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For more than 15 years, GroundFloor Media (GFM) has set the standard for highly collaborative strategic counsel provided solely by senior-level experts, a model that resonates particularly well with law, accounting, engineering and architecture firms.

The professional services industry has never faced more challenges. Trends such as commoditization, hyper-specialization and technological disruption have created marketing and business challenges for many firms.

With the breadth and depth of talent in the professional services industry, it is imperative to showcase the expertise of individuals and their firms while helping them connect – authentically and in many cases face-to-face – with the business community leaders who are in a position to green-light or refer business.

GFM and our sister digital agency, CenterTable, are positioned to help firms do just that. Our combined team of more than 30 practitioners has the skills and experience to help you differentiate from your competitors, ensuring that the audiences you care about know about you and gain respect for your knowledge and thought leadership within the industry.

GFM’s Professional Services Practice has been built over the years to help firms elevate their awareness, distinguish themselves and their experts in an increasingly fractured marketplace, and convert marketing opportunities into clients.

So how do we work with professional services firms?

  • Strategy – Instead of just throwing various conventional public relations tactics at an issue, we reverse engineer the tactics based on our clients' unique needs. We start with what a client needs to accomplish – essentially who they need to reach and influence – and then calculate what tactics will best move the needle with those audiences.
  • Media and influencer relations – GFM’s team of professionals has cultivated relationships with today’s most prominent journalists, analysts and influencers, from editors and beat reporters to bloggers. We’re adept at building media relationships, then keeping them strong. Our experienced practitioners know how to propel clients into the conversations that matter most — conversations that shape perceptions and, ultimately, position our clients as industry leaders.
  • Thought Leadership – Professional services firms are in the business of expertise. Are your potential clients hearing from your experts? At GFM, our teams have garnered great results getting our clients visibility by positioning them as experts, whether that's on TV, in print media, through awards & speaking engagements or via digital marketing campaigns. By getting your experts in front of the audiences that matter, we can help you create point of differentiation and make sure your target audiences understand and appreciate it.
  • Digital Marketing – Depending on our clients’ needs, we integrate digital marketing elements – paid social media, pay per click, content marketing and display advertising – into our traditional public relations campaigns to extend your reach with the right audiences, and we also offer standalone digital campaigns. Either way, the campaigns are designed by our digital experts to drive your bottom line.
  • SEO – We integrate search-engine optimization into everything we do – from website development to press releases, website design and video placements – to ensure that the audiences you care about see the work we create on your behalf.
  • Video – We have the experienced video team members to position you and your employees as experts capable of simplifying complex issues and producing results for your customers.
  • Issues Management/Crisis Communications – GFM’s crisis response team members have experience inside the newsroom and the boardroom, and we work with professional services clients to respond to a variety of crisis scenarios. Our response plans have proven highly effective, even under the closest scrutiny and in the brightest media spotlight, including U.S. Senate hearings, lawsuits, reductions in force, customer issues, national media investigations, social media attacks, government interventions, employee and shareholder issues and executive malfeasance.

Our experts have designed and executed public relations and digital marketing campaigns for many of the most recognizable law, accounting, engineering and architecture firms in Colorado. If you are interested in learning more about how GFM and/or CenterTable can help your firm raise its awareness, boost business development efforts and differentiate its partners, give us a call.


Jeremy StoryJeremy Story

Vice President

GroundFloor Media