GFM Inside

Turning the focus inward.

GFM Inside, the internal communications practice of GroundFloor Media

It’s a fact. Motivated employees drive success. So at GFM Inside, GroundFloor Media’s internal communications practice, the belief is that when your employees are engaged, they are more likely to produce the very tangible behaviors of staying, performing, influencing others to perform well, and, perhaps most importantly, recommending your company to others. GFM Inside aligns the goals and messaging of any internal campaign with the ones being communicated to the outside world. We have worked with Children's Hospital Colorado, Westwood College, ProBuild, Qdoba and other large companies to develop CEO blogs and podcasts, draft newsletter content and help manage company Intranets. We also have led extensive change management programs. All indispensable tactics in GFM Inside’s toolbox that help you drive improvements in productivity, quality, safety, employee retention and, yes, customer loyalty.

The truly strong, attractive and vibrant organizations of today position the employee audience at the same level as other constituencies of the organization – customers, suppliers, investors and the like. As well they should. Your employees and key stakeholders are the most powerful brand ambassadors you have. GFM Inside will work with you to create internal communications strategies that empower your employees, volunteers, board members, and franchisees -- the ones who ultimately deliver your brand’s promise to the customer. We help your business build a strong inward focus that has direct impact on your ability to generate client satisfaction and profitable growth, giving you a competitive edge.

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