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Baby Boomers and the Buzz on Brackets


We collectively sprang forward in the early morning hours of Sunday and digital platforms are bouncing into action as well. If you could use some inspiration to end your work week, today’s Weekly Reads dishes on how to protect your mental health from your seemingly endless Instagram feed. Also on deck: targeting baby boomers and our admiration for Facebook and Twitter as they take on the giant task of curating Major League Baseball and March Madness, respectively.


U.S. News & World Report: More Live Sports Are Coming To Facebook
Swing, batter batter! The ink is drying on a deal between Major League Baseball and Facebook. Facebook will exclusively stream 25 weekday afternoon baseball games this season. Bloomberg theories that the deal cost the social platform around $30M. The partnership is the first of its kind between Facebook and a major professional sports league. Read more after the jump…

Facebook Algorithm Changes and a SXSW Preview


It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year: South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) week! We’re very excited to be sending Jon Woods and Adrienne Schafer down to Austin to check out and report back on the latest and greatest in digital marketing from the festival. Be sure to check in with our blog Friday March 9 through Tuesday March 13 for a daily update from Austin, and follow along with @WoodrowWilson and the aptly handle’d @recap for real-time recaps of the various sessions and experiences they collect at SXSWi over the next five days. In the meantime, it seems everyone is wondering about Facebook’s algorithm changes, and many of us have questions about navigating the influencer relations space. Below are a couple of great articles to hopefully tide you over.


DigiDay: Media Buyers Aren’t Seeing Ad Prices Change After Facebook News Feed Changes

Some pretty ground-shifting changes were expected from Facebook’s recent algorithm/news feed updates. With the shift from a focus on publisher and brand content to more person-to-person interactions, the initial thinking was that brands would likely have to pay more to reach their audiences. And while it may be early, it doesn’t sound like there have been systematic shifts just yet. Read more after the jump…

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Saturday Sessions

Tons of great info on Saturday - including some audience targeting from Antiques Roadshow

Tons of great info on Saturday – including some audience targeting from Antiques Roadshow

It was a rainy day in Austin, but that didn’t slow the super strong lineup of speakers and events on a Saturday. Here are the most memorable takeaways from Day 2 of SXSW 2017:

Jim’s Take:

  • My first session of the day included representatives from Major League Baseball and the WWE discussing the future of providing content direct to consumers. It was interesting to hear how large brands are constantly working to push streaming/live content to their audiences, and how the target is constantly evolving based on audience needs. The most interesting comment was how consumers have built-in expectations about pricing and flexibility of the packages based on how they currently pay for Netflix or Hulu. The takeaway is knowing your audience and what their expectations are before working on a model that doesn’t meet their needs and, one that ultimately will fail because your customer’s expectations don’t align.

Read more after the jump…

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Friday Favorites

The sights, the sounds, the smells…the free stuff! Here’s our rundown of favorite intangibles from Friday at SXSW 2017.

Shrimp and Grits, Moonshine-style

Shrimp and Grits, Moonshine-style


Its hard to pass up Lambert’s BBQ from our first night in town for this category, but the shrimp and grits, seared rainbow trout and kale and bacon dip at Moonshine completely blew us away.


Its been somewhat of a “Tour de Old Fashioned” for Jim so far. And Lambert’s offering was as smooth as they come.







Grab Bag:

Hey…I recognize that sticker!







“I’m here because I love the Internet – the same reason why you’re here!” ~ A street performer getting down to Sisqo


The Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurant from the TV show Better Call Saul.

The Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up restaurant from the TV show Better Call Saul.

Celebrity-ish Sighting:

The Los Pollos Hermanos is the best chicken in Albuquerque…and now in Austin. #BetterCallSaul






Through the Lens:

Live music at Stubb's, and Austin stronghold.

Live music at Stubb’s, and Austin stronghold.













Number of Steps Taken:

Jim -12,865. Carissa – 11,562.

Hours of Sleep:

Jim – 5.5. Carissa – 6.5

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed:

Jim – 3. Carissa – 1.

