34 Degrees| 34 Degrees Hosts Behind-the-Scenes Event for Local Bloggers

  • Challenge

    Engage influencers to seed notion of choosing crackers for favorite toppings

  • Solution

    Host a food and lifestyle blogger meet up in the company’s own backyard

  • Results

    7 positive blog features were posted; 77 mentions of 34 Degrees on Twitter; 70 mentions of #crackersmatter and 32 mentions on Instagram


34 Degrees is a powerhouse in the cracker industry given its mission to be the best “supporting” cracker. 34° Crisps are intentionally developed to be delicious on their own, but even better when paired to showcase (rather than overpower) incredible cheeses, dips and spreads. That said, 34 Degrees has heightened its focus to prove that #crackersmatter and tasked GFM with engaging the right influencers to seed the notion that choosing crackers to complement a person’s favorite toppings is not a decision to make hastily at checkout.


GFM determined that the best way to tell the 34 Degrees story and expose key influencers to the family-like qualities of the team was to host a food and lifestyle blogger meet up in the company’s own backyard. Working closely with the 34 Degrees, GFM developed an event concept to showcase the unique baking process for the crisps and educate attendees about the importance of choosing the right cracker for every occasion. Together GFM and 34 Degrees secured approval from the 34° Savory Crisps production facility to offer Colorado bloggers a rare behind-the-scenes tour of the room where 750,000 Savory Crisps are baked and packaged daily. In addition, 34 Degrees solicited the help of Devin Lamma, Certified Cheese Professional at Whole Foods, and 34 Degrees’ Chef Elizabeth Buckingham to plan an informative and flavor-packed educational session on everything from how to pick the perfect cheese to how to prepare a bite-sized Reuben on 34° Cracked Pepper Crisps.


15 local food, lifestyle and mom bloggers, and two Elite Yelpers with guests, turned out to tour the facility and immerse themselves in the #crackersmatter mentality. Signage and touch points throughout the evening encouraged attendees to take photos of the beautiful cheeses and 34° Savory Crisps pairings being passed around, and goody bags invited bloggers to go home and be inspired to try their own creations with the Savory Crisps. Bloggers were also offered the chance to host a 34 Degrees product giveaway for their readers as a way to extend their experience.

In the two weeks following the event, seven positive blog features were posted along with numerous Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts of pairings the bloggers were enjoying on their own. Both Elite Yelpers who attended the event also posted positive reviews on Yelp.com. In the week after the event there were 77 mentions of 34 Degrees on Twitter, up from only 12 at the beginning of the month before the event. Additional social media highlights included 70 mentions of #crackersmatter and 32 mentions on Instagram.