Children’s Hospital Colorado | Raising Awareness of Teenage Eating Disorders

  • Challenge

    Raise awareness and educate audiences about eating disorders, related treatment and the Children’s Hospital Colorado clinic

  • Solution

    Create an approachable video series and conduct media outreach highlighting one woman’s personal story

  • Results

    Thousands of video views, strong viewership and national media coverage


GFM’s longtime client Children’s Hospital Colorado wanted to highlight its eating disorder clinic to coincide with a national awareness week. The goal was to position the hospital and its staff as experts and to raise overall awareness about eating disorders. Most importantly, the campaign required audiences to take action.


GFM developed a toolkit including a video series highlighting the story of former standout patient Madi O’Dell. GFM crafted a pitch for both long- and short-lead media opportunities, developed a landing page for both the video content and links to additional resources, and created a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for the content.

With tools in place, the team divided outreach focused on long-lead targets and short-lead contacts - including traditional media and bloggers. GFM supplemented pitch efforts with a SEO-focused press release, with the goal of boosting traffic for key search terms to the landing page.

An important component of this campaign was weaving media tactics with social media strategy – thus amplifying Children’s Hospital Colorado’s message. GFM worked with Children’s Hospital Colorado to create a series of eight videos featuring Madi, her mom and her high school coach and counselor. The video series was unique in that it allowed Madi to tell her story first-hand, in a teen-to-teen fashion – a first for Children’s Hospital Colorado.


Through media outreach efforts, GFM secured an interview for Madi with Girls’ Life magazine. GFM also secured interviews and a subsequent blog post for Madi and her doctor with The New York Times’ Motherlode Blog. Additional coverage included live interviews with NPR and local media coverage.

The New York Times’ main Twitter handle, @NYTimes, tweeted a link to the Motherlode blog, resulting in more than 8.7 million impressions.

GFM’s SEO efforts resulted in notable results and anticipated long-term impact of all tactics deployed during this campaign. The series of videos created for this campaign continues to garner thousands of views.