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My How the Job Search Scene Has Changed

I remember looking for jobs in college. I walked down the street to the Career Center on campus, pulled out a giant binder full of job postings and thumbed through them until something caught my eye. I updated my cover letter and resume from the computer lab, printed off *hard* copies of them and then either dropped them in the mail or hand-delivered them to the hiring manager.

Job Searching in the Digital Era

Since then, things have certainly changed – a lot. Entire websites dedicated exclusively to networking and job seeking, like LinkedIn, and a plethora of other job posting sites have erupted along the way. And then feeds became available that would automatically email you a notification when a job that meets your criteria pops up. Read more after the jump…

Tips for Getting Hired in PR/Marketing Communications

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 10.03.46 PMSpring is a time when college students are looking for summer internships or new college graduates are looking for jobs. I am continually amazed at the number of inquiries and unsolicited resumes our company receives, especially from those who blast their resume and don’t take the time to do their homework on the front end. After recently conducting an informational interview with an eager, young professional who is working in education and wants to transition in PR/marketing, I thought back to all the advice that has been shared with me. In addition, having been one of those job seekers at one time and having conducted dozens of informational interviews over the years, following are some tips I have learned a long the way.

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