At the risk of dating ourselves, public relations and media relations were virtually interchangeable when GroundFloor Media was founded. But in 2018, news and information live everywhere. Over the past two decades, we have painstakingly fine-tuned a variety of methods that empower our clients to connect with their key audiences — from employees and internal stakeholders to journalists, media spokespeople and powerful influencers. Instead of operating in a silo that forces messages outward one way, we actively source strategic communications solutions that integrate complementary digital expertise from our sister agency, CenterTable, as well as support from our crisis and issues management and cause marketing teams when necessary.

The reality of today’s media landscape is that journalists have broader beats to cover and fewer resources to do so. Meanwhile, a whole new set of influencers – board members, investors, citizen journalists, community leaders, celebrities and more – continues to emerge. Our experienced team members understand how to effectively connect with each one using the appropriate messaging to achieve your goals.

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