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It’s All About Instagram


When we say “Instagram” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Pretty pictures of far-off destinations? Mouth-watering food photos? Sweet shots of your favorite kiddos? This week we’re expanding our horizons by peeking into Instagram feeds that feature shrunken heads and goats – yep, goats. And surprisingly, both are basking in followers and engagement. Wondering how? Join us on a little Instagram journey…

CBS News: TSA Gains Popular Following on Instagram

Believe it or not, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) – yep, the folks running security at the airport – hold the No. 4 spot (ahead of Beyoncé!) on Rolling Stone’s “must follow” list. From frightening, confiscated items to tips on traveling by plane with live lobster, this article explores why there’s something for everyone on this unexpectedly awesome channel. Read more after the jump…

Weekly Reads – Snapchat and Instagram Continue to Battle for Advertisers


The competition between Snapchat and Instagram has been heated since Instagram unveiled its Stories feature in 2016. Since then, the two have been fighting to gain control of not only users, but money generated from advertising. Currently, Snapchat and Instagram Stories both reach about 150 million people a day. With a similar audience size, Snapchat and Instagram have to differentiate themselves to advertisers through their ad capabilities, something that both companies are constantly working to address.

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A Week in the Life: Alexis Anderson’s Week in Photos

Alexis Anderson is a senior director of communications and digital startegy at GroundFloor Media. She and her husband took a recent trip to D.C. and took in all of the sites the District has to offer. You can also read about her impression of the Newseum.

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A Week in the Life: Jim Licko’s Week in Photos

Jim Licko is a senior director of social media & digital strategy at GFM. Born in Iowa, Jim is now a proud Coloradan, loves photography, is a self-proclaimed beer aficionado and is passionate about the outdoors.

First time in Idaho, fly fishing the Big Wood River.

Piper: A pretty good roommate to come home to.

From Idaho straight to Cheley Colorado Camps. This is a friend’s son Charlie showing off his marksmanship.

Stopped to see our Oskar Blues client on the way up to Cheley Camp…and they were brewing their seasonal Ten FIDY. Hello, ski season!

View from my morning walk with Piper, and the benefactor of most of my paycheck.

Started a Wilderness Trekking Class this week, via that Colorado Mountain Club.