Public Relations

At the end of the day, it’s the conversations that matter most.

For nearly two decades, our experienced practitioners have fostered media connections with contacts across the nation and the world. In addition, we partner with PROI Worldwide, the industry’s largest partnership of independent agencies, expanding our reach through dozens of partner firms throughout the U.S. and across the globe.

We’re adept at building media relationships and nurturing these relationships to keep them strong. Our team of professionals has cultivated long-standing connections with today’s most prominent publications, journalists, analysts and influencers. At the same time, because of their experience, they’re adept at creating new relationships on the fly, as journalists are changing jobs at an alarming rate these days.

When clients are interested in influencer relations through digital channels, our highly skilled sister agency, CenterTable, steps in to assist. Online channels afford brands and organizations direct access to authentic, two-way conversations with their audiences. This kind of dialogue not only brings a brand to life, it provides a direct pipeline for feedback from customers, as well as a powerful platform for highlighting products and services in a lively and visual way. CenterTable’s digital and creative services team bolsters online relationships and connects brands and organizations directly with their target audiences.

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