CenterTable @ SXSW 2017: Friday Sessions

Noor Tagouri speaking at SXSWi 2017

Noor Tagouri speaking at SXSWi 2017

The buzz and anxiety of the first sessions at South by Southwest (SXSW) are palpable. And its easy to see some of the broader themes of SXSW 2017 rise to the surface: leadership in times of adversity, using the technologies we have at our fingertips to solve everyday problems and the rise of chatbots were some of the front runners. Here are our highlights from Friday at SXSW: Read more after the jump…

CenterTable @ SXSW: 2017 Preview

Hopefully we'll provide enough content to make it feel like you're in Austin.

Hopefully we’ll provide enough content to make it feel like you’re in Austin.

The annual pilgrimage to Austin is upon us this week, and once again GroundFloor Media and CenterTable will be bringing you the sights and sounds of the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference! Beginning Thursday, March 9 and continuing through Tuesday, March 14 Carissa McCabe and I will be hitting up as many sessions, brand activations, concerts, product releases, networking events and Bar-b-ques as possible, and reporting back here on the GFM/CenterTable blog as well as a variety of social platforms.

Read more after the jump…

GFM @ SXSWi: 2016 Preview


Rain or shine, GFM will be at South by!

For the sixth year GFM is headed back to the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, March 11 – March 15. Beginning this Friday you can follow Jon Woods’ and Carissa McCabe’s recaps of all things SXSWi here on the GFM blog, or via Twitter (@WoodrowWilson and @CarissaMc).

The reason we value the South by experience so much is the fantastic programming, which is most easily explained as marketing-meets-digital-platforms-meets-Texas-meets-thought-leadership-meets-TED-Talks-meets-food-trucks-meets-pop-culture-meets-startups-meets-hipsters-meets-brilliant-minds-meets-Tech-Stars.

Read more after the jump…

Saturday Favorites: GFM @ SXSW

After Jim ordered duck breakfast tacos for lunch on Saturday, he realized that since coming to Austin he hadn’t eaten any food that wasn’t in taco form. Such is SXSW, and clearly “breakfast tacos” should go into the GFM Favorites Hall of Fame. Ramonna and Laura joined in the fun on Saturday and will be here through the session they’re leading on Monday at 5pm…so we have an abundance of favorites from Saturday:

Fried chicken sliders from Max's Wine Dive.

Fried chicken sliders from Max’s Wine Dive.

NomNom:  Jon ordered the fried chicken sliders from Max’s Wine Dive for lunch (with syrup and hot sauce) – and we couldn’t be more excited for the new Max’s to be opening up at 7th and Sherman in Denver soon!

Libations: Spredfast’s Social Suite was serving up bloody mary’s at lunch with Deep Eddy’s pickle infused vodka and a condiment bar that included three different types of pickles, bacon, sriracha, olives, and jalapenos. Super delicious… Read more after the jump…

South by Southwest Interactive Denver Download Recap

GFM had the pleasure of hosting our second annual SXSWi “Denver Download” event with a group of our clients, friends and

A lot of knowledge spread once again at SXSWi

A lot of knowledge spread once again at SXSWi

partners earlier this week. During the event, 10-minute presentations were provided by Taryn Fort of the Colorado Health Foundation, Joe Murphy of The Denver Post, Jen Margoles and Jen Swift of 34 Degrees, and our colleague Jon Woods at GFM. Below are some of the key points from each presenter for those of you who were unable to attend. You can also view the slides from each presentation on the GFM Slide Share account.

Read more after the jump…

GFM @SWSWi: Thursday Favorites

SopressaAlthough the Interactive Festival doesn’t officially kickoff until Friday, the city definitely has a buzz about it with badge pickups, stages being built and huge brand activations being pieced together all over downtown. You’ll probably be hearing a lot about our good friends (and clients) at 34 Degrees since they’re also attending SXSW this year and have the same love for food, libations, music and all things digital. We wasted no time getting right to it yesterday – here are our favorites from Thursday

Nom nom: Moonshine Grill is a SXSW favorite, but not just because it’s next door to the convention center. With menu items like “Moonshine Corn Dog Shrimp,” green chili cheddar grits and baked macaroni with pimento cheese and bacon gratin…its no joke. The macaroni, by the way, was our favorite of the day.

Libations: Moonshine also had an amazing cocktail list, but we’re going to give a hat tip to all things Texas for Day 1 and say that there’s nothing like watching live music at the Continental Club while knocking back a Shiner Bock – every drop brewed in Shiner, TX.

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