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Digital advertising playbook for nonprofit holiday giving campaigns

Giving Campaigns

It’s that time of year again: That time when nonprofits start to think about capitalizing on the charitable mood that tends to spike around the holiday season.

But here’s the problem: Just about every nonprofit across the country is having this same inclination. Take Colorado, for instance: We have Colorado Gives Day every year in early December, which is a 24-hour period in which Coloradans are encouraged to give to their favorite registered nonprofit. The nonprofits who raise the most then receive an extra funding boost from an incentive fund created for that day.

But with all that competition, there’s plenty of noise, especially in the digital space. So how do you help your campaign stand out?

That’s a question many clients have posed to us — so much so that we’ve developed a bit of a playbook; one that has shown to be particularly helpful for smaller nonprofits looking to fully dive in to the holiday giving season for the first time.
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Reputation Management Programs Temper Public Missteps

Groupon LogoCEO gaffes never cease to amaze and the past several years have been rife with prime examples. Whether it’s former BP CEO Tony Hayward’s insistence on sailing yachts in the days and weeks after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill or Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s references to Obamacare as fascism or Chick-fil-A President Don Cathy’s anti-gay remarks, top business executives keep us guessing.

As further evidence, earlier this month former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason had us scratching our heads when he compared his leadership successes and foibles to completing levels of the 1980s Nintendo game, Battletoads.


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