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Travel Tips from a Roaming Video Crew

Travel: that evasive concept we so eagerly pursue and yet sporadically get to experience, unless you have a job like mine as a video producer. I recently embarked on an eight-day video shoot that took me to seven different states over the course of 18 flights. Because of the intense and rigorous nature of our trip, our crew took some calculated measures to anticipate any difficulties that we might encounter along the way. It should be noted that although this post focuses on video/photo production, a lot of these tips can be helpful for any business or personal travel.
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Best Denver Restaurants: A Love Story

Some favorite meals at Denver's Civic Center Eats this summer!

Some of our favorite meals at Denver’s Civic Center Eats this summer! Photo by @jimlicko on Instagram.

On any given day at GFM, you’ll find team members swapping recipes, sharing
homegrown veggies, or enjoying a homemade treat prepared specifically for everyone to share at our center table. But our love of food goes beyond that which we prepare for ourselves – GFMers love to eat out. Whether it’s with friends or family, you’re likely to find one or more team members at a local restaurant any given night of the week.

Last month we shared a list of some of our favorite books. As we enter the season for celebrations and entertaining visiting friends and family, we thought it was the perfect time to share our take on the best Denver restaurants! Read more after the jump…

Master the Television Interview With These Tips

IMG_5386All media interviews are not created equal.
Case in point: speaking to a television reporter is different than a newspaper reporter. The former wants quick sound bites and the latter may want more background and an extended interview. During a recent television media training session for one of our clients, the GroundFloor Media team offered the following tips for mastering the television interview:

Look the part: A suit and tie at the dog park is not realistic
Prepare sound bites: Don’t over answer, and remember they will only likely use 20 seconds of what you say
Show some emotion: You are passionate about what you do, show it
Share questions with interviewer: Gently helping them know what to ask can steer the interview in the right direction
Body language matters: Don’t fidget
Speak slowly: Remember to pause, and that you speak faster when you are nervous
Nothing is off the record: If you are miked up, you are on the record
Don’t answer every question: Keep to your messages and sound bites
Be comfortable with silence: Wait for the next question instead of filling the empty space
Practice: This is key. Most of us are not comfortable under the lights

In most cases, television reporters want you to do well on camera, and the more you are prepared the better you will come off on camera. And for most people, speaking in front of a camera is uncomfortable, so practice, practice, practice.

Yelp Tips Help Business Owners Navigate Review Sites

As review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and TripAdvisor continue to grow both in consumer use and search engine value, we at GFM receive more frequent questions from clients regarding how to manage a brand’s reputation on these sites. While in the eyes of a business owner review sites can look like the “Wild West,” understanding the etiquette associated with each platform and spending time to monitor and engage in a meaningful manner can go a long way.Yelp

We asked our friends Tiffany Nieslanik, Yelp Regional Director – West, and Frances Grinsfelder, Denver Yelp Community Manager, to provide some of their best tips to help navigate reviews:

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In a Rush? Here’s a ‘Go Time’ Checklist for Sharing News

newsSome of the most gratifying PR programs I’ve worked on over the years were for special events that afforded several months of advance planning. Time allows for many luxuries, and in the world of PR, time is something we do not take for granted. I guess that’s because we are often working on tight timelines.

We often jump into a campaign or situation allowing us only weeks, days or even hours to plan our activities.  As a group of seasoned PR pros, the GroundFloor Media team has been through the drill of announcing news in many ways and under hair-raising deadlines. For us, it’s like second nature, as we know what to put into place and how to prioritize the assets we have to make sure we reach our communications goals.

If you find yourself in a time crunch, use the following checklist to ensure you have all of your important pieces in place at go-time. Read more after the jump…

7-point checklist to prepare for a holiday break

The questionnaireThe following is an excerpt from a story published by the GroundFloor Media’s Gil Rudawsky at Ragan’s PR Daily.

As you check off the final items on your to-do list before holiday break—assuming you’re taking a few days off for the holidays—take a few minutes to review the following crisis PR prep list just in case the holidays don’t go as planned.

1. Informed clients are happy clients: If you haven’t already done so, send a note to clients letting them know how they can get in touch with you, or who will be on call through the holidays.

2. Who’s on first: Review or put together a cell phone alert tree with team members who are around for the holidays, so if a crisis does hit your company or your client, someone will always be available to manage it. Make sure a representative from the legal team is on the list too.

3. Anyone home: If you are sending out a press release over the holidays, do you have a spokesperson available to answer media questions? If not, hold it until the new year, which might help get it more attention anyway.

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