Cheley Colorado Camps | GroundFloor Media Improves Online Search Rankings through SEO Strategies

  • Challenge

    Cheley Colorado Camps sought to increase online visibility to acquire new campers through the website

  • Solution

    Conducted keyword research and search engine optimization for top 30 pages of website

  • Results

    Achieved #1 rankings for multiple keywords and nearly a 500 percent increase in search engine referrals


Cheley Colorado Camps sought to increase its online visibility to attract visitors interested in summer camps in Colorado. The main objectives of the campaign were to increase the number of visitors to the website, particularly from search engines, and achieve a higher level of search engine visibility relative to major competitors.


GFM researched relevant keyword phrases and identified terms that readers commonly used when searching for information about summer camps – particularly summer camps in the Rocky Mountain West.

Research revealed that high numbers of Internet users sought information about summer camps using the most common search engines; however, competitors received a greater share of search engine referral traffic, because they ranked higher on search engine results.

Using this information, GFM’s SEO team optimized the top 30 web pages for these targeted keyword phrases. GFM closely monitored page results following implementation and recommended additional modifications once the site visibility began to improve. Within six months, the organization recognized some remarkable results.


Following the implementation of the SEO campaign, year-over-year comparisons of the same month showed significant improvement in the number of monthly visitors to the Cheley Colorado Camps website, increasing from 2,166 to 10,787.

The Cheley Colorado Camps website also achieved #1 search engine rankings for multiple targeted keyword search terms, outranking its key competitors and ultimately improving its online visibility. The graph below compares the total visitors referred by search engines for the same month, year-over-year, demonstrating an increase of nearly 500 percent in search engines referrals.