Children’s Hospital Colorado | Come “Chat” with us!

  • Challenge

    Children’s Hospital Colorado sought to expand to new audiences to share health advice from the hospital’s experts

  • Solution

    Engaged GFM to host two Tweetchats

  • Results

    Both Tweetchats saw tremendous reach and engagement, meeting and exceeding the original goals.


Children’s Hospital Colorado was interested in reaching new audiences, engaging with current and potential patients and caregivers, and sharing valuable health advice from the hospital’s experts with a wider demographic through Twitter. Having never conducted a Tweetchat before, Children’s Hospital Colorado tapped GFM to support this endeavor.


The team planned and hosted two Tweetchats in the first year – one on the topic of eating disorders in teens (#EDAskUs) and a second one titled “Toddlers 101” (#ToddlersAskUs). Both events included the local NBC affiliate as a media partner.
The medical experts for both events had never been involved in a Tweetchat nor were they active on Twitter, so the GFM team provided support including developing the recommended Q&A lists, coaching the experts on translating answers into “Twitter speak,” identifying and creating links to resources in advance, and providing full technical support and execution throughout both Tweetchats.

GFM researched and helped establish each of the “#___AskUs” hashtags to streamline and aggregate conversations. Preparation for both Tweetchats included researching and identifying appropriate hashtags for the designated conversations, creating a dedicated Web page for the Tweetchats, promoting the events and hashtags through multiple channels, pre-scripting a portion of the chats (i.e., writing numerous Tweets in advance and planning relevant links, photos and videos to illustrate points) to help guide the discussions, and requesting RSVP’s to help people be more vested in the event.


Both Tweetchats saw tremendous reach and engagement, exceeding the original goals. The #EDAskUs Tweetchat generated more than 300 tweets with 5.5 million Twitter impressions, surpassing the goal of 4 million.

The #ToddlersAskUs Tweetchat generated more than 260 tweets from 91 unique participants, with 13.7 million impressions, exceeding the goal of 8 million.

The additional visibility generated by the NBC affiliate and Tweetchat partner included extensive reach on their twitter feed, Facebook page and live television interviews with Children’s Hospital Colorado experts for both events on their morning news shows.

As a result of the learnings gathered from each event, Children’s Hospital Colorado is planning additional Tweetchats in the future.