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Micro-Influencers and New Twitter Analytics


Finding the right mix of prominent influencers and influencers you can afford is a marketing tightrope. Anyone who has an ongoing influencer relations effort in place is all-too-familiar with that balance, and this past week we’ve come across two great articles that discuss the advent of the “Micro-Influencer.” Twitter is also testing two new analytics features we’re excited to see come to fruition. And: Are you listening? Podcasts are coming back in a big way.


SmartBrief: How to Work with (or Become) a Micro-Influencer
It’s not necessarily a brand new idea, but the concept of “micro-influencers” – those who aren’t full-fledged influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers and require five-digit product mentions – is something that nearly every brand should consider. These individuals with followers ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 tend to be more authentic, more uniquely engaging, and drive interest in a real-world manner. Read more after the jump…

Using technology to keep up… with technology

The digital world is changing faster than a cheetah on Red Bull and it can feel impossible to keep up. However, careful planning and an understanding of what is driving your audience, whether it’s sources they trust, amazing photos and experiences or a particular need, can still help marketers connect people to products and brands. Even better, in the not too distant future, technology will help solve the challenges it creates. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help you reach the right people with the right product at the right time.

Case Studies

USA Today: People Freaking Out Over Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino
Starbucks hopped on the Unicorn food train with a colorful Unicorn frappuccino this week. It had the internet and the brave taste testers in our office buzzing, but the “buzz” may have been from the sugar coated sugar. Either way, they’ve seen plenty of social media conversation from the extremely limited run product. Lessons learned? There is no amount of sugar Americans won’t try. Don’t forget to think about the picture people will take when you’re coming up with ideas. If nothing else the neon Unicorn drink makes great Instagram fodder.

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Weekly Reads – Smile, You’re On Camera!

selfie photo

Given their rise toward the top of the list of most popular social media platforms, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a lot to talk about when it comes to Instagram and Snapchat this week. Squeezing into the picture, too, is our old friend Facebook, which recently started testing Snapchat-style camera effects.

Before you take in the latest news and trends, however, we invite you to pop in on two interesting case studies. The first outlines how Martha Stewart is cooking up continued success on Facebook Live. Another tried-and-true brand, Jeep, handed customers the keys to its brand in celebration of its 75th anniversary and it’s been a great ride. Now grab a snack and buckle in as you dive into this week’s reads to gather inspiration to implement your own future case study!


TechCrunch: Facebook Tests Snapchat-Style Camera Special Effects With Ephemeral Sharing

While not available globally quite yet, we’re excited to see Facebook’s Snapchat-like features that it just began testing in Ireland. New-to-Facebook features will feel similar to those available on Snapchat, including animated selfie-masks and geofilters, along with some unique “reactive” filters that respond to the user’s movements. It’s unlikely these changes will override Snapchat, but instead give Facebook loyalists a reason to stay on one platform.

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Will the Social Media Influencer Bubble Ever Burst?

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-9-24-22-amIt may come as no surprise that many of today’s top advertising influencers are young, hip and taking Madison Avenue by storm – and making lots of money in the process.

60 Minutes recently covered the story, which may have left its generally older, conservative demographic shaking their heads. In case you missed the segment, it featured several 20 somethings who are commanding big dollars to represent brands, and advertisers are lining up to tap into their huge followings on social networks and the back-end data that proves their reach.

@LoganPaul is one of the biggest stars and he’s just 21 years old. This millionaire’s videos have attracted more than 30 million followers on his social media platforms. He was even featured on the cover of Ad Week. His Dunkin Donuts ad had an online reach of 7 million, similar to what a prime time TV spot would reach, and they paid him just $200K for one-day’s work.

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Weekly Reads – Go, Go Digital Gadgets!

Red Bull Shout/Out, speed reading, GIF

Behold Red Bull’s new Shout/Out GIF maker, which utilizes new speed reading technology.

