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The Digital Sales Funnel and Saying “Thank You” – Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2018

Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Social Media Marketing World in San Diego – a two-and-a-half day session-packed conference focused on the most relevant trends and information in the world of social media.

Given that South by Southwest Interactive kicks off later this week (stay tuned for daily updates from our two-person team of Jon and Adrienne), we’re going to combine a longer form discussion from what we learned at Social Media Marketing World with our annual SXSW Denver Download in early April – let us know if you’re interested in attending!

In the meantime, here are my three main takeaways from #SMMW18 – with a quick video from the conference to explain some of the concepts as well.

1) The Algorithms Continue to Change Our Focus

Facebook’s shift away from brand and publisher posts in our news feeds toward one-on-one peer interaction has left a lot of brand managers scratching their heads about staying relevant on the platform. The key – according to Social Media Insider Founder Michael Stelzner – will be unique and tailored content with the goal of prompting individuals to share with their peers. In other words, “being human at scale.” Some additional insights on this topic include:

  • Longer form content will be critical – videos, in particular
  • Facebook’s focus on “Facebook Watch” will also mean a shift toward more episodic content. Think about producing various video series that take viewers on a storytelling journey, and make it as shareable as possible
  • The algorithm change combined with Snapchat competition will likely lead to more Facebook Stories from individuals – so much so that we’ll likely see fewer wall posts and more Stories in the near future (the future is 15 second Story videos)

2) Focus on Being More Strategic with Paid Efforts

Moving forward we’re also going to have to be more strategic with our promoted content and paid campaigns on every platform. Some specific examples from the conference include:

  • Be more selective with where you’re spending your money. Promoting content that is already successful will always be more beneficial than forcing a promotion on content that that isn’t resonating with your audience. Think of it as pushing a ball downhill vs. trying to fit a square peg into a round hole
  • Utilize Facebook Custom Audiences and retargeting features more frequently. We spend a lot of time and resources creating content, and we shouldn’t have a “one and done” mindset with our paid campaigns. If a group of people watched your first video in a series, consider retargeting those same people with a paid campaign for the second video in your series. “Custom Audiences are your bank account,” as one presenter commented
  • Make sure you have a hook, ignite emotion, describe your solution and finish with a specific call-to-action with every piece of promoted content you produce. At the same time keep your content as concise as possible – skip the bumpers/intros/bios in your video content to grab attention as quickly as possible

3) Don’t Stop When the Campaign Ends

We often miss the opportunity to follow up or even say “thank you” with our campaigns. Use those custom and engaged audiences to keep the conversation going after your campaign ends (maybe with your next campaign or content effort). And if you have an audience that made a purchase or took some form of action, don’t forget to say thank you in a creative way, and follow up with specific next steps. Spell it out simply so your customers have a seamless, positive experience and understand clearly what happens next.

SXSW Interactive: 2013 Trends in Austin

DSC_3896The latest statistics highlight the fact that attendance at this week’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference will be up 5-7 percent over last year –  nearly 25,000 tech company and startup reps, marketing professionals, 20-something millionaires, social media experts (Ninjas? Mavens? Warriors?) and creative types will descend on Austin, TX for five days of sessions, product launches, parties, discussions and extended happy hours.

GFM is headed back for a third straight year, and you’ll see quite a bit of content on the GFM blog and our social media platforms from me and my colleague Jon Woods in the coming days. We’re planning a similar content approach as Alexis and I took last year to keep those of you who can’t make it to Austin up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the digital world.

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2013 Planning: 5 Tips to Activate Conference Event Sponsorships

Earlier this year, the New York Times quoted Mike Federle, chief operating officer of Forbes Media, in an article about the growth and value of conference events, “As the world is more connected digitally, it only seems to accentuate the need for personal interaction, so conferences are enjoying a real surge.”

To capitalize on this trend, sponsorships for executive conferences often begin at $50,000 and skyrocket as high as eight-figures for events with mainstream consumer exposure, leaving many organizations to question how best to plan and activate their event sponsorships to deliver value for the business.

GroundFloor Media regularly works with clients to address these questions and create activation plans that set clients apart – not only from the competition, but also from fellow sponsors. A few key considerations guide our work to identify which events deliver the best fit and value to achieve our clients’ business goals.

Question #1 – Purpose: What is the primary purpose of the event sponsorship? Brand visibility? Networking and sales? New product launch, demos or sampling?

Take time at the outset to identify why a given event or series of events is being considered. Doing so, will not only help to negotiate the right sponsorship package and price, but also ensure that you have buy-in early in the process from the appropriate internal stakeholders, who will likely influence how to activate the event sponsorship later on.

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