ColoradoUnited | Establishing ColoradoUnited as the Brand and Voice of Colorado’s Recovery from the 2013 Floods

  • Challenge

    Make Coloradans aware of a new flood recovery office

  • Solution

    Developed a brand, communications plan, messaging, FAQs, press releases, event calendars, media response process and media lists

  • Results

    Successfully educated and engaged Coloradans about the state’s flood relief efforts


State officials sought to educate and reassure Coloradans that more than 30 local, state and federal agencies were working collaboratively, efficiently and effectively on recovery efforts related to devastating floods that hit Colorado in 2013. The state created an Office of Flood Recovery to coordinate and streamline services to residents, but it needed help communicating the initiative.


As part of the creation of the Office of Recovery, GFM helped craft and launch the office’s “ColoradoUnited” brand, including developing the name and logo and designing and securing Web and social media properties.

GFM worked with the Governor’s communications team and Chief Recovery Officer (CRO) to create a comprehensive communications package, which included a communications plan, messaging, FAQs, press releases, event calendars, a media response process and media lists. GFM also participated in ongoing crisis communication planning and strategy calls, and developed a related communication process flow, as well as media and social media plans.

GFM managed ColoradoUnited’s social media properties, providing up-to-the-minute updates on Facebook and Twitter. To ensure the digital properties were easily found, GFM reviewed search engine optimization for ColoradoUnited’s website and offered recommendations for enhanced search results.

GFM also worked with area charities and organizations to provide connections between those in need with volunteers. This included publicizing local and statewide charities that were accepting donations and relaying how the donations were being distributed.


ColoradoUnited’s website allowed the public to find an interactive Google map that included information about road closures, shelters, weather conditions and current traffic flow.

On social media, ColoradoUnited went from being non-existent to leading the flood recovery conversations.

From a media perspective, the team spoke with 35 reporters from around the country, putting them in touch with local, state and federal officials and providing them with pertinent facts.

In a note to GFM, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper said, “Colorado is very lucky to have talented entrepreneurs like you who are willing to step forward to assist in times of need.”