Digital & Social Media Strategy

From strategy to implementation, the GFM Digital Strategy & Social Media team sees the big picture without losing sight of the smallest details. After all, digital and social media, by nature, change constantly. In a liquid landscape such as this, we’re always finding new ways to incorporate digital strategy and social media into communications plans.

Tightly integrated into our strategic public relations programs, GFM’s Digital and Social Media team works to bolster online relationships and connect a brand directly with consumers and influencers. Connecting directly with consumers is the core communications. Digital and social media channels afford brands and organizations direct access to authentic, two-way conversations with their audiences. This kind of dialogue not only brings a brand to life, it provides a direct pipeline for feedback from customers, as well as a powerful platform for highlighting products and services in a lively, visual way.

The digital and social media strategies GFM delivers run the gamut, covering online research and targeting; measurement and monitoring; SEO/SEM; influencer engagement; online advertising and mobile apps; motion graphics and animation; brand enhancement; video production; and digital design and development, including websites and branded social media tools. We’ll help find just the right mix of tools to build visibility, credibility and profitability for your brand.

Social Media Overview

Social media is the great communications equalizer. No longer must we rely on traditional media alone to deliver a story to the public. Now anyone can be a content publisher and a content consumer. In the skilled hands of a firm like GFM, social media provides the means not only to listen to and interact with key audiences, but also to connect with them in meaningful ways that bring stories and brand experiences to life.

The GFM Social Media team takes a strategic approach to delivering those stories, creating those brand experiences, and connecting directly with our clients’ audiences. We see social media not as a “plug and play” channel where conversations are canned and information is pushed out in a self-promotional manner, but rather as a vehicle to generate connections, foster brand advocates and map back to organizational goals and objectives.

That approach has produced measurable results for the likes of Qdoba Mexican Grill, America On the Move, Children's Hospital Colorado, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, Oskar Blues Brewery, LiveWell Colorado and the Wyoming Department of Travel and Tourism, just to name a few. Those clients have seen:

  • Increased website/webpage traffic
  • Retail foot traffic
  • Highly successful coupon and special offer redemption
  • Consistent social engagement, including comments, shares and likes
  • Traditional media coverage and exposure
  • Overall brand awareness

Our social media services include: