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RNC proves how wildly powerful social media has become

Donald Trump: Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

My social feed was dominated last month by the Republican National Convention. The broad takeaway? Social media has become a literal kingmaker, and that may or may not be a good thing.

This forthcoming stream of consciousness all started swirling in my head during the recent and arguably petty (but maybe not) squabble between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift — one that spawned this point-counterpoint between a social junkie and a disciple of traditional PR. The debate seems to center on whether your professional content can possibly be discovered in the endless sea of social drivel. The social advocate in this debate, 1000head’s Molly Flatt, poignantly states that the drivel has always been there on social as well as in traditional PR; the charge is to find a way to cut through it.

Want a perfect example? Melania Trump’s RNC plagiarism got the ball rolling.
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Weekly Reads – Merging Trendy With Tried & True

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, challenging us to adopt the latest technology, stay up-to-date with the newest trends, and anticipate – and capitalize on – the next big opportunity.

Although keeping up with the pace is critical for success in today’s world, it shouldn’t be pursued at the cost of the tried and true best practices by which we operate. And in our experience, the magic really happens when you marry the two.
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Weekly Reads – New Ways to Share Pictures and Target Your Videos

It’s an exciting week in the world of social media, with new size limits for GIFs on Twitter, a new way to schedule on Instagram, an option for geo-fencing videos on Facebook, trends to watch on Snapchat and an inspirational story of how a woodworker harnessed the power of Instagram to great results. Phew!

And, speaking of big digital news, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Pokémon GO. This phenomenon is sweeping the nation, but if you’re wondering what’s up here’s a quick primer, “Everything you wanted to know about Pokémon GO but were afraid to ask.”

Beyond the platform-specific news, you might take a moment to read this article titled, “Teens: this is how social media affects your brain” from CNN. For better or worse, the rise of social media is changing teens’ social skills as they learn to adapt to an evolving social environment largely based online. Fascinating stuff. We’d love to hear your thoughts!
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Weekly Reads – Digital Summit Denver takeaways: Slow down & optimize

Digital marketing conferences tend to be all about the latest and greatest. But this year’s Digital Summit Denver, a burgeoning marcom event here in the Mile High City that wrapped up late last week, had some presenters who were advocates of slowing down, getting better at storytelling and optimizing how you’re utilizing existing platforms with significant audiences. Below are some of our favorite takeaways from presenters.
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Weekly Reads – Facebook Updates and the Continued Rise of Snapchat

More changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, and more new Facebook features for social media managers to utilize – all while Snapchat continues to grow and grab the attention of various demographics. This week’s key stories offer several trends and tactics for your marketing playbook.
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Weekly Reads – Strike Up The Brand!

Happy Memorial Day week! Here’s hoping you found some quiet time over the long holiday weekend to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day and celebrate our country’s freedom with friends and family. Despite the short work week, there’s a lot going on in the world of social media. In particular, a few brands’ use of social media caught our attention. From using social media to protect citizens from life-threatening floods, to a truly heartwarming “surprise and delight” opportunity born entirely on social media, there’s something for everyone to be inspired by this week. Enjoy!
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Weekly Reads – Important Platform Upgrades to Help Marketer Tell Richer Stories

We are back to our regularly scheduled Weekly Reads roundup after an exciting launch of our sister agency, CenterTable, last week. We hope you have taken a moment to read about the work our team is excited to do with clients to create unique and creative experiences online, and are now following CenterTable on Twitter and Instagram. And speaking of Instagram and Twitter, there is plenty of news-you-can-use below as you transition into summer campaigns and, sigh, long lead planning for fall.
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Weekly Reads – The Push and Pull of Automation vs. The Human Touch

Technologies that not too long ago seemed like the stuff of science fiction, like virtual reality and artificial intelligence being used to communicate with humans, are at the forefront of marketing trends this year. However, another major trend we’re watching is the importance of brands, and people, maintaining their authenticity and humanity. To be successful, marketers need to figure out how to make these new technologies work while keeping the human element.
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Weekly Reads: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone on Social

If it feels like the social media post you’re about to publish is toeing the line, it’s probably safest not to post it at all. That’s the conventional wisdom, and to be fair, it’s not entirely wrong. For the many brands guilty of pushing out misguided posts or campaigns, social media has served as a hindrance rather than an accelerant. But there are also many brands for which the latter is true, and those brands tend to push the envelope when it comes to social. In this edition of Weekly Reads, we’ll explore some brands that are reaping the rewards of stepping beyond comfort zones in the social space.
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Weekly Reads – Lights, Camera, Action

How did social media move the needle this month? This quarter? Over the course of the year? These critical measurement questions are posed to digital marketers on a regular basis, and social media platform creators are working furiously to provide us with more and more tools to drive the holy grail of online content — audiences taking action.
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