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Sabbatical Life Lessons

IMG_6790This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to take a four-week sabbatical following 10 years of employment at GroundFloor Media. For our part, team members are asked to take the time to regroup, recharge and reflect during their sabbaticals – with the ideal goal being that we come back refreshed and reenergized with insights to share with our team members that will ultimately help us all to live a more balanced, productive and abundant life.

It was, of course, amazing to have four weeks off – time to look up from my laptop and really be present in the world around me, spend treasured time with my family and friends, travel (to Hawaii!), and address long-ignored elements of my “other” jobs at home (stacks of mail, overflowing closets, etc.).

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The Art of Saying “No”

 Stress free zone sign. Credit Flickr - thornypup: https://flic.kr/p/2emXS4

Stress free zone sign.
Credit Flickr – thornypup: https://flic.kr/p/2emXS4

I am one of those people who makes extensive lists to keep myself organized. Lists for home/household, client/work projects, volunteer projects, community events, kids activities and school, etc. I also live by my Outlook calendar. If I don’t write something down, it won’t get done. It‘s like my brain can’t keep track of all the moving parts anymore. I look around at colleagues and friends and it’s no surprise that we all live busy, multifaceted and often stressful lives.

It’s as if we are programmed to not be able to say “no.” But sometimes just saying “no” can help prioritize tasks and simplify our roles. Read more after the jump…