Social Media 101 - A Crash Course

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A few years ago, it was safe to stand on the sidelines of social media and watch from afar. This is no longer the reality. The predictions of a “social media revolution” have come true, and companies of all sizes are clamoring to capture the attention of the hundreds of millions of people who make decisions based on their online interactions minute by minute, 365 days a year. Communications programs that fail to integrate a social media strategy with existing marketing, advertising and public relations programs are bound to miss opportunities with key audiences, lack impact or even backfire.

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Getting Started

Knowing where to begin or how to enhance the programs you already have in place is usually the hardest part of launching and maintaining a social media program. It’s imperative to start with a comprehensive “listening” phase to determine where your priority audiences are “gathered” online and what they are talking about. This phase also enables you to set important benchmarks to analyze the health of your social media program as it matures. Once you have a deeper understanding of where your customers and key stakeholders are interacting online, the platforms below are typically the most popular for laying the tactical foundation of a successful campaign:

In addition, photo sharing sites and apps like Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest offer companies the opportunity to bring product and brand stories to life visually. Adding social bookmarking capabilities (e.g., StumbleUpon and DIGG) to your website and blog allows fans to easily organize, store and manage content from you that they like and want to share with others on a platform other than Facebook, Twitter or email.

Finally, new platforms such as Google+ are launched regularly. It can feel overwhelming, but you should not be tempted to sign up for every new platform that you read about.

In the end, each platform that a company decides to engage and invest in must ladder back to the original goals and objectives outlined in the overarching social media and communications plan that was developed at the outset.

Whether you are simply excited to get started or you are ready to take an existing social media program to the next level, GFM is here to help. Contact our team of social media junkies at for more information about our strategic social media and digital capabilities and case studies.