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Owner of Popular Denver Restaurant Regularly Puts Online Critics on Blast

Onefold Denver restaurant owner Mark Nery is a regular critic of his online critics (Photo: Instagram)

Onefold Denver restaurant owner, Mark Nery, is a regular critic of his online critics (Photo: Instagram)

Consider your audience’s response.

That’s a cardinal rule for consumer brands when developing digital content. But does the same now go for consumers aiming to critique these brands online?

In an age in which critics have become brands unto themselves, that notion is certainly an interesting one. And one of my favorite Denver restaurants provides a captivating case study.

If you’re a brunch junkie, you’ve done yourself a disservice if you haven’t been to Onefold in Denver, a quaint spot that artfully weaves comfort foods of the Asian, French and Mexican persuasions. That is to say, there’s always a line out the door and it’s highly likely you’ll be dining amidst a sea of chambray and skinny jeans.

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Amy’s Baking Company: Social Media Lessons Beyond the Obvious

There are social media crises, and then there are “what on Earth are they thinking” scenarios. What we’ve seen play out with Amy’s Baking Company is clearly the latter. If you’re unfamiliar, one of the latest (and almost unfathomable) social media flubs played out this way:

  • The Scottsdale, Ariz.-based bakery appeared on the reality show “Kitchen Nightmares” (good start, right?)
  • The husband/wife ownership team was so difficult to deal with that Kitchen Nightmares decided to quit working with Amy’s Bakery
  • Social media comments began flooding in on the bakery’s Facebook page, and worse, Reddit (otherwise known as “the Internet’s Front Page”)
  • The owners of Amy’s Bakery began responding to all of the negative posts, mostly in all-caps, and often with foul language (i.e., “I AM NOT STUPID ALL OF YOU ARE. YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW GOOD FOOD”) Read more after the jump…