Coors Brewing Company

Golden, Colorado

Coors Brewing Company: How Working on the Inside Helps GFM’s External Efforts

Coors Brewing Company was one of the third largest brewers in the United States when they selected GroundFloor Media as their public relations agency of record in 2006. At several key junctures during GFM’s tenure, the Coors corporate communications department went through transitions related to maternity leaves and employee departures. During these periods, Coors called on GFM Inside, the internal communications practice of GFM, to provide onsite support for the company’s internal and external communication efforts including support for the national Coors Light brand including the Silver Bullet Train mobile marketing vehicle tour, Elevation concert series promotion, NFL and NASCAR sponsorship activation promotions, Latino Streetwise (LSW) media relations and sponsorships, and Channel Marketing promotions. Additionally, GFM helped support corporate initiatives such as the Molson Coors merger, annual convention, Barley Days, company awards, in-house media training and managed multiple corporate issues.

As agency of record for Coors, GroundFloor Media was often tasked with implementing highly creative experiential marketing programs with very tight deadlines. Given these collapsed timeframes, the knowledge and experience that GFM Inside gained while working onsite at Coors greatly contributed to the agency’s ability to build similar accelerated programs. This was especially true when GFM worked in tandem with the legal department at Coors to ensure the agency’s programs comply with the industry’s rigorous guidelines around the use of alcohol in any promotional efforts.