature articles on the company’s Intranet. Doing so would have directed eyeballs from more familiar Intranet pages to My Site, while also encouraging employees to keep their My Site content up to date. My Site could have helped a company sometimes struggling with employee morale to create a greater sense of connectedness and shared understanding of everyone’s contributions and expertise. Again, brilliant – thank you

With all these fresh (and doable) ideas ripe in my mind, it’s time to avoid the distractions of the holidays and year-end deadlines to share them with my peers and more importantly, our clients.

The Epiphany Half-Life challenges that if inspiration isn’t “put into practice by the end of the first half-life that it will fade into wistful daydream.”*

I’m of the mind that with 21 pages of notes from the event and closing keynote David Pogue’s Britney Spears-inspired jingle, “Oops, I apped it again,” seared in my brain, I’ll have a good chance of extending the first half-life beyond New Years and well into 2011.

~ Kimmie Greene

*Source: CIO Magazine, “How to Keep Your Team Fired Up,” Bob Lewis, Nov. 1, 2010.