Web Site Design

How do people learn about your company?

At GroundFloor Media it wasn’t that long ago that someone would call inquiring about our services. We’d provide them with a collateral package – we’re talking paper here. Perhaps it was hand-delivered… or worse, mailed. (Oh, the horrors!) Days later, we’d have an opportunity to talk to them and answer any questions they might have.

We’re not telling you anything new: technology has changed the way we communicate.

But what we are telling you – what you may not realize – is that it’s much more than the method that’s been manipulated. It’s the entire timeline of the communication process that’s been turned on its ear.

Because now, if a customer wants to learn about a company, they’re no longer willing to wait. They’ll go online and find out. (Kind of like what you’re doing right now.) They do it when they want to do it, too. Middle of the night? No problem. Don’t want two firms to know that you’re comparing them? No sweat – they’ll never have to know a thing.

So now that you know that the customer’s in charge, how do you prepare your product to present itself 24/7?

There are a lot of Web designers out there. But only a few who’ll create a Web presence as an extension of your existing brand. That streamlining comes from someone who truly understands that brand, and perhaps helped build it: your PR firm.

A Web site is more than visual, it’s even more than emotional, and it’s definitely intangible. GroundFloor Media can make that intangible brand blossom online, anytime, for all audiences. We manage the process closely and keep you up-to-date as your site takes form. We work closely with you to ensure a final product that matches not only your brand, but also your expectations and your budget.