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Click Bait and Misleading Headlines

Click Bait and Misleading HeadlinesWe’ve written about media click-baiting in this space before. Recently one media outlet came out with a defense of the digital trickery, although they wouldn’t go as far as to call it what it really is – click bait.

Can I write this without sounding creepy? News organizations (many of them, anyway) track what you read and what you don’t.

“It’s changing how we do journalism,” said Sacramento Bee opinion editor Joyce Terhaar. “So what works – and what doesn’t? Provocative headlines.”

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The Irony of It All: Does USA Today Take the Cake?

As I was reading my complimentary hotel copy of USA Today on my return flight from Austin to Denver, I was struck by several stories that made we wonder about story choices by the nation’s largest circulation newspaper.

First, on the front page at the top of the paper, was an article about how Miami County, Ohio has seen one of the highest increases in poverty in the U.S. in the past four years, with 16 percent of it residents living below the poverty line. Second, right below that story was an article on the $450 Starbucks gift card. In case you haven’t heard about it, the card is made of steel and is loaded with $400. The price difference is because it costs $50 to make each one of the 5,000 gift cards that will surely sell out. The card will buy you 57 of the $7.00 limited brew coffees that Starbucks recently rolled out.

While the front page of the paper made me stop and think – especially during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season as many people are rushing around buying gifts, while others, like those mentioned in the Miami County, Ohio story, are just trying to survive – nothing prepared me for story and photo on the next page.

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