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Colorado Companies – What We Learned at The Wright

The 2016 Wright finalists on stage with Governor Hickenlooper

The 2016 Wright finalists on stage with Governor Hickenlooper.

Last week marked the fourth straight year that GroundFloor Media/CenterTable has sponsored The Wright – a Shark Tank–esque event focusing on Colorado companies who work in the outdoor/lifestyle industries, and love to give back to their respective communities. Companies are nominated, finalists are required to produce a short video about their business, a panel of judges narrows the list to three finalists at a live event and then questions those companies before selecting the winning contestant.

Some of these companies are big, some are small, some are new and some are more established. The common theme is that they’re all amazing Colorado-based companies who have great entrepreneurial spirit. It’s truly one of my favorite events each year – and one where everyone can learn a thing or two from the contestants. Here are a couple of things we took away from, or were reminded during the 2016 Wright: Read more after the jump…

A Seven-Step Social Media Strategy for Startups

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 3.44.39 PMThis week marks the return of one of GFM’s favorite events: The Wright from Something Independent. The Wright Award Night is a celebration of Colorado-based companies that are finding success at the intersection of lifestyle and commerce. Each company presents a 90-second video, and then finalists answer questions from a panel of business experts – Shark Tank-style – to narrow the field to one winner. Past winners include FlyLow, MHM Backpacks, Voormi, and Eldorado Climbing Walls.

This is the third year GFM has been a sponsor, PR partner and social media content curator for the event, and each year we find ourselves energized at the entrepreneurship of Colorado companies, and the outdoor industry in the state as a whole. Part of our excitement revolves around the potential all of the contenders have to bring their brands to life via social media and digital marketing.

As many entrepreneurs know, there is only so much time left in the day for managing social media. Here is a seven-step process for any startup to follow to develop (and organize!) a social media and digital marketing strategy:

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The Road To Starting A Business: A Bit Of Advice

As I gear up to reengage with the Colorado Entrepreneur’s Organization after a personal hiatus, it hit me how many of us in the Chapter have been at that place of pure terror at the thought of going out on our own. I was thinking about the spirit of entrepreneurship and how every few weeks someone emails or calls and asks if I would spend a few minutes sharing what I think of their idea of leaving Corporate America behind and heading out on their own to start a professional services or creative company.

The last call I took was from the younger sister of a good friend of mine. She is a brilliant, outgoing young woman who will do well in anything she sets out to do. However, she has the same fear that many do when deciding to embark on the path to entrepreneurship. I shared some tips with her and I want to share them with you. This is not brain surgery, but this advice has been worth sharing with others who are about to embark on the same road. Take them with a grain of salt…

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