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Building Communities Together: Nonprofit & Corporate Partnerships

Get Connected: Building Communities Together - A Panel Discussion on Nonprofit and Corporate Partnerships | GroundFloor Media & CenterTable

Creating a community of care. Colorado leaders converge at @GroundFloorPR to learn about partnerships #GFMpartnerships

Building community partnerships between nonprofit organizations and businesses, with the goal of tackling seemingly intractable social problems, is a long-term strategy. Not only is the private sector interested in addressing difficult social issues, but it may also have other business goals around providing meaningful employee engagement opportunities, showing shareholders a strong ROI, and coming together as a united team to make a difference in a community.

GroundFloor Media and CenterTable assembled a group of local community and business leaders for a panel discussion at our Get Connected event earlier this month. The focus was a discussion on how they are forging new alliances and breaking new ground to build a better community.

The Get Connected panelists included:

  • Andrea Fulton, Deputy Director and CMO, Denver Art Museum
  • Diana Ralston, Executive Director of The Can’d Aid Foundation and the Director of Sponsorships for Oskar Blues Brewery
  • Jim Johnston, Senior Marketing Manager, Bellco Credit Union
  • Ned Breslin, CEO, Tennyson Center for Children
  • Patsy Landaveri, Senior Community Affairs Advisor, Noble Energy

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Social Media Content: Are You Branding, or Selling?

Are you selling on social media? | CenterTable Digital Agency | Denver, CO

Are you selling on social media?

Should social media be a space for branding/thought leadership or a function of your sales team?

We work with clients on this issue often and the short answer is that social media, when done correctly, should do both. On one side, organizations shouldn’t (or can’t afford to) blindly pass on an opportunity to generate sales or action through a channel where opportunity exists.


Are you using social media to build trust and credibility? | CenterTable Digital Agency | Denver, CO

Or using it to build trust and credibility? On the other hand, social media isn’t simply “another sales channel.”

On the other hand, social media isn’t simply “another sales channel.”

We (and many others) have made the comparison often: social media should be treated like a cocktail party or networking event. If you walked up to everyone you met at an event, told them what you do, why they should work with you, hand them a business card and walk away, you wouldn’t be making a great impression on anyone. The better approach is to engage with those you’re talking with and actually build rapport and credibility.

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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone. Really!

Leaders are often told that we need to operate “out of our comfort zone” in order to achieve continued success, and I recently had the opportunity to literally get way out of my comfort zone. I thought I’d share some thoughts from that experience in case you’re wondering if leaving your zone is really worth it.

Summiting La Plata Peak, CO

(L to R) Rachel Basye, Tracy Faigin Boyle, Meagan Buck (COBS instructor), Darcy Struckhoff and Ramonna Robinson (under six layers of clothing) on the summit of La Plata Peak.

To set the stage, I’m a “car camper” and a “crag climber” – according to one of my friends in the outdoor industry. I know this about myself, so I knew that a three-day excursion with the Colorado Outward Bound School would push me outside of my comfort zone. Camping without campfires, s’mores and boxed wine?? That’s really pushing it for me.

On this particular women’s invitational, we hiked in three miles to our self-proclaimed campsite at approximately 11,500 feet, carrying all of the food, shelter and supplies we’d need in our large backpacks. We slept on the ground under tarps – not tents. We (AKA our awesome instructors) cooked on liquid fuel stoves – not campfires. We got water from the stream – not from a two-gallon jug from the grocery store. And I’ll leave the “ladies room” scenario up to your imagination.

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Crushes on Brothers… And the importance of teamwork

Bert Jacobs

Life is Good co-founder Bert Jacobs with Ramonna and Laura

I was recently on a plane reading (even more) about Bert and Jon Jacobs while listening to Scott and Seth Avett, and it hit me that my brand crush (Life is Good) and my band crush (The Avett Brothers) both consist of brothers who work together and play together. From what I can tell, both embody the mantra I try to follow: Love what you do. Do what you love.

So why this fascination with brothers? As I thought about it more carefully, I think it’s really about teamwork. Whether it’s your brother, sister, co-worker or significant other, when a pair or a team clicks, the results are remarkable. Working in sync with another person or team of people allows you to thrive – to truly do what you’re great at and be supported in areas that aren’t your strongest assets.

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Online Influencers Vs. Advocates: The Strategy And Value Of Working With Both

KloutNo epiphany here…but the beauty of the Internet, whether as an individual or a business, is the ease of connecting with like-minded folks across the street or around the world. You don’t need to know where they live or what they do, just that you have a shared interest in organic food, craft beer or Danish design – to name a few personal favorites.

In the same breadth, one of the primary pitfalls of the Internet is the sheer volume of information and connections that can be made. Beyond a general Google search, where do you start to find out if you really do have anything in common with a stranger halfway around the world, let alone figure out what you might do together once you make that connection?

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