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The NFL’s Social Media Policy Won’t Fix Their Ratings Problem

The NFL recently decided to ban teams from posting gifs and videos from games on their social media accounts. Under the new policy, a team can’t post footage before or during games and may only retweet or share media that has already been posted on social by the NFL. This new move has prompted some teams to poke fun at the league by using creative workarounds to distribute game news to their fans and followers. It’s also made some people wonder if the NFL instituted the move to help increase viewership after a downward trend. The NFL seems to think that by restricting access to video on social, TV viewership will increase and all their problems will be solved. What the NFL doesn’t grasp is that restricting access to video on social media is counterintuitive to growing the NFL as a global game.

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Denver Business Journal Quotes GFM Crisis Expert on NFL Image

NFL_LogoThe National Football League — now under one of the harshest spotlights it’s endured since its inception in 1920 — is at a crossroads where it can either repair its tarnished reputation, or suffer further brand decay, say marketing and sports business experts including GroundFloor Media’s Gil Rudawsky.

Rudawsky says the NFL’s issues are particularly problematic since they are trying to grow its female audience, said Rudawsky, a vice president at GFM.

“They need to revisit their rules and policies for offenders,” Rudawsky said. “They need to make sincere and genuine rule changes and make it clear these things can’t happen. They’re trying to grow their market share for women, and they need to get this right or they’re going to miss out on a huge opportunity.”

If there’s a silver lining, it’s that this spotlight could help prevent domestic violence and child abuse going forward.

“The NFL and its players are role models. They can use this as a teachable moment, where all other sports and businesses can make some real inroads to stop domestic violence,” Rudawsky said.

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The Washington Redskins Name Debate Tackled at Halftime

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 11.23.36 AMThe Washington Redskins name has been gaining media attention this entire NFL season, but Sunday night’s halftime soap box speech by Bob Costas took the issue to a whole new level. No matter what your personal feelings are on the name, viewers may have been taken aback by this journalist/sportscaster using Sunday night halftime as his platform for sharing his opinion on the topic.

The topic itself is extremely divisive, but that aside, we ask are sports commentators not journalists? Did Costas have a right to use that airtime to share his views? When I posed that question to one of my colleagues who is a former newspaper reporter, he said that sportscasters are different from traditional journalists in that they’re paid for their opinions and their own “slant” on sports, in this case football. If that’s true, Costas wasn’t sharing his knowledge of football; instead he was expressing his First Amendment right to free speech, albeit in front of nearly 20 million viewers. Given that it was halftime, that number was probably much lower.

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