Some weeks, we end up reading a lot about how to create compelling content. This week, we’ve been reading a lot about the gadgets one can use to disseminate that content. From emerging live video platforms to new tools to creative ways to use existing tools, this week’s edition of Weekly Reads is all about the digital toys. Here’s to hoping it helps you nerd-out as thoroughly as we did!

Blink and you’ll miss it

Marcomm News: Red Bull helping fans ‘reclaim’ social media feeds using speed reading GIFs

With the help of its digital agency, Red Bull has created a new social media tool that will allow fans to bypass character limits on Twitter during live events. How? By going directly to RedBull.com during one of its sponsored live events and typing a customized social post into the new Shout/out tool. Those words are then transformed into an animated speed reading GIF, where each word appears in rapid sequential order. Users also have the option to customize the GIF with imagery before sharing.

Meanwhile, in Russia…

Mashable: Live video could be headed for Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have been known to test new features in other countries before rolling them out in the U.S., which is why it’s worth noting that a Russian publisher was able to push out a live video on Instagram last week. More than anything, this underscores the need to start thinking about how to leverage live video – the same sort we offer through our video partners at Fourth Wall Productions, who have created seamless live video productions for Adventure Fest, Rocky Mountain CitySummit and Denver Street Talk.

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Journalists Are Dubious of PR Practitioners According to Recent Study

As public relations professionals, we often find ourselves walking a fine line with journalists, bloggers and other influencers when it comes to how much information we can and should divulge about our clients. With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a shock that journalists sense this reluctance to share. What is surprising is that according to a recent study, a full 90 percent of journalists say they have been misled by PR practitioners, and 25 percent say that it happens often.

The study provides other insights into how reporters get their leads for stories, how they use social media, and how they use digital media supplied by PR professionals.

Recently, GroundFloor Media hosted a media panel that included top Denver reporters who shared their insights about how they interact with public relations professionals, mistakes they think we make, and how they like to find their stories.

What are you doing as a PR practitioner to build and sustain your relationships with reporters so that you’re positioned as a trusted resource?

Are You an Influencer? Am I an Influencer?

I read about the term “influencer” daily. I probably use the term at least once a day myself. But who is an influencer in 2011 and what does it mean for our traditional and non-traditional PR practice here at GroundFloor Media?

If I knew the exact answer, I bet I’d be rich. Or maybe at least I’d have a book deal.

I personally believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all influencer. The person who can move the needle for a national food chain is completely different from the person who can positively impact the way people perceive and talk about a professional services company. The food industry influencer could be a nutritionist, turned blogger, turned author, turned national morning show correspondent. The professional services influencer could be a former analyst who is now on the speaking and networking circuit for his or her industry. And for me, putting the pieces of this influencer puzzle together for our clients is half the fun of influencer relations.

Not everyone with a blog or a Twitter account should automatically be given the powerful title of an influencer. I’m not arguing that at all. There seems to be a new tool every day to help us measure the reach of such influencers – Klout, Radian 6, Sysomos, GroupHigh, and so on. It takes tools like these, and a healthy dose of research combined with a bit of common sense and a little luck, to find the one trait that all influencers should have – a loyal following of people who inherently trust this person and look to them for honesty above all else.

Take Hungry-Girl for example. Lisa Lillien has built an incredible brand and name for herself among women who want to make healthier choices without sacrificing a lot of time, money or energy in their quest to lose weight and get fit. I met Lisa in a professional setting years ago—she had a website, a newsletter and big aspirations. Fast forward a few years and she has multiple books, national tours, countless national TV segments under her belt, and an intensely loyal following that yields incredible results for the brands she gets behind. Was she an influencer when we first met? A lot of people might have argued no. Are they kicking themselves today? You bet.

There is no simple formula (that I know of) for how to approach influencer relations. But that shouldn’t stop you from going after it and making it work for your brand or service. Yesterday’s New York Times food critic is today’s Lisa Lillien. Don’t miss the opportunity to build these relationships before they pass you by!