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You want video? We’ve got video.


With the addition of our CenterTable Studios video production and motion graphics team you might accuse us of having video on the brain. It’s no coincidence that we’re beefing up our video capabilities while almost all the new features being rolled out this week in social media land are video-related. Projections from people who know say demand for video on digital and social platforms will continue to grow. In fact, a 2016 report says 43 percent of people surveyed wanted to see more video content from marketers.


think with Google: What Brands Can Learn From Educational Content on YouTube
If you pitted grumpy cat vs. Mr. Rogers in a YouTube watch time battle, Mr. Rogers would take the prize. According to Google, education and learning videos earn 4X the watch time of animal videos. For brands, that means creating educational and entertaining content can help engage your customers. Another point of engagement, making an effort to put diverse faces on camera. Read more after the jump…

Lenses are the New Cool Kid on the Block


Both Snapchat and Pinterest announced new “lenses” in the past week, aimed at improving user experience and engagement. First reactions – both concepts are very impressive. We also highlight the flip side of the coin with brands – how much is too much with creative campaigns, to the point that it turns off audiences? To be sure, we’re walking a fine line in marketing and communications.

Digital Advertising:

Wall Street Journal: The Danger of Assertive Advertising
A new study tells us that consumers are turned off when being told what to do. In fact, one aspect of the study resulted in consumers spending only half as much as a result of more assertive ads. Much like our audience-first approach at CenterTable, it’s a case in point that knowing your audience (how they behave, what they expect and what they want) is always the first strategic step in any marketing communications campaign. Read more after the jump…

Big or Small Some Digital Strategies Can Work For All


Just because you’re not an Olympic weight lifter, doesn’t mean you can’t still pick up a five pound weight a few times and benefit from it. Similarly, brands who aren’t necessarily multinational behemoths can still learn lessons from those who are. That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on what works and what doesn’t – RIP Yik Yak – in the digital space.

Case Studies

The Guardian: That Heineken ad: brewer tackles how to talk to your political opposite
A Heineken UK ad has been getting a lot of attention for the way it brought people of differing social and political opinions together over a beer. This is part of a broader trend that’s likely to stay for a while – brands connecting with customers over deeper topics. Your budget might not equal Heineken’s but you can still use the basic content strategy of making your audience feel something by telling compelling stories.

Read more after the jump…

From Beta to Bots, Teens to Tricks – What’s Happening in Social Media This Week


It’s hard to believe, but we’re only weeks away from the end of the first quarter of 2017! Now that we’re well on our way into the “New Year”, how are your social media plans going? Have you tried something new? If so, how are you measuring for success? We might be early in the year, but if you’re hoping to track trends now is the time to capture metrics from January and February before the details slip away from you. And if you need help, your friends at CenterTable are at the ready! In the meantime, we’ve pulled together some highlights in social media news this week. Read more after the jump…

New Year, New Look for some Social Media Platforms



Only a few weeks into the New Year and we’re already seeing new design and features from Snapchat and LinkedIn. It’s been five years since LinkedIn’s desktop interface had a makeover, and we’re thrilled to see the focus on the user interface in this version. While Pinterest and Instagram aren’t making themselves over, they are looking to help your brand look its best and we’ve got a few articles to help you make the most of what they’ve got to offer. Read more after the jump…

2015 GFM Favorite Pinterest Accounts

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 4.04.08 PM(Post #4 in a series of four. To see the set up for these “GFM Favorites” post, click here.)

Most GFMers agreed that Pinterest is more heavily used for discovering specific content rather than keeping tabs on specific accounts or people, but there are a few accounts that are “must follow” according to the GFM team (again, this is definitely not a complete list). We’re continuing to take an unbiased approach and leaving GFM clients out of the discussion (click here to see a list of our clients), and passing up some obvious choices mainstream magazines. Some of our Pinterest favorites are below! Read more after the jump…

Pinterest Launches Business Accounts

On Wednesday Pinterest announced (finally!) the availability of business accounts. As we all know, thousands of businesses and brands are already on the platform – and all now have the option to convert to the new account. Pinterest is reporting that businesses will have several more tools for driving brand awareness via the business-focused Pinterest page, so according to them there is no reason to delay the switch.

All Things D has a helpful summary of the announcement and GroundFloor Media is testing the account switchover option as you read this. In the meantime, how will this affect what your company is doing on Pinterest? Do you think this is an important step forward in the platform’s maturity or the gateway to a sponsored takeover of this visual playground?


Local Companies Explore the Power of Pinterest

If you’re talking to someone about social media these days, the topic of Pinterest is bound to come up. Knowing this growing platform is a hot topic, GroundFloor Media’s Carissa McCabe recently moderated a panel for the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) on the The Power of Pinterest. Panel participants, representing very different businesses, included: Colorado Public TV, Crocs, FastFrame of LoDo, and blogger Melissa Taylor of Imagination Soup.

Some key takeaways from the event that might surprise you:

  • Pinterest, barely two years old, has more than 12million users.
  • It’s the fastest-growing social network, and is the no. 3 social network in the U.S.behind Facebook and Twitter.
  • All of the panelists noted how Pinterest is a successful SEO driver to their websites, usually second to Google and direct (unaided outreach).
  • Brands that are doing it right? Nordstrom, Whole Foods, West Elm
  • Best time to pin? Consider your audience: Who are you trying to reach and when are they most likely online? If it’s working moms, then evenings or weekends might be best. The key is to carve out 15 – 20 minutes each day, if possible, so that you’re updating your boards and pinning regularly.
  • Categorize your boards and descriptions. For captions, use a hashtag to make your content searchable and align your website content with your Pinterest content.
  • To increase engagement with your target audiences on Pinterest, make your own content pinnable and add the “Pin It” tool to your website. Also, to drive more people to your Pinterest page, you’ll need to be an active “pinner”, follow others and social your Pinterest page across your other social media platforms.
  • Pinerly is a free, online tool that you can use to begin to measure your reach on Pinterest
  • If you’re not already on Pinterest, don’t be intimidated. It’s easy to use and simple to get started. You’ll be amazed at what’s out there to view, share, like and re-pin.

