Coors Light

Coors Light: Sending a Silver Bullet into the Hearts of Beer Drinkers

How do you get people to start talking about a new beer bottle label that turns blue when it’s cold? You create a buzz that will cause young men (age 21+, of course), who drink your beer to stop and talk about it. And then tell all their friends. To build consumer interest around Coors Brewing Company’s newest innovation, the cold-activated beer bottle, GFM Buzz, the experiential marketing practice of GroundFloor Media, helped create Cold Activated Bottle Day and sent Silver Bullet Girls out in street teams, painted in white and blue to represent the colors of the new cold activated bottle label.

The strategically painted Silver Bullet Girls hit the streets of Denver during the lunch hour and again during happy hour in strategic locations around town, creating a spectacle and attracting interest in the new bottle. The strong media relations campaign accompanying this public relations stunt resulted in nearly one million impressions from local radio, television and print media coverage – as well as a comment from Pete Coors himself about how this was one of his favorite activations of all time. Additionally, a copy of the USA Today print ad was distributed to reporters nationwide via the Associated Press photo wire and appeared on the Reuters billboard in Times Square. The GFM Buzz team earned a Silver Pick award for this campaign from the Colorado Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.