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Energy Management Cont’d: Making New Habits Stick

Back in March, I wrote about my attempts to become better at managing my energy (vs. focusing simply on managing my time). My results have been mixed, at best, largely because I find that it’s hard to a) break old habits and b) make new habits stick. Our agency recently participated in an Organization and Efficiency Workshop, facilitated by GG Johnston, and she turned us on to an interesting quiz by Gretchen Rubin that looks at how individuals respond to expectations. Called The Four Tendencies, the theory is that how you respond to expectations directly impacts how you form new habits – thus the connection to my energy management project.

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Thoughts from CenterTable’s 6th SXSWi Denver Download


Capitalizing on in-person opportunities as well as digital opportunities brings us Back to the Future.

Last week we hosted our sixth South by Southwest Interactive “Denver Download” – a chance for our clients and partners who attended the SXSWi conference in March to share the knowledge they gained with other clients, partners and colleagues back here in Denver. This year’s panel consisted of Comcast’s Cindy Parsons (who hosted one of the festival’s on-site social media lounges), Sukle’s Dan Schultz, Children Hospital Colorado’s Elizabeth Whitehead and yours truly. Below is a recap of common themes that were discussed during the event – all relevant concepts to look to as evolving trends in digital marketing in 2017.

Knowing your audience (and segmenting your messaging and marketing plan accordingly) is more important than ever.

Gone are the days of distributing one message to as many people as possible through digital channels. With so many social media and digital marketing platforms, combined with the fact that it’s not “solely Millennials” using Instagram or “only older people” using Facebook, it’s more important than ever to create specific audience personas and speak directly to each one of them with tailored content and messaging. Read more after the jump…

(Trying to) Manage Energy vs. Time

GroundFloor Media (GFM) is truly incredible when it comes to encouraging employees to find a work/life blend. They absolutely walk the talk of allowing team members to work whenever and wherever – as long as they get their work done. That being said, as a working mom, I still find that “the juggle” is very real and, at times, overwhelming. I start strong at the beginning of every week, but am typically exhausted and dragging myself across the finish line by Friday. So, I recently embarked on a personal journey to try to find a way to remedy that – so that I can be better at both of my jobs (PR and mom).

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First Things First

blogpic_firstthingsfirstThanksgiving has come and gone (hard to believe!), but I still feel compelled to dedicate this blog post to it as it happens to be my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, however, it tends to get short-shrifted every year as people tend to jump right from Halloween to Christmas. No sooner does Halloween end, then stores start putting out their holiday decorations (if they haven’t already done so), we are inundated with holiday catalogs, and radio stations start playing holiday music. To which I say – FIRST THINGS FIRST! Thanksgiving comes before the December holidays, and we should absolutely honor that. Goodness knows we should never overlook an opportunity to slow down and be thankful.
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Meet Our Sister Agency – CenterTable

CenterTable LogoFor years, we’ve been talking about how our industry is constantly evolving and how the lines are blurring between marketing, PR and advertising. During that time, we’ve experienced a rapid transformation at GFM with the evolution of digital communications. In fact, we’ve been working in this digital space for more than a decade – before Facebook was even available to the general public.

And that’s why we’re excited to share the news that GFM launched our sister agency – CenterTable. Our clients consistently express the need to engage with their audiences in authentic and meaningful ways. With our sister agencies, we will continue to do so through an integrated and impactful approach.

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Company Culture – What it Really Boils Down To…

digidenCulture is a really, really big deal at GroundFloor Media (GFM). It’s something we talk about regularly, and it’s something both our president and founder present on quite frequently. As the team member who prepares and submits award entries for GFM, I end up writing about our culture a lot. And by virtue of working for a marketing communications agency, I get a glimpse into a whole variety of company cultures as we meet and work with all of our clients. And with all of this talking, writing and observing, I’ve come to believe that a healthy and vibrant company culture – one that results in a business that employees and clients/customers are excited about – really boils down to four main things.

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New employee onboarding: The good, the bad and the ugly

Now over two weeks into a new year, a new job and a new profession, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of “new.”

Often times “new” is seen as a good thing. In many cases it comes after a conscious choice to move one’s life in a positive direction. It comes with some measure of excitement. It puts the bow on the axiom “shiny and new.”

But “new” is much more nuanced than that. In some cases it’s born out of necessity. It comes with some amount of anxiety. It’s the inspiration for the holy grail of insider Internet insults — “You’re such a n00b!” (here’s a little context on the cut-down for all you non-gamers out there).

This duality, in part, is what make both sides of the already challenging process of onboarding that much more volatile for new employees and managers, alike. Having gone through that process 10 times in the span of about 15 years, I’m left with a few thoughts: 1) I’ve definitely experienced employee onboarding done right and wrong, 2) I’m very thankful to have joined a company in GroundFloor Media that puts such a high priority on employee retention and 3) if employee retention is a house, good onboarding — the sort GFM practices — is a crucial part of the foundation.

All of that said, here are a few tips about how to achieve onboarding balance for those on both sides of the process from a guy who has been on both sides — a lot.

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New Year’s Intention: Be Present

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I used to make them, and like most people, I never kept them longer than a couple of weeks, so I stopped making them years ago. However, this year, I kept hearing people talk about setting a New Year’s intention instead. I liked the idea and came up with one I wanted to set instantly – and that is to really focus on being present. Being present at work, at home with my family, while working out or even while running errands… wherever I may be, really being there and being in the moment instead of thinking about my to-do list, the next place I need to be, the next thing I need to do, etc. I’ve been thinking of ways to apply this intention at work, and I’ve come up with a list of four specific things I can do to be more present during the workday:

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2015 Facebook Favorites

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.13.39 AMWhile many of us have some well-deserved down time over the holidays it’s a great chance to get caught up on some reading – and possibly discovering some new content sources for the New Year. We polled our GFM team, asking them to share their favorite social media accounts with our readers over the holidays, and we’ll be sharing them platform-by-platform in the coming days.

To be somewhat unbiased, we’re not including our client’s social accounts (because they’re all fantastic, of course), and we’ve left off some of the more obvious choices that many people already follow (Mashable, local news sources, etc.). But we hope these recommendations bring some new and useful content to your holiday season and New Year! Read more after the jump…