And to see how the panelists are using Pinterest to grow their own brands and extend the reach to new audiences, visit:

Colorado Public TV: http://pinterest.com/cpt12/

Crocs: http://pinterest.com/crocs/

FastFrame of LoDo: http://pinterest.com/FastFrameLoDo/

GroundFloor Media: http://pinterest.com/groundfloorpr/

~ Barb


What We’re Reading – Week of April 30, 2012

Jen van der Meer: The Cost of Being Human (presentation)
We’ve been back from SXSW for nearly two months, but this presentation by Jen van der Meer, a former Wall St. executive turned analytics guru, has us continuing to applaud. Statistics, logic, reason, pictures of kittens…all to explain how we should be shifting our approach to social media metrics.
Mashable: How automating social media marketing could hurt Facebook
Tools to help us automate the process of posting content to social media platforms are becoming more prevalent. At what point do they take the “social” out of social media and start hurting platforms like Facebook?
Open Forum: Businesses that are driving profits with FourSquare
We hear a lot about how location-based networks “don’t matter,” but don’t tell that to these four businesses. FourSquare, a SmartPhone app that allows customers to check in at locations worldwide, and similar platforms have the potential to drive business for certain brands – if you’re using them correctly.
Cision Blog: Tips to help drive traffic to your site
Pinterest, a virtual pinboard, only has 7% of the membership that Twitter has, yet it drives nearly as much referral traffic. Cision, a tool used by GFM to monitor media and connect with reporters, explains a few simple steps you can take to drive even more traffic to your site from Pinterest.
Social Media Issues Management
Open Forum: How to handle a Yelp attack
Most people know that you need to respond to negative reviews, but how can you minimize the damage with a well-written response? While this article is specific to the popular online review site Yelp, the principles apply across platforms.

~ GFM’s Social Media team

Navigating the Pinterest Craze

“I’m obsessed.”

“It’s your fault. I just can’t stop!”

“It is so addicting.”

For the last few weeks I have been receiving text messages, emails and Skype messages with these complaints from friends, family and coworkers. Why? Because I have been encouraging anyone and everyone I know that likes social media and blogging to get on board with Pinterest.

“Pinning” could be the next it verb to coincide with “tweeting,” seeing as how Pinterest is now on the list of the ten most visited social networks according to Mashable—and it is still an invitation only network.

If you have chosen to ignore the Pinterest craze, an easy way to think about the concept is that it’s the modern day equivalent of tearing out photos from magazines and newspapers and saving them all in a “someday” box under your bed. Members of the network can either chose to “repin” or “like” images from the Pinterest site, or a button on your browser that allows you to pin any image, from any website, across the entire Worldwide Web. Images that you pin are then organized by you onto virtual inspiration boards.

For example, if you love to bake then you can pin photos of cakes, cupcakes and muffins and save them all to a baking themed board. At any time you can go back to your boards to remind yourself of décor ideas, recipes, travel destinations, crafts (the list is endless) that caught your eye and pursue your passions accordingly.

I could go on and on about why Pinterest has become a personal obsession, but what I find even more exciting are the opportunities for early adopters to carve out a niche space for brands. Mashable recently published a great piece with five distinct ideas for how brands can think about leveraging Pinterest and are right to point out that smaller brands who have a hard time cutting through the clutter on Facebook might just have the chance to be a little more visible to their fans on Pinterest.

Why and How Nonprofits Should Use Pinterest and How 11 Brands are Reaching Customers on Pinterest are two other smart reads for helping marketers decide if the platform is a fit for 2012 social media strategies.

If you are considering Pinterest but still need a nudge to get started, here are a few ideas to make it work for a brand:

  • You have at least one Pinterest obsessed employee who would be eager to be the Pinterest ambassador for the brand.
  • Your brand story lends itself to being told through pictures, or your product inspires people to aspire. For example, Whole Foods pins photos of dream kitchens in which they’d love to cook healthy, wholesome meals while West Elm pins photos of patterns such as chevrons and stripes that inspire their designers to create the items you can buy in their stores.
  • You are looking for new ways to host contests, promote products and give customers a more intimate look into the culture of your organization. In December 2011, Land’s End was among the first to successfully host a national, public contest on the platform–all based on having customers pin pictures of their favorite Land’s End products for the chance to win gift cards.
  • You are willing to tip your hat to what inspires you or your business to succeed by pinning images and pages generated by others, not just your brand or close associates.
  • Social media giants like Facebook are not moving the needle as much as you would like, and you have the capacity to try new platforms that reach your target audiences. 
  • If you can think outside your own brand box and show people how your brand might influence other areas of their life, Pinterest might be for you. For example, if you own a cupcake shop, pin photos from blogs about planning great parties, or if you sell cars, pin photos of amazing road trip destinations that could be made possible by traveling in one of your vehicles

For more inspiration from brands that are doing a great job on Pinterest, read this article from Mashable which highlights recognizable names like Martha Stewart, Today (as in the show) and the Travel Channel.

Happy pinning!

~Alexis Anderson