Crisis Communication/Reputation Management

Preparing for the Worst

The old saying that it takes a lifetime to build up a reputation and a much shorter time for it to be destroyed is even truer today with the 24-hour news cycle and the expanding definition of a “journalist.”

One negative story, regardless of its truthfulness or the outlet, can continue to live online long after the newsworthiness or timeliness of the event. The negative story can be easily blasted across mediums in a matter of minutes and show up years from now as the result of even the most mundane searches, with the potential to tarnish a hard-earned reputation.

From litigation to layoffs, security breaches, customer issues, employee issues, natural disasters, pandemic diseases and crime, crisis issues come in many forms. The GroundFloor Media (GFM) Rapid Response team understands the broad impact of these events and helps clients prepare for and respond to the worst - and everything in between.

To help address negative news and issues, we’ve pulled together our list of the top resources to keep up to speed on the latest news and understand how other companies respond to crisis issues. Determining best practices and learning from other’s mistakes is an important exercise in crisis planning.

Noteworthy Blogs and sites

  • GFM Crisis Blog – GFM’s experts offer a dose of crisis communication information, from how to handle aggressive media tactics to helping build a crisis communication plan.
  • PRDaily – One of GFM’s crisis communication and reputation management experts, Gil Rudawsky, writes a national blog offering a crisis communications take on a variety of issues.
  • Politico — Nothing makes the media happier than a political scandal, and Politico has that arena covered. This online site never sleeps.
  • Fox News and CNN — It doesn’t matter where your political leanings fall, these two sites get millions of hits each day and are among the first to report breaking news
  • Drudge Report — It isn’t flashy, but it does cover bad news and scandals all over the world. If you make this site, be prepared for the storm.
  • Poynter — If you want to get the inside scoop in journalism circles, this is the site. It covers the good, the bad and the ugly of the media.
  • PR Disasters — Don’t let history repeat itself. Learn about what didn’t work.

Articles & Case Studies

Are you a fan of a crisis communication resource that is not listed above? Please let us know! We’d be happy to